Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kaveira ur fat

Eir Chronicles part 3

.... should be completed ... quite soon....

Are u a badass warlock?

In such case Omega Point might need u.

The deal is simple.

You pwn over time and raid 6 days per week between 1845-0100 or something like that.

In return u get epix and have to farm shitloads of consumables.

Heres ur chance of getting on the gravy train for future expansions by joining a guild that has BT on farm since months.

Apply on OP webpage

Ur talking to me?


After a few losses and three discos we sorted our playing and ended the week at 2004 rating.

I think our teams greatest strength lies in our ability to analyze opposing teams and figure out a way to counter them.

This was very evident when we lost the first game to a team and went on winning two or three consecutive rematches.

All you need is a strategic mind and people willing to listen. People that are able to carry out the tweaks.

A few months later then anticipated the game can finally start.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I never been to BT

I killed off whole Kara, and SSC, and some bosses in TK including the last one and one or two bosses in Mt Hyjal and Magtherion and Gruul ofc, but I never been to BT.

Since Im not attuned I assume I will never see it either even at later levels.

Having cleared all instances in the old world except Naxx where we only made it to Thadd I first thought I would feel bad about not making it to BT and I guess for a while I did or at least it felt like a failure.

Further the only reason I seen content after Kara is that sometimes I was called in as a reserve since guild had problems for a long time with paladins so as long as I remembered to buy reagents for greater blessings they would invite me.

I would usually have a great time not so much for the loot but for the experience in itself. In the old world we would sneak into Naxx and play Frogger and I would take a good look at the place while still there, in similar ways I would sometimes show my friends how AQ40 looked like when the place was cleared.

So in many ways I been lucky seeing more then the average person would see.

I wasnt so much aiming to tell u about myself rather about the practice of buying gear.

Nowadays several guilds sell epic loot from the instances they have on farm status.

I bought some crafted gear but never gear that dropped. Some people frown at this practice I think its great for those people that never had the chance of getting so far being able to raid.

However imo dont buy gear just for the loot.

If you arent raiding the last instances you probably wont need the best gear and Im pretty sure Kara is possible for most people to go to. Not to mention alot of gear can be obtained from heroics, rep, badges, crafting and pvp and after next patch there will be even more gear from badges, a new 10 man instance etc.

It can be argued that you always need better gear even if you just jump on the bankroof in Orgrimmar, the point I want to make to all casuals out there is if you feel you want to see more of the game by all means buy a raidslot and get an upgrade at the same time.

But usually its quite expensive buying gear. The prices are usually a more then considerable stack of gold for a normal casual.

And many casuals gear up so slow that by the time they are decked out in the best gear pre SSC its patch time with a whole new bunch of easy obtainable gear.

So think twice before buying any gear like this

Friday, October 26, 2007

I got 65 000 honor!

The cap is at 75k.

Its AV weekend today and until monday night.

Things doesnt look to bad at all.

Lets hope they introduce some more bgs next expansion, that are more playable then Eye of the Storm. Most likely I wont have to spend all my points but can save some until I hit level 80. At least that was how things worked this time when tbc came.

Or I can spend it all and get more points to save :(

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Seems like things are on the right track again. Today a new mage signed up for the team so once again we are five players and we got some games going. We lost the first but and then managed to lose some more games but in 15 games or so we increased our rating with 100 getting to 1890, I always said that the arenagame starts at 2k so we are always there.

With our current setup of mage, holypriest, hunter, warlock and me games are usually longer then Im used too and this time around we play control and not burst.

What makes this kind of playstyle very hard is the fact that you play long games and you must play perfect all the time while in a burst team things usually eases up after 30 seconds when you killed someone.

Nevertheless we had great fun and with more playtime Im sure we can start playing again.

We lost our first game to a team we then beat two consecutive times. Obviously all kinds of melee damage are at a slight disadvantage to us as we have both a nova happy mage and a hunter but overall there arent many setups that we have a huge advantage over, on the other hand we usually arent too much of a disadvantage either.

It all depends on how we play, and what kind of decisions we make which makes the analysis of why we won and ever more important why we lost very important, and i think we got that part covered quite well.

The post fight analysis and the tweaking before next game should we face a similar setup were good. We managed to quickly come to the conclusion how we should handle the situation and we usually managed to stick to the plan in next games.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Playing wow for fun

While poor captain Snikch been busy recruiting a replacer to our team, I been playing wow for fun.

I bought the game the first day it was for sale in my country and been playing since then. Looking back there was something special with the first time when u ran around in Barrens and everything was new. I recall that I used to think that after Uldaman things began to change and I shortly thereafter joined Mayhem guild and I guess the rest is history.

Im not sad at all that I been doing what I done for the last years and I wouldnt want to change it. But still since team is grounded and I have 1k gold and everyone is busy waiting for the new raidinstance or new patch or both I decided to create a mage and go back to the time before you had to farm anything, raid anything, show up at specific times, skip food and pee in a bucket :(

Thing with alts is, often its very easy to once again get caught in the circle of demands where you just run frantic between quests.

I was overjoyed that Eir joined me with some wanna be paladin and we spent a few hours per day running around and pretending everything is new, well at least me. So far we havent run into any quests that we needed to find more people to do and this hasslefree kind of play sure beats the lfg channel.

Im sure we all have these moments in RL too. We want out from the rat race and return to easier times in high school. Thing is we cant do that and if we try we are sure to mess up our lives but we can easily do some make believe about seeing Ghostlands for first time.

Now motherfucking Snikch (with all due respect) better sort our team before we have to do first instance :(

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just like real life

Mr Cityhermit did complete his thesis about World of Warcraft, in the end his paper was namned "Just like real life."

I guess that gives a hunch about his findings...

When discussing the possibility of contemplating online games as spaces that are orientated around particular activities instead of an unreal technological dimension, the first activity that comes to mind is doubtlessly play.

Johan Huizinga notes how any game is by itself an act of demarcating a space that is detached from the drudgery of quotidian life by noting that play is not an “ordinary” or “real” activity but “It is rather a stepping out of ‘real’ into a temporary sphere of activity with a disposition all of its own” (Huizinga 1955 p8), the feature of play that allows it to have a disposition of its own is its assumed interruption of the appetitive process and its occupation of a sphere superior to the strictly biological process of nutrition, reproduction and self preservation(Huizinga 1955 p9).

I have addressed the problem of approaching ludic space as a pedestal while discussing Aarseth’s ludologic approach, although the focus on ludism has the virtue of eliminating notions of ‘cyberspace’ by emphasizing the activity performed in these spaces, it still fails to notice the reality of the appetitive process involved in spaces such as WoW.

The closest theoretical explanation of the appeal of online games is possibly Georges Bataille’s discussion of the inutile.

In his voluminous work concerning the necessity of excess in the formation of a truly human economy, Bataille discusses the generation of glory by the Aztec civilization through the excesses of human sacrifice: “A mes yeux, ce mouvement est ce qui nous anime quand nous somme assoiffÈs de gloire” (Bataille 1976 p193).
Battaille essentially celebrates all inutile activities as producers of glory and joins voices with Nicholas Rose in condemning contemporary bourgeois economies for sanctioning glorious and inutile conduct in favour of utile or ‘enterprising’ behaviour (Bataille 1976 p200, Rose 1998 p150).
Bataille’s sophisticated account of the necessity of excess in human systems may be very elaborate and inspiring, however like previously discussed theoretical approaches, the lack of participant observation is the main problem with Battaille’s argument, hence the fictitious image of Georges Battaille trying to convince a pious
Aztec that human sacrifice is a glorious act of inutilty remains amusing.

I have tried to argue in this paper that there is no reason to be equally amused by the sight of a clinical psychologist or a social theorist, who is trying to convince a WoWer that their affection to the game corresponds to either the rise of a new dawn in terms of the experimental possibilities of the environment, or to an apocalyptic epidemic that results in the complete loss of the players concerned.
We have seen the abundance of the activities that are conducted in WoW under the umbrella of play, the nature of these activities are only available to those who are willing to participate in them as opposed to contemplate them from the outside.

Finally I believe the participatory understanding of games like WoW is absolutely crucial to ensure the success of future policy on the field. Considering the attention given to the problem of ‘addiction’ and the increasing disputes between companies that manufacture the games and the companies that sell in game goods for real money.

The necessity of deciding on policy will eventually become inevitable, my hope is that these policies will be informed more by solid participant research capable of accounting for the diverse range of activities involved in these online spaces than they will be by abstruse theoretical accounts detached from the real experience of the real people in question.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The addiction...

So after waking up late and slucking I realized I only had about an hour before having to go to work. Not having the heart to farm more then a few AVs I decided to make a mage alt just to feel the power of blowing up people.

Said and done I started to fireball (amg) lvl 1 critters before moving up to higher levels and higher mobs, slowly exploring the world and starting to replace my grey gear with white gear.

The thing is for every white cloak with 5 armor I found or pants with 9 armor, it felt so nice.

First green item felt like first epic from MC.

Some guy wrote that a rose is a rose no matter what u call it and I guess thats true for upgrades too....

... and addiction

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

52 badges and counting

Another farmday is over and the count stops at 52 badges and around 40g in repair costs.

Farming for badges feels a lot better then farming for drops because you are guaranteed a badge once you down a boss.

I tried for a long time to get the devout set, but the head never dropped in whats probably close to 100 times. I even seen the epic staff drop from the magister but no devout.

So far the farming has gone pretty well and with this pace I will be set next weekend with my 200 badges :D

Monday, October 15, 2007

40 badges and counting

After two days of farming I got 40 badges, and this day isnt over yet :)

One of the major problems for any mmorpg is to balance casual content vs hardcore and increasing the number of rewards one can get for badges is a good way of dealing with this problem.

After 2.3 even people that doesnt raid will have the chance of getting epic armor, while there arent any weapons there are plenty of chances to get those as well without raiding.

Even if they gather badges a lot slower then hardcore players they will certainly have the chance to fill their slots with epics and this also provides a good way of getting started with raiding.

Fact is raiding is possible for most players even if all cant get into a guild that farms BT. This will smoothen over the gear requirements because often when a spot becomes free in a guild they normally want people with a certain level of gear from raiding.

This is a way to break that evil circle of not being able to raid because they havent raided before as well as adding lots more fun.

Even for hardcore players there are items that are well worth their badges and it also makes it less painful to obtain offspec gear so its a win and win situation.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


With the release of the info gathered from PTR I realized it was time to go back to heroic badge farming.

Im cursing myself for buying so much crap, like a shockadin trinket, before so I wasted around 60 badges that would come in handy now.

I know for sure I will need at least a new trinket and a new libram and the trinket alone is 65 badges I think.

They will now drop from bosses too but not knowing how much I will raid and the fact that i want them as soon as possible for pvp makes badgefarming a must.

I think I made 10 heroic badges today and at least one run went smooth. One of the advantages for me, being in OP, is that there are usually people doing heroics and if not its usually easier to get groups when people see my guildtag.

While it might sound proposterous its a simple fact.

Just like myself when Im looking for groups or being asked, the odds increase if I see a guildtag I recognize (for being fairly good).

Im not sure what to say about the pve/pvp mix.

Once again the best pve weapon is the arena one, well least until the next 25 man is released and this time its harder to get them, but not too hard. On the other hand you probably need stuff for heroic badges if you want the best pvp gear.

While there are valid arguments for and against, without choosing sides it seems to come down to the fact that if u want to be the best u have to take on all comers.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

World without Warcraft

Browsing through the web you find numerous MMORPGS, while most are small there are also serious competitors to WOW behind the corner.

However, so far noone is even close to the number of subscribers that Wow have.

The reason is that the newer games simply lack the fanbase to compete with Blizzard in terms of subscribers. Games like Conan or Warhammer has their appeal in America and Europe but are virtually unkown in Asia. The same can be said for Asian producers too such as Ubisofts game which I tried in Thailand. There is also the a cultural barrier in terms of looks and gameplay which for example Ragnarok suffer from.

Appart from Blizzard the most successful company is NCsoft who made Lineage, Guildwars and City of Heroes, but World of Warcraft alone are almost 2/3 bigger.

Games like Everquest have only roughly 400 000 players compared to Wows 7 million players. Smaller games like D&D online have around 100 000 players and classic games like Ultima have roughly 20 000 players.

The financial reality is that you need to be a heavyweight if you want to tangle with Blizzard. Simply put the sheer size and quality of the game as well as internet presence will cost a fortune if you want to compare to Blizzard.

For example Interplay suggest a 75 million USD budget for a Fallout MMORPG and if they start working today the beta will be avaliable in 2010. Hopefully the game havent aged too much by then....

Most likely we will see lots of games going belly up the next five years before sorting out who will survive.

For the poor developers looking to get the big break by making a game like wow.... the usual strategy is making a free version thats full of bugs and hopefully attract enough players to be able to charge people for removing the bugs.

However since most players compare with comercial games its usually a painful experience playing these free games.

Best is probably to either find a heavy niche like the MMORPG about Rome who has around 5000 players who hopefully will start paying soon (well actually while the game is free you purchase gold for rl cash so I guess they get on) or make a simplistic game with good gameplay and some unique twists.

Dont forgot people still enjoy playing Tetris.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Honorfarming :(

I hate honorfarming.

While the new pvp system with new items added every season makes a lot of sense the problem is that you are forced to go back to same bgs over and over again.

Dont get me wrong its great getting some friends and go whack people in the head but pwning in premades are just a small part of a big farming nowadays.

Imagine going back to MC over and over again beacuse tokens for T5 and T6 and T7 dropped there.....

Alot of things have improved since the introduction of bgs, but if they added more rewards it wouldnt be this bad.

Why dont upgrade the old bg rewards to lvl 80 and add a few honor stuff for epen only like new tabard which actually looks good, perhaps a funny mount, things like that....

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tonight we dine in PTR

or not?

With the newest raidinstances soon to be released in PTR there is an upcomming discussion in the guild, if we should raid at PTR or not.

Since our guild cleared all existing content, having BT on farmstatus, it would make sense of preparing for the next instance.

The opinion is divided but I personally think its the right thing to do.

There is nothing wrong with reaping the rewards from farming BT but even if you do there should be plenty of time to raid PTR.

While many people see the easy epics as a reward, and there is nothing wrong with a handfull of epics to show off, people need to realize one thing.

All gear becomes obsolete.

Thats why you need to get new gear thats fatter.

And in order to do that as smooth as possible it pays off preparing.

Its as simple as that.

When they introduced arena you could play skirmish games live, long before they were implemented. Me and Tuzak, among other people, spent many hours practicing the different arenas.

Just as I, and many others, have gone to PTR several times to test new BGs or differernt changes to pvp.

Not because we didnt have good gear but because we knew once the changes would be live the race for new gear would start and those in pole position better be prepared.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A new angle

So to summon up the first week of pvp, even if we only played twice, things look promising at a 28-4 rating.

If you browse through the forums most people seem to think paladins are easy to play in arena, but nothing could be more far from the truth.

While its true few paladins go down first, especially in 5 man, most teams aim to control them and can often do so with ease.

The mandatory felhunter as well as nasty fear rotations, counterspells and other cc quickly eat away our bubble and trinket. After all my own team yells, with a certain pleasure, "the paladin has bubbled" and Im sure thats true for the other team as well.

Our games nowadays are longer then Im used too. Before I would just bubble and then watch someone die, now its a race between teams to drain mana forcing me to be far more active.

I have to loose the sight of enemy casters for all kinds of cc and avoiding manaburns as well, while at the same time staying within sight to heal.

Its much harder then last season, and in order to reach the top this is something I have to become a lot better at. So far I havent caused any losses, well maybe one, but its been closer then comfortable.

I read some forum sig stating that "if you dont succeed at first, dont parachute" or something like that.

In First breath after coma you succeed at first. period