Sunday, September 30, 2007

Game is afoot

Aiming at doing around 20-30 games per week we fell short of that goal when we started with a 19-2 record the first time we played but there is no rush.

Things went rather smooth as we wore down the other teams casters by draining their mana and taking turn controlling them.

Im now more confident then ever that we will reach the top, if not the very top, just like last season when we would gain rating every time we played.

The obvious question is what does this team have that others I played with are lacking?

I would say that the answer is simply communication.

Individual skill is not to be underrated and obviously you need a great deal, but teamwork is needed to make it to a higher level.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Paladin - Warrior - Shaman

My 3vs3 have been stuck a while just below 2K.

While we havent played that much but I think not even a lucky string will be able to propell us much higher.

Having played with the same setup last season, paladin - warrior - shaman, Im very familiar with the strength and weakness.

Only difference is that we now have an resto shaman as opposed to a enhancement shaman last season.

This means games are often longer and we often win by outlasting our opponents. It also means both me and the shaman must take a more offensive role interrupting the other teams healers or sometimes offensive players as well.

Having far less dps is a problem however since we are very weak against teams with any kind of cc. Having to deal with a mage or a druid is usually a problem and if they combine their powers with another class like hunter things are stacked against us.

Obviously the nerf of bof and bos hurts a great deal.

Today we faced a fellow Frostmane team, Salli, Helvetica and Ithius, a mage - sp- (dirty) rogue team and things went quite well until I had burned both my trinket and my bubble and used bos, at that time I was forced to use bof and thus overwrote bos and since they nerfed the cd time I couldnt recast it and was chained sheeped.

Last season we could get the lucky bloodlust windfury procc (amg).

In order to win our mounts and the gladiator title we battled until the last hour winning and loosing. In what turned out to be our last game we met a druid, paladin, warrior who had beaten us twice. The paladin had full T5 pve gear and could outheal me alone, together with a druid it wasnt a contest but as it happened a minor misstake from the druid made it possible to catch him in casterform just at the begining of the game and he died due to a few lucky crits.

With our current lower dps I dont see such thing happen.

Overall our setup is fairy stable, usually with an advantage vs other melee teams such as rogue - warrior - paladin, but first there arent that many teams around anymore and second you lack the edge making me to believe this is a setup for around 2k, just as we are.

Hopefully I might be proven wrong

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Im waiting u loose

Team is now full with me, holy priest, SL warlock, hunter (ranged) and warrior (MS) and today I got my new caster shield from arena so what can go wrong?

Actually considering the nerf of paladins backbone, bof, alot can go wrong but since we have a hunter it will hopefully tip the scale to our advantage anyway.

If you cant beat them join them :/

In the team I only played with Snikch and Rossen before so it will take a while to learn the other peoples playstyle. I figure we will play a few times before we hit 2k rating and we have to tangle with the big boys.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

You got mail

When I logged in today I had mail.

An invite to a new team formed by the man behind Italian Haircuts which I played in last season.

Needless to say I signed up right away, not wanting to miss the chance of being back on track again.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Getting back on track

For the hundred times this season my arena team is on its way to getting inactive.


In spite of having 5 non raiders our 3-4 days a week are slowly drifting away to cramming in a few hours the last possible day. :/

The situation in my 3 man is even worse because I teamed with two raiders there so theres seldom any chance to play.

My work sometimes requires me to work evenings but usally I can play at least five days during prime time which *should* be enough.

I joined the team in good faith because I was tired of the inactivity and whining in other teams but since the trend of inactivity seems to continue I dont know what I will do next :/

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

World of Warcraft finally over

Black Temple cleared, like a month too late, hopefully it will be on farmstatus soon.

But for now the game is actually over for some of us until next content patch.

And Im not gladiator this season gg

Monday, September 3, 2007


Will be more or less constant offline for two weeks starting today. I had hoped to be able to present part 3 of Eir Chronicles but had a unexpected busy weekend at work (I normally write both the story and the blog when Im at work), altho I aim to complete it during my mini vaccation I probably wont post it until Im back.

I might post shorter whines, but see u when Im back.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Im in the arena getting free epix part 2


Once in a while it pops up like some kind of disease you cant get rid of.

"The omg free epix in arena but I cant loot epix while wiping at trash" discussion.

Forget the fact that, assuming u get a 5 man together, you hardly get any points from a 1400 rating after the nerf under 1500 (to prevent people from making new teams each week), or that u will need a minimum rating to be able to purchase weapons at new patch.

Like I already said everyone who whines about how easy it is in arena are the ones who seldom goes there, just as people who says pve requires no skill are usually not raiding.

In fact most, and here I mean something like 80% and probably more, of all top teams are have been raiding or used to do. There are notable exceptions but quite frankly most oldschool pvpers havent been too sucessfull in arena because arena requires a higher degree of coordination and teamwork.

Being able to wtfpwn 1vs1 is secondary.

Now what people usually dont realize for some reason is that pvp and pve are very different.

In pve u fight versus mobs and raidbosses. As hard as they are they are also static. The bosses wont ever be harder, most likely they will be easier and easier when you gear up and learn the encounter. So to prevent people from farming Black Temple first day after release they limit the speed which u can get epics.

Thats why we have one week resets on instances, lots of trash, attunenements and lots of different setu requirements.

In pvp you fight other players. Since Wow is so gear dependant the best would be if all players would have same level of gears. However that would remove the incentive so what instead was to make the gear resonably easier to get even for new players. The current pvp system allows for equality while leaving room for gear advantages.

Thats why u can get gear even by losing both in arena and bgs, altho at a much slower pace.

Thats why we have reslience, a stat thats more or less useless in pve, to separate the two kinds of gear.

Quote Chasers (Omega Point guild management) comment on an application (without smileys)

"Laff lol u only got gimp pvp gear wtf lol"

Oh and if u been pve since TBC release and still havent gotten epics its not pvp thats ur problem tbh.