Friday, November 30, 2007

Picking up the pace

I slowly learned my ways around the veins.

When I first started I would average about 40 ore in one hour, now I usually get at least 140 in the same time. Thats exactly one vertical row in my miningbag so its fairly easy to keep track of.

The difference is increased knowledge in where the veins are located. Together with lots of hard work thats all you need to herb and mine and the better you mapped the area the easier it will be.

Another thing that is important is the refining.

Prospecting and cutting if its gems and potmaking etc if its herbs. I know 2-3 people that are JCs which I usually pay around 20-50g depending on the number of ore I want prospected, the green stuff and the dusts will cover it when I vendor them and since I often prospect quite a lot its best to pay ofc.

I usually sell my gems uncut because I dont watch AH enough to know what gems are hot and which arent. And I really dont want to deal with people more then necessary so I just put the gem on AH a bit lower then some of the cut gems (usually a bit lower then the most expensive gems but higher then the cheapest). I noticed alot of JCs buying and I dont mind that at all cause I get to sell my stuff quick and easy and the more buyers the better it is.

But the bottomline is. Refining always pays off and the more refining you do obviously the more money you can make.

The same goes for herbalism. On Frostmane the average AH price for super manapots are 11g buy out while a stack of Dreaming glory and Felweed both go for 10g each so if you buy three stacks and make 20 pots you have just made yourself an extra 10g.

If you like to hoard like me, without farming herbs too active, I usually grab whatever crosses my path when I mine, you can pick up like mats for 500 pots per week and then you find yourself a proccer and its all set.

This is where your network comes in be it guildies or friends. The more of the chain you can cover the more money you can make and that goes for all of you. Sometimes I sold plain ore to my friends too, like a few hundreds, and in return they cut stuff for me when I need.

Things like that will get you far.

Like someone once said. Friendship based on business is better then business based on friendship.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today I prospected 500 adamantite ore since I wanted to be ready for the s3 craze and I got the following.

The green shit and the dust was vendored for 50g, and the rest should sell on wednesday.

I also did my first tour to ZA and was a bit disapointed. While I certainly enjoyed killing trolls the whole area had a very ZG like feeling in terms of look. While the bosses very animated and fun I dont know why Blizz couldnt make a new totally new area. For example a new instance in Winterspring, but maybe they save the snow landscape for the expansion.

At least Sunwell is comming soon and that will hopefully be new, while not going there Im looking foward to start selling all my herbs.

Monday, November 26, 2007


We always try to find patterns in everything we see.

Sometimes there is a hidden agenda to find and sometimes its just our brain that cant handle the randomness and invent one.

Watch my hp and fishing skill (without buffs) and take a spin :D

I didnt swap my gear just too my fishing rod instead of my sword....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Art of making gold part 1 basics

Im afraid that what I will write first will be a huge disapointment, at least it was for me, there is no such thing as goldmaking secrets.

And there is no such thing as a secret trade union on Frostmane server :/

I chose herbalism and mining since I dont have any need for crafted gear and the problem with selling crafted gear is that its get obsolete quickly.

Nowadays you will be lucky to get a few hundred gold epic patterns, on AH, that would sell for thousands of gold before summer. Not to mention how much you would have to pay for the actual item.

While there is a constant demand for epic legenchants they are quite rare on the open market, usually you will sell them cheap to your friends or guildies.

There are obviously several advantages with crafting professions but to start with mining and herbalism:

The good thing is mainly that there will always be a demand for herbs and ore and usually its quite steady. Basically pots, flask and elixirs are used quite a lot in raiding and ore will always be wanted for gems as people upgrade the gear and by blacksmiths too ofc. If you try and make money by gathering you wont ever loose money altho u might make less then u hoped for.

The bad thing with gathering is that its quite timeconsuming. No more jumping on the bankroof and chatting when you can farm and chat. I spend almost all my time online nowadays by farming or doing old quests for gold.

The main thing about making gold is actually to spend less. Its just as in real life :/ At least stay off AH and buy from friends or guildies, the best is obviously to farm by yourself.

The major problem with gathering is that you need refining if you want to make the best cash.

Take ore for example. On my server, Frostmane, adamantite ore usually sells between 20-25 gold. While prices has rised a bit due to Season 3 and Zul Aman they will proabably drop back to normal next month.

If you farm 100 stacks, which usually take about two evenings, you will get around 2200 gold which is quite nice especially if you repeat it twice!

However if you prospect them into gems you get in average 80 blue gems and some 150g worth of powder and green gems. Depending on how lucky you are with hitting the right color of the gems you should average at least 40g per gem, which is 3200 gold.

In reality you usually end up with a higher average plus you will get some gems while mining too.

To start your mining or herbing career just download an addon which marks whenever you gather and get to work. I prefer keeping sharing off, not because I am afraid people will steal my spots, but because I want to keep the map clear so I easily can make my own pattern to fly.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Taking a break from wow...

for three days while visting my parents :)

The first week as retri (lol) havent been that bad at all. Like I said the dps is still worse then normal dps classes but on the other hand its enough to do normal grinding and ur pretty close of being able to dpsing in instances :D

Theres basically two big differences for me now,

the first is the lack of "must dos" and the second is that Im making money the first time since I started playing this game.

Its really hard to say which I appreciate most.

Gold is usually never a problem to spend but if ur not raiding u dont spend much in terms of repair or upgrades on ur gear (enchants, gems etc) but well having large stash of gold is a pleasant problem.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

RL gtg!

Does this game change the way you are talking in rl?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Life is easier as retri

Finally I can kill the mobs around a vein without using all my mana and half hp just to see some ally scum flying down and ninja it while I fight to ninja the vein.

So far its been quite relaxed days. I log in and do some dailys, farm some and doing a few quests.

I also done two heroics as a retri while Im still struggling with the positioning as dps and everything else for that matter, as far as I can judge the new patch really improved our dps.


You still rely quite heavy on getting the first crit. Most of your dps comes from stacking Vengeance and if you dont crit you got only your autohit.

Crusaderstrike obviously help a great deal with the lower cd and all but since they nerfed our spelldmg itemizationwise on the arena gear it feels a bit like your back on square one and half again. No matter what most retri paladins will rely on pvp gear, at least in the begining.

So basically we are still in a situation where we need procs and crits to get the job done altho with new Vengeance we get a bit more predictable dps... once we start stacking it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Heroes last stand

Someone once said heroes may not be braver then anyone else. They are just braver 5 minutes longer. I always think of that when the gates to the arena open :)

Yesterday we played what I believe was our last games in 5 man, ending at almost 2050 rating.

Not to bad since we played only 4-5 times in almost two months. With some practice I think we would have been really good.

Day ended 9-1, with our only loss being avenged three times. In the rubbermatch they dropped Snikch within seconds and in spite of Blessed Resil he went down from 80% to 0% but as we fought on I found room to ress him and the game was pretty much over after that.

If the first two seasons been setting the trend the interest for arena will probably grow bigger the closer the end so later next spring I might join a new team again altho time will tell.

I will probably have to farm honor up to cap again for stocking up to after the expansion :/

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The summer 2½ year ago

Excerp from Wadis warjournal 2005-06-25

"Yesterday was raids day. Did a complete StratUD raid and before that I did a complete Scholoraid. You think *any* items I wanted would drop? Ofc they didnt. After Strat everyone went to UBRS but I have already completed my quest for the Oxnia key while my guildmate Trust had not so I gave my spot to him"

Back in these you raided Stratholme and Scholomanche if you wanted to complete them and the scheduled guildraids were going to Upper Blackrock Spire not to Black Temple but what can be seen from my warjournal entry that day life wasnt so much different back then.

Raiding - waiting for drops - raiding - getting attuned for next raid - raiding - waiting for drops

At lvl 57 or 58 I started going to the last instances in the old world, Stratholme, Scholmanche and Ubrs. In those days there were only two guilds capable of raiding Molten Core and they didnt accept any applications so the chances of me going there was nonexistant so I always thought getting to 60 would be the end.

Turns out it wasnt the end. Not even the begining to the end but perhaps the end of the begining.

Same summer me and Eir would get our big break and join the third guild going to Molten Core and from there we went from not getting past the two first giants to farming Black Temple, or at least one of us are chainsmiting Illiadan :/

The obvious reason to stay in the game are the social aspects but while this is probably the biggest single reason truth is you would experience those in most mmorpgs so the question is more why you chose wow as a veichle to explore these sides of gaming?

Truth is that in spite of the faults people generally attribute to wow its simply the best game out there.

Its easy to start playing with a very intutive gameplay and a highly configurable UI. There are many ways of advancing your character by grinding, questing, raiding, instancing or pvp and because of the high population even causal players find it easy to group up with players.

Further the support from Blizzard is outstanding in terms of webpages, forums, ingamesupport and most important of all: a huge number of additional content. I recall being surprised when Dire Maul was released as well as the seasonal quests as well.

When people are discussing newer games, billing them as the wow killer, they usually forget the value of being able to run the game on almost any computer. Having to invest in a 2000 EUR system to meet the requirements of the game is an easy way to limit the playerbase.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Looking into the future

A couple of thousand years development hasnt changed much. Female paladins still wear armor that doesnt seem too protective be it ur health or reputation :/

Speaking about armor I have gathered almost all my retrigear now and is busy getting enchants. By looking at other retri paladins in the armory, that I found in the forums, I think I got resonable gear on part with Kara gear at least.

Speaking of Hellgate: London I Vlad and Cenari both plays it (alot) together with alot of other ex Ghosties, so I figure I check it out one of these days.

While not strictly an mmorpg and still being very bugged it seems to have its good sides too, among others the fact that you can soloplay it quite well. Since the game interface for social contacts is underdeveloped anyway you dont have much choice it seems.

In Wow there is a distinct limit how far you can go while soloplaying. Depending of course exactly how you define solo play you are generally limited to charity epix (the ones u get from repetable soloquests) as well as crafting and drops and repwards from pre raiding.
Technically you cant do instances alone either but even most casuals get there eventually.

Having played solo the last few days I been a busy bee mining and herbing while not doing much else. As soon as the current season is over I plan to spec retri and do all quests that I have left (which is a lot) and probably some serious farming.

Im looking foward to blackmailing the tradeunion who doesnt exist for more info and besides I already decided that for next expansion I probably want to spec retri so I need the gear anyway
for leveling and money is always good. Should need be I can always spec back to holy if I want to pvp more since I have my old gear left.

What I really liked so far is that I dont really have to rely on other people. No more sitting and waiting or calling people and no more times to keep up with. Even if I only have 45 mins to play I can still log in and do something, not only stand in Ogrimmar and jump on the bankroof.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I am a holy warrior

I almost completed getting my retri gear now. Usually pvp gear is rather inferior to pve gear, for pve purposes but since retri (pvp) gear so far lacks resil the difference between season 1 gear and Kara gear isnt as big as for other classes.

I picked up mostly season 1 gear and all honor gear, belts, boots and gloves plus a nasty 2h sword also from season 1 so as soon as I get the sockets and enchants done Im good to go.

Since I most likely will level as a retri in next expansion this gear will always be good to have no matter what. Since I still have my old gear I can go back doing healing as well so nothing is wasted.

I really looking foward being able to kill mobs at mines and herbnodes without having to spend so much time zZzzzzZ.

Not to mention Im finally a holy warrior, like paladins in other games.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

End of the road again

With only a few weeks left of season 2 and while collecting gear for season 3 I had every intention on being there for season 3 as well.

However recently I am unsure if I will have the time to participate in yet another season as my workload has almost doubled in real life. While arena doesnt take that much time the problem is everyone usually have days they cant play on and the days off tend to overlap quite badly.

As it looks now I will probably have to step down from my arena teams next season. While I still be playing quite a bit it will be on odd hours and outside raidhours ofc.

This means I cant really go back to raiding again, besides I couldnt compete with the younger and better geared generation of new paladins.

So for the next few months I figure I will take up the art of making money. I was pretty well recieved when I spoke to the sneaky secret trade union on the server.

At least I wont be broke again.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Team got together today and dropped back to 1950.

It started quite well but soon got worse after we tried tweaking the strategy a bit. We then got a loosing streak of four games and we generally played a bit unfocused.

Noone seemed to know exactly what to do but last three games we won quite easy and I think we will be ready to push 2050 tomorrow.

Good thing was noone cracked up even if we all played quite bad but the worst thing was I lost 20g to alliance scum Rawex due to a bet, when his team beat us :(

Friday, November 2, 2007


I was gonna purchase a banner at the, the internetpage of a swedish newspaper, so I ordered the text to look like this

"Are u imba warlock? Black Temple farmguild on Frostmane (EU) server in need of one imba warlock for future raiding. We welcome x realm app".

and a link to

I figured it to be just a cool thing but the scummers answered me:

"Your advertisment has been declined. Please make sure your ad doesnt:

violate the law of the country it will be published in

has objectionable content

violate the website rules

I guess noone likes them locks