Thursday, January 31, 2008


is my birthday.

But my mailbox is empty.......

I made a ticket and I hope they fix it before I log on tonight......

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Paladins never die - we just regroup

This month its been two years since I left Ghost and even longer since we first ventured into Molten Core.

I still see some people on forums and in Shattarat a few times.

They seem happy :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tabula Rasa at a second glance

The interface is less intuitive then in wow. Even for a experienced gamer it took alot more effort to sit down and play the first time. The interface is also less customizable, or maybe thats also a less intuitive part :/

The crafting system is bascially just a complicated mess with lots of funny names.

Its a strictly pve game altho its my understanding there is some fake pvp around, similar to pvp on a pve server I guess.

While having a farily good mix of different quests, kill xx of yy, go and deliver, scout that etc, the overall background story isnt well presented. Unlike some of the epic chainquests in wow the quests in TR doesnt deliver at all.

On the other hand I just got a big laser chainrifle so the game doesnt fail completely.

Actually its a quite nice game.

Reunited with Vlad and Cenari I played the first 13 levels and I had fun all the way.

Part of it is the feeling of a new world. You dont know what to do or what you are expected to do and everything is new. Like when you took the zepelin the first time :)

The best part is the gameplay tho. While being a pve based game the enemy is everywhere. While you are able to teleport between mapped bases you more often then not have to walk outside and yes there are roads but they are far from safe.

Going from direction A-B and getting there alive is a major obstacle. Unlike in wow the mobs can show up everywhere by teleporting or jumping down from their scoutships.

There is a war going on and Tabula Rasa places you in the middle without any battlemasters in between to protect you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wadi 2K

I played some Tabula Rasa today fragging people with my .. lowlevel shotgun :(

After just moving out from the tutorial area I dont think this will be the wow killer, hell the reason I bought it was because it was on a 60% discount in the store.

But in all fairness one cant compare Tabula Rasa with wow because I played wow since its release and on a fairly advanced level.

The things I thought about Tabula Rasa the first hours of gameplay, confusing, lack of interaction with other players, pretty linear.. that can be said about the first hours of wow as well.

Noone likes to go back to lvl 1 and picking those apples in Valley of Trials do we?

Still from what I heard Tabula Rasa seems to me more geared towards the casual single player so there will be more visits for there,

and at least I got armor that covers my belly button :/

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sheer boredom and unfairness

I never told anyone but my first character was a tauren...

When I started out I made a warrior and I remember just seeing Thunder Buff before I grew tired of the class and tried my luck elsewhere.

In the recent boredom I decided to try out a shaman, once again starting in cowland. I already seen the orc/troll starting area and the belf, so I thought I try out cowland once again.

Once again its so much better to have some kind of dps while you level. There are just too many of those "Kill xx of yy" to pass on the dps.

On the other hand when it comes to instancing you really need healers so this obviously hurt healers leveling. I remember when I leveled my first real char, a troll priest, I went holy all the way and I often had trouble the last leveles in an area.

I would often ask in generalchat but most of the time people didnt bother taking me unless we were going to an instance.

I think Blizzard should encourage more teamplay with healers. Possibly by increasing the party bonus and by putting more quests with "minibosses" in the game.

Now its usally a few in each area, wouldnt hurt with a few more

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesdays are better

It was perfect timing.

A late day and it wasnt monday anymore when Chaser asked me to "CUM ANDH HJEAL MEH IN AV VERY NYCE MR" so me, Eir and Taljin aka Zeljin, joined and managed to get into the same AV game after a few tries.

Since they buffed Belinda horde usually loses AV since Galvin dies alot faster so us four went to defend the poor orc. Chaser then killed the entire enemy raid by himself, including my childhood hero Mockavest, before going up to alliance base and in the meantime killing everything that moved, npc or player, and a few bots as well.


And guess who kept him alive.....

ps. Kaveria u are fat

I hate mondays

Mondays should be banned from the calendar.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hacking and Slashing

Appart from ebaying another problem thats gotten bigger is hacking.

You log in and find yourself naked without a healthstone and no gear or money. While I never had a problem with GMs there are certainly enough horrorstories around to make you want to avoid a full characther restoration.

I would suggest people to be very carefull about their computer security. There are plenty of free information on the internet and with a firewall and anti virus program you should be just fine.

Also avoid to click strange links from the forums. While the mods are usually removing bad links it takes a while and they dont seem to work during late evenings/weekends.

Besides most links seem to be about allyscum raiding and who would want to see that?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Have guns will travel

I did a heroic BM run yesterday with only guildies and I found I had a hard time healing.

Im happy I popped a mageblood before going there because it was on the verge of not being able to heal so the next time I gonna bring a flask.

Altho I think I can blame the fact that we did have two rogues in the grp and I was busy chatting as well :/

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Im a little teapot...

.. short and stout! *dances humiliating dance*

As I said earlier I grew tired of grinding after seeing I had 10 000 gold, I havent even done anything with my full mining bag. I guess its like bench pressing 100 kg in the real world, I mean who cares if you press 105 or 108 kg as long as you are over 100

In a similar way I have around 10 700 gold now since I still do most dailies and trying to complete all quests in my log as well.

So three days ago I respec to holy to do some instances. Its been months since I was serious about that so I was surprised that alot of people are doing the daily heroic quests. So far I found pugs all three days within a reasonable time and they actually seem to work pretty well too.

I know for a fact that I had 8 heroic badges when I started and now I have 30 and I dont feel like I have been grinding. Its the same with honor, I managed to accumulate 33 000 honor without much effort.

For sure its slower then the old "keepittogethermustfarm15badgeseverydayand5000honortoo" but its more fun.

Oh btw

The guy who whispered me "Can u come to heroic Mech, whats ur spec" and answered "Oh :(" when I said I was holy..... if this been an US server I would have sued you for prejudice mr!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

School time

Time to go to school.

My son is starting out at St Louis School, Chachoengsao.

The school was his first choice and while very proud Im also very worried. The school is demanding and for the first time he will travel quite far from home.

At least the school pick up the students and bring them to school in their own cars, and even better they bring them back.

There is really no way of knowing how he will react starting out in a whole new school but I told him that if it doesnt work out he can change school to one closer to his home where he will know some people.

I also told him to shut up and make friends. Just as I did in Silvermoon Academy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hm I actually did arena as retri

with Darkhorn (2 man warr/retri pala) and I think we stayed at 4-6 in games.

That actually means we won 4 games even tho we only a bit resil and are very unused playing.

Well I done lots of pvp but never as retri and I always failed big in 2 man anyway.

Darkhorn on the other hand always failed ever since we first met at lvl 12 when he was getting beat up at the Sludge Fen.

Oh well.

We were quit far from being competitive but we had loads of fun. Thats an interesting aspect of the game.

When we made it back to 1450 I was just as happy as when my previous teams made it to 2100+..... almost.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Last New Year I was in Ashenvale but this year I discovered how good the mining was in Nagrand so I spent New Year there, only taking time off to go to Booty Bay and watching the fireworks.

Every New Year I ask myself the same question: What have I done this year?

And depending on the answer I get I might dare to ask the next question: What shall I do this year?

The past year has been pretty good. I was able to see all instances except Black Temple and I did a lot of pvp too in the arena.

Now its just a matter of waiting for the expansion and preparing. Once PTR is out for the expansion it will be a matter of farming stuff for power leveling etc.

Recently I haven't been playing much compared to what I did in the past. Mainly this has been because of working but even when I had time off I found myself doing other stuff. I think the game has changed for me.

Before I had to do allot of things or well.. allot of farming, in order to be able to do what I wanted. Now the game is mostly of a social character and I can log in and do what I want whenever I want.

Even tho I wish I could turn back the time a bit to raiding I think I got the best part of the deal anyway. Playing for fun.

I seen many people during the years I played who didn´t manage the situation when they had to turn less then hardcore usually selling their char and logging off forever. So far I managed to avoid that and is still having a good time altho not as often as I used to.