Friday, December 28, 2007

Soon a new year

Things should be back to the normal the next week at least in regards to my playtime so I figured its time to make a few New Year resolutions.

1. Stop helping people.

2. Stop helping people.

3. Stop helping people.

Most of the times I try and help people it usually ends up in a wrong way or I regrett it in other ways.

A wise man once said "The road to hell is filled of good intentions". He obviously played a lot of wow.

One example was when I returned to wow after a 6 month break just prior to tbc. I was delighted to see most of my old friends still there but I also learned one guy had quit out of boredom because he didnt get a chance at raiding as he wanted altho he was very active.

Of all who came from Ice Crown he was the only one who was able to but didnt venture into MC and further so... seeing the need of paladins in the new era I sent him an email and asked him to come back ensuring him that he would see plenty of raiding in a guild that would swiftly move into Serpentshrine Cavern and beyond.

So he did come back and everything went quite well until he dropped under the radar and in the end he sent me some links on msn to pages devoted to gaming addiction.

I felt very sad about this but he still drops in once a week playing and from the occassional chat on msn I think every problem he had with the game is sorted.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at last

In mid december I passed the 10k gold mark so farming lost its appeal.

When I got my laptop I figured I go mining from work but so far I mostly been leeching AV. I feel it doesnt matter if I have 10k gold or 15k gold, what difference does it make?

I guess the old truth about the only people not caring about money are the ones who have it.

Anyway after the New Year I will work a little bit less and I guess things should be back to normal again.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I am a leecher

Every night when Im working I unpack my latop at 00:30 and go to AV and leech for a few hours and chatting with friends.

Its unethical, undignified but still quite effective.

Even if I benefit from leeching I think Blizzard should make it much harder or even impossible to leech AV.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

wtb Santa

Today when I logged in after a few days abscence sweet Eir had sent me a christmas gift and it was gift wrapped too!

Its small things like that.. giftwraps.. seasonal festivals... that makes wow standout from other games.

I think I will send gifts to all my friends this weekend so Im forcing them to send me gifts.

Yeh thats the christmas spirit!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Knowing what I know today....

what if I had to start all over once again?

It may sound presumtious but I would probably make quite similar choices if I had to venture back to barrens.

Looking back since early start the balance between the classes have been changed a bit but how we view them has changed even more. During my time in the game some classes have gone from new sheriff in town to deputy dawn.

When I was around level 40 wiping were quite usual, especially as you later moved up to Scholo, Strat and UBRS. In fact a ten man raid in Scholo would often wipe a significant number of times so during a brief period of 2-3 months shamans were very high in demand and it was almost impossible to get a shaman. In fact I know a few who actually rerolled shamans just to have an easier time to get into groups.

Rogues on the other hand always seemed to have a hard time. Not so much because of the class but rather because they were quite common.

And noone wanted hunters back then.

However healers usually had it quite easy to get into groups, especially dedicated healers like myself if I may say so.

In fact for MC guilds starting out the biggest problems was usually to get recruit healers.

By being a healer I had a good start and it was much easier for me to see more of the game then it was for the average rogue.

Shifting interest to arena after TBC I experienced the same thing. I wasnt better then any other paladin but I was one of the few who focused on pvp, after all most paladins quickly powerleveled and started raiding, so after a few months in the salt mine I finally got the chance to play in a top team and it worked out pretty well.

Once again I saw more arena then the average rogue or hunter did.

Now busy in what is the dawn of my playtime I shifted focus again to farming things so the retri spec comes in handy. Every healingclass have a dps spec, while obviously far behind a normal dps class its enough for this kind of soloplay, while the average rogue would find it hard to bandage enough to be able to heal in raids.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Early mornings

So it was early morning and I had just got back home from work when I headed over to the faire to hand in my deck of cards for the trinket.

I figured this was a great time because the faire was outside Stormwind but hopefully all gankers would be sleeping

When I turned in the deck I figured I see if he sold any nice crap and indeed two gems for 12g each, a red and an orange.

I guess these odd times compensates me financially for the lack of interaction with other players. Besides Nagrand is always nice when its empty and all rich veins are up!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thx Santa !

Finally got my laptop delivered today so I can play from my work.

At last those veins will be mine from 0400 to 0600 weekdays :D

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The numbers

Cost of paying wow every month - 12.99 EUR

Cost of having great friends - 4 hours of missing sleep every night

Seeing some lvl 68 rogue in green gear tell Obie "Dude u need to get a 2nd glaive" - Priceless

TOS: A sheep in sheep´s clothing

A major part of the wow experience is to meet new persons and do stupid stuff with them, but as you meet new persons old persons often fade away. Some slow and some faster.

For typical leveling guilds this is usually very evident towards the end of your leveling period and when you start out doing the endgame content. Players seek out guilds that have the same profile as themselves.

I think I was in a great guild when I leveled but as it turned out the only active people were a priest, three warriors and a rogue which made it kind of hard to do instances together. Even if only Darkhorn remains from those days, we managed to venture into Molten Core together before splitting up.

Anyway hardcore guilds face another problem.

The lure of ebay.

Lots of people, like myself, have jobs and save loads of money because we spend most of our sparetime in Azeroth. However lots of players are students or high school students or dont work fulltime.

While they certainly win in DKP they probably fall behind on the income tax.

So when they are at the end of the road with all the best gear they can have and they can get loads of money from ebaying there isnt really anyway to stop them.

While illegal according to Blizzards rules its obvious the controls arent functioning well enough. If a high percentage buyers would get caught there wouldnt be a market anymore.

Having seen it happen over and over again I would urge guilds, including my own, to take a more agressive stance towards ebayers.

- Making sure all ebayers are properly reported in a neatly typed report.

- Making the ebayed character known within the community.

While the guildbank certainly make it easier to avoid the obvious pittraps it would also help if you distribute the loot more evenly. While DKP is fair and square perhaps a guild would need, for example, several guildenchanters as opposed to one?

- If someone ebayed his last character. Dont allow the player back into the guild with his new char. There really isnt any guarantee he wont do it again. (No names mentioned here).