Friday, August 31, 2007

The lost season

For some reason just about every team I join this season goes inactive.

I lost count of teams I left when we havent been able to play 10 games one week, sometimes perhaps it was premature but since Im only doing pvp 10 games per weeks is my minimum standard.

Oh well Im soon going away for two weeks myself so I guess I cant really point fingers.

As long as I have 5000 arena pts and plenty of honor set for next season things will go well. I havent been able to purchase the last merciless pieces but on the other I do have 3200 points so I could, Im just waiting a bit to see if they will patch soon so I can buy the shield.

Thats a good thing with these seasons.

There is always a next season.

If you fall behind on pve you have a much harder time to catch up, unlike pvp u not only wrestle with gear problems but also attunements making it hard to close the gap once u fallen behind.

While I struggle in the scrubleague around 1700-188 and just collecting points to be good to go next season.

One thing that bothers me is that I might not be able to be gladiator again, altho I do have high hopes for my 3vs3.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Priests and Paladins part 1

I decided to give a friend, who just made it to Outlands, a bit help in doing a few quests and instances.

As it happened my old priest and him were the same level so after years of playing paladin I got a few new insights. I tried shadowpriest a few times but frankly I never been comfortable with playing it, much in same way I always preferred holy spec when I played paladin.

Thing with priests compared to paladins, and I refer to healing, is that a priest has several more options. Hes a more versatile healer then paladins and require a less onedimensional playstyle then paladins....

Or to put it simple.

When it comes to healing priest is plain sucky compared to paladins.

Its almost impossible for paladins to gain healing aggro, while it seems to happen all the time with priests even with fade. Thing is most groups, especially pugs while leveling, arent especially good. You have tanks that cant tank and you got dps who cant count to "several sunders", in fact they cant count to one much less wait, so they are prone to overaggro and you people fail in all ways to protect the healers.

Under those circumstances a paladins aggro management with no healing aggro as well as bos are enough reasons to not bring a priest.

Things like gearissues and skillissues often forces you to spamheal the tank or the tankwannabe just to keep him alive so forget about controling your own heals.

A second thought is your high surviability, even if mobs start to hit you most of the time you wont be twoshotted like some poor clothie. You can even use taunt to protect people who draw aggro.

While priests might be more versatile their buffs arent. Its really nothing wrong with extra stamina, but the different blessings are generally more helpfull since you can strengthen your partymembers in their role.

And then there is the manaefficency....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mother Shahraz down by Sluckers

A full filofax too late Omega Point managed to kill Mother Shahraz.
Hopefully they can clear Black Temple before next 25 man instance will be ingame

Friday, August 24, 2007

No updates this weekend

/Out of town

Eir Chronicles part 3: tba

Will be live around 2nd sept.

As things are set in motion Eir reunites with an old friend.

"How did you get past the guards?"
"I'm Eir."
"That doesnt answer my question."
"Actually it does."

(teaser np)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

24 as retri

Basically I rushed to get to 70 and since then i been busy doing either raiding or in later days arena (and jumping at the bankroof in Org ofc) so I have loads of quests left to do.

Since one of the stupid warriors went afk during weekend and I dont usually raid I spec retri and decided to do some quests for gold and to see how retri felt.

My gear for retri isnt that great. A few epics, some crafted blues and some crap. But what tha heck I got to hit ppl yeh.

The general impression is that Vengance, and above all the Vengance buff, is most important for substained dps.

In a way similar to how a warrior would build rage (but not as good ofc) you would be able to build vengance stacks on the target, buffing all dmg output with each stack.

Combined with the lesser CD of Crusader Strike retri is on its way.

Relativly the dps is still alot worse then other classes esp considering the reliance of crits or SoC procs. Every third mob or so nothing crits and nothing procs leaving you standing there autohitting :/

It wasnt a good experience being on top of the healing and then struggling to get lvl 66-67 mobs put away. While my gear leaves lot to wish I still had some 1500 AP and its a lot better then the newly baked lvl 70, not to mention the crapgeared leveler who the quests I did were intended for.


Once you geared up resonably you will obviously be in a better position but since you then will be aiming for bigger tasks, heroics, raiding, I think retri still will miss the mark and remain a leveling spec and a gimmick pvp spec

Monday, August 20, 2007

80% of all palas are holy spec *gasp*

According to a recent breakdown at where statistics from armory was analyzed data from 4663 lvl 70 paladins were captured and they roughly diveded like this:

Holy 83,4%
Protection 7, 18%
Retribution 9,41%

The reason for the heavy holy dominance its becuase holy is the generally accepted spec for rading and for arena teams.

There are alot of ongoing discussions in the paladin comunity about how crappy everything is... I mean the fact that holy is overrepresented because you are forced to spec that way to be able to get into raids.

The thing is most sane guilds... I mean end guilds enforce specs for all classes.

Lets say for example that you are a warrior who will raid as a tank. Can you guess which spec you are required to have?

Even among classes that are supposed to deal damage even in raids there are special things to observe.

A shadowpriest must pick up the aggroreducing talents and as a warlock you better drop your soullink spec and park your Felguard in Shattarat.

Certainly you can preform quite well with offspecs such as retribution or elemental in raids.

However "quite well" is what you bring when you raid Kara together with alts and pugs.

To be able to constantly dig deeper into new instances and down new bosses you need the best possible setup and spec.

There is no reason why this should be more offensive for paladins then for other classes.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eir Chronicles part 2: The rain

Im the Omega Point guildmaster.

But what does that mean?

Its not like picking up the gladiator title. I have the deepest respect for everyone who prove themselves in the arena. But for them it all ends once they leave the arena.

Similar if you made a name through raiding like some of our guildmembers have done. As soon as the raid is over they go back to jumping on bankroof in Orgrimmar.

The point Im trying to make is when the day ends for most people all they have to do is to look after themselves and get ready for the next day. but being the guildmaster takes over your whole life. It doesnt have an end. I give you an example.

On my leave of absence I had decided to go back to the old world and was enjoying fishing outside Crossroads. Once a very busy hub it has now been reduced in importance and quite frankly it has seen its better days. It still serves as a hub for Barrens, its just that Barrens doesnt get many visitors anymore most are just flying past it.

Crossroads nowadays are reduced to a mere memory of a time when Barrens were yet undiscovered. The reason I vent back there is just about the only reason one can have for returning to Crossroads. The fishing. Located within the area are different oasises where you can enjoy fishing in solitude.

I was standing alone at Lushwater Oasis when an orc walks up to me in front of his little mob of henchmen. People who enjoy fishing normally dont seek out each others company and they usually dont use large swords to catch the fish.

"You are Eir, the guildmaster Omega Point?" he asks.
I know he already knows who I am.
"That would be me yes."
He gives his entourage a quick glance. "Im Kraul, I want to join your guild."
"Sorry," I said, "We are full at the moment but if you leave an application to our recruitment officer we get back to you when we have any openings."
The standard speech for unwanted. He knows we never get back to him, and I know he doesnt want to enroll. We both know the other one knows but we keep acting.
He finish the play by saying "So howbout if I had your job?"

Indeed he has a big sword and wield it quite well, but not well enough to back his insolence. The fight was over before it started. The outcome was already determined.

During my short stay here theres already been several of these minor interruptions. All dealt with swiftly and with ease. It was my second week in Crossroads doing daytrips fishing. The first week you make up your mind to buy a small house and stay forever, but after that it goes downhill a little bit every day.
Apart from giving an helping hand to inexperienced people who just arrived to Crossroads with wide eyes, just like I did long ago, these sporadic bursts of insolence were the only variety in my mundane stay here.

By the time I packed my things and headed back towards Crossroads it was raining. I knew this kind of rain. I knew the taste of it, the smell of it. It was prophetic and I was a connoisseur of that particular rain. I didnt possess the power to see the future in a classic way but sometimes omens came in the rain.

The rain tasted immediate death.

About time something else happened.

I urged my tiger to go quicker as I hurried back to Crossroads.

Some thoughts about pvp

The last month I tested lots of different setups with different teams.

Since I dont really do 3 man for points and since gladiator race hasnt started yet, or well it actually seems Im kinda off the track right now I tested lots of stuff.

Today me and two guildies did a paladin, warrior, feraldruid team.

It wasnt really that bad. We ran into some problems with teams who packed lots of cc but generally it worked quite well and we had a good time.

Some thoughts about resilence.

Its really THE stat you want when you do pvp so starting to do arena without it is just painful and you will probably have to "waste" a season to gear up before you cant aim for higher rankings.

It sure hurts the casual player but in the long run its logicial. Just as you cant expect to progress in the pve content from scratch there isnt really a reason why such would be the case in pvp, not when they have introduced the system with seasons to update pvp gear.

With full pvp gear Im as gimped in a Black Temple raid as someone in full t6 would be in arena the moment they would start hitting him, which they usually do quick when they see hes pve geared. I would have to go back to Kara, SSC and TK to gear up if I wanted to be able to replace one of our paladin raiders, so why should one of them be able to replace me?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today I promise to grind some honor

Yes I rly do :/

I feel kinda bad because a warrior friend, who I used to do pvp with, has been asking me like 3-4 times but I always been busy doing something else :(

Like helping friends with a quest or doing arena.

Oh well if hes online tomorrow I gonna ask him

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Omega Point looking for dps warr/feral druid

If your interested in joining worlds 67th raiding guild feel free to drop a note at our webpage or whisper Meathead inside the game.

Link to recruitment post at realmforum

As the world turns

After loosing both my epen and 200 pts rating in about an hour I kinda wonder whats wrong with warriors?

Plan is simple.

Our fearless leader, Musashi, calls a target and all three warriors zerg it down.

For some reason it didnt happen in three hours. There was always a warrior busy soloing something else then the target.

"I almost had him"

To further that insult this was our only playday this week as one warrior is going afk, same as today I guess with only difference this warrior wont be logged in.

Well the guilty know who you are so repent you mothersluckers.

Today our guildmaster, Makedon, left the guild after deciding to quit the game

Omega Point will now be run by Eir and Meathead,

Since both already had a large influence over Omega Point its business as usual, but it will be interesting to see what eventually will come out of the new leadership.

Each leader always leaves his or hers imprint and in this case I hope they leave many for us.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The return of the epen

Finally recaptured 2k rating in 5vs5

The game can begin!

So easy

So today we gained 150 rating in two hours with our 5 man, staying at 1955, winning 15 games and loosing 2.

The reason was that the warriors managed to actually dps the same target Oo

With this newly gained insight progress was made rapidly and for the first time Im quite confident that we will pass the 2k limit very soon

As a minor note Omega Point managed to down some Essence of Souls guy :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Yesterday I did BM and Old Hillsbrad heroics.

No raid on Saturdays so after doing some arena me, Eir, Meathead, Gon, and some poor trial who prolly felt forced to show his skills to the two officers in grp went down there.

As I never done any of them in heroic mood I was looking foward to seeing some new stuff, but
actually I didnt really notice any difference at all from normal instances.

Most likely the gear of everyone has improved a lot since before summer when we struggled at doing heroics.

Someone in the grp said they would introduce more things to buy for the badges next patch, of higher quality.

While I think this is a great idea it also means you get better stuff for doing same things. Like if they let T6 drop in SSC all of a sudden.

It servers the purpose of letting people that doesnt raid stay in the game and not fall behind too often. People that raid Black Temple arent really affected by this, and people who raid but still havent made it there can still do heroics.

I would, however, be happier if they introduced a few more 5 mans, harder then present, with better loot.

That kinda would make more sense

Friday, August 10, 2007

Gurtogg Bloodboil vs OP movie

You seen it before.

Boss goes down to nice music.

Damn nice music tho and the movie is made by a pro,
unlike lots of movies u can actually see what happens.

Eir Chronicles part 2:Tba

Part 2 is due late late late next week :/

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I got imba tanking gear :(

When the expansion was announced I started to think about leveling, while its still at least 6 month left I would need a whole new gear assuming I would like to level with something else then holy spec.

After testing some at laggy ptr server I decided to level with retri spec so I will take some time farming retrigear, as well as loads of consumables.

When TBC hit I had 3 full bankalts with pots and elixirs of different levels and they actually helped quite a lot so I plan to do the same again. The long timeframe allows me to farm just a few each day.

I realized looking through my bank that I have almost a whole tanking set, including sockets and enchants, that I prolly never gonna use. I mean I prolly wasted well over 1000 gold on a gear I prolly never gonna use.

So the lesson for future times is screw tanking gear and just get retrigear as 2nd gear for leveling and for soloquesting and stuff. I still got all quests left in Blades Edge as well as many in Nether and Shadowmoon, I plan to do them prior to expansion once I got my retrigear complete.

I guess I keep stocking up on tanking gear just in case tho I wont enchant them or socket them

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bloodboil downed by Omega Point

Sluckers managed to kill yet a new boss in Black Temple!

Gz and dont wait so long next time, get people who are online instead ^^

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


*keep it stupid simple

After 3 hours in arena today we had gained 6 rating, after first loosing over hundred. We started out with a tactic based warriors lolcharing while shaman found a target and deep purging it, then he would call and warriors would intercept the main target (now deep purged) and use all the rage they built to kill target.

It didnt work and there isnt a chance in hell it will work cause warriors are stupid as hell.

So for the last 45 mins when we won back all rating we lost, and got our additional 6 points, we screwed tactics and let the warriors just charge.

It worked well when they hit the same target so thats what we gonna practice next :/

I have to say Im quite impressed by peoples attitude tho. Not to say my other teams this season hasnt been serious. But I already played over 100 games with this team first week, which I think is more then I played with all previous teams together, and there is also a higher degree of planning with this team.

Whatever floats your boat but I like an enviroment where you can constantly plan ahead.

Next we plan to win

Monday, August 6, 2007

Eir Chronicles part 1: The thirst

Its something with raiding that makes me want to drink water afterwards.

The last month I always had to drink large amounts of water once I got back to the base camp. Not the conjured crap but but real fresh water, as fresh as you can get in this twisted place.

For months we been doing expedition raids to the Black Temple in search of lost information and relics. For every piece of dissociated knowledge we uncover the closer we get to finally put an end to Illiadan the Betrayers corruption of this land. For each relic we obtain we grow in power and I fear we also become closer to what we fight.

When I was in Warbound, I used to cry for weeks when I lost a friend in battle.

That was long time ago.

The chance to own relics from Black Temple has filled our ranks with recruits eager to die. It was when I decided to stop learning their names I stopped crying. Since then I dont fight together with friends, I fight together with markers on a tactical map or a number in a attack sequence.

We all been reduced to pieces in the puzzle to unravel Black Temple and with the sort of recruits we get nowadays theres much puzzling left.

My thirst seems to become worse for each raid. This night I couldnt stop until the pain in my stomach forced me to stop and I have a high tolerance for pain. I had already decided to ask Wadi for her opinion the next day, but now I rushed over at night. She is one of the Blood Knights participating in the campaign.

She is one of the most gifted healers I ever seen, which is why I hasted over to have her opinion right away.

Walking through our encampment nighttime was at best confusing. Horde warfare has always been based upon a high mobility, favoring open camps that can either be abandoned or quickly disassembled according to the situation. Even in a base camp used for months, like this, we still stayed in tents.

Furthermore we never cared for exact planning, usually what happened was you put up your tent next to someone you wanted be around and that way the camp would quickly grow in an almost random pattern.

My throat was dry.

Following the twisted path of tamped rubble that ended in a paved road I soon came upon the the blood elf area.

A small village of magically enhanced red and gold buildings deep behind a wall of stone. It had enough magical light to make the buildings appear glowing.

Blood elves prefer fortified encampments of stone that resembled Silvermoon in the appearance.

Since their camp was inside ours they skipped the moat, probably feared it would get soiled, but just like all large numbers of blood elves at the same place they had insisted on building their own fortification.

Unlike us, their warfare is based on the use of their fortifications to keep their armies supplied and rested. Overall they are more defensive then we are. Even when they were the aggressors the first thing they would do when they entered enemy territory was building a walled camp and then typically they leapfrogged forward a bit and built a new camp.

Scholars believe the explanation for this doctrine is the fact that there are relative few blood elves compared to other races. That could very well be true as far as I know.

I never heard a satisfactory explanation to why they like Silvermoon the way it looks or, even worse, wants to recreate it everywhere.

I entered through the reinforced gate. The area was bathed in the the reddish light from their magical torches making me think of a painting of a fire I once saw. Just like the in the painting someone has overused the color palette now. A Blood Knight approached me from the gatehouse, his mean face carved in stone, his eyes missing nothing.

"Mylady Eir, an unexpected pleasure". It seemed a long time since stone face had any pleasures and I dont think he had one now.

"I need to see Wadi in an urgent matter."

"Certainly Mylady, he bowed slightly, please follow me." He turned around and led me deeper into the compound, past the major buildings, to the barracks in the back.

Blood elves believes living together is essential to discipline, unit cohesion, and espirit de corps, hence they normally built large barracks where entire

units, according to their way of organizing, slept, ate and practiced together.

Like most barracks the one we entered had a sleeping hall with straight rows of beds and the rest was divided between storage areas, dining hall, and a common arena.

Wadi met us as we entered.

As all blood elves she was a smallish sort, slender limbed, quite handsome in a childlike way. Always when I met her I got the urge of cuddling her like you do with dolls. So far I have resisted because I knew she would be seriously offended, but I have already decided to do it one day. Wadi flickered a glance at my escort who quickly left us.

"Hey Eir, how are you?"

"Fine I guess," I said and tapped my finger to my ear.

"Walk with me," Wadi said and motioned for me to follow. I followed her rustle of silk through a few straight hallways before we entered a storage room. Rows of backpacks hung from the wall in what appeared to be a planned order. There was nothing to drink in the room.

Wadi closed the door.

"What is it?" her eyebrows asked.

"Im dying of thirst, Its been getting worse. The last week its been hell"

Wadi grimaced "Thats why you here? You know I deal mostly with combat injuries"

"I am in combat every day!" I snapped. "You think I come to you first? I asked the best priest in guild, she didnt find anything."

She looked at me intensly.

"If there would have been bodily harm Im sure I would have noticed it." She twitched her neck. "But what I see .. I seen it happen lots of time during long campaigns, people often pick up bad habits. However there is a simple cure for that."
"Oh rly?"

"Leave us for a week, go back to the old world to one of those cozy troll villages you keep telling me about."

I held back a snort. "Its obvious you dont realize the consequences of this suggestion of yours."
"What I do realize is all must repay old honordebts, make sure you find one to repay where you can fishing without need for melting faces.
She twitched her neck
"It will be just fine Eir ... provided I wont see you for a week.

After arming that bomb she left me.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

4 Warlords and 1 gladiator

So the team I recently signed up for played for the first day today, winning 9 games and loosing 4.

The team, which have 4 HW, is built around 3 warriors and a paladin and a shaman and seemed to work quite well.

There are lots of rooms for improvement but our setup beat a warlock/shadowpriest team thrice and a few others quite common setups and we gained quickly gained ranking before we ran into our anti setup with hunter and frostmage.

Double AOE cc proved to be our bane and we lost 1-4 versus that team, dropping around 20 pts each loss.

Fortunally hunters are quite rare in 5 man so I dont expect this weakness to be much of a problem.

As for the future everyone seems focused on arena and we discussed tactics alot during play so we are already working on improvement.

I remain carefully hopefull of this season.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Northend is comming

They announced the new expansion at Blizzcon :)

It was the usual u expect from an expansion with new level cap to 80, new skill cap at 450, new outdoor pvp and a new continent with more mofos to grind and new places to raid.

In arena the days tend to float together in one huge ssdd and while the date hasnt been announced yet for the release I think they should wait a bit. Most guilds are only just now moving beyond SSC and me personally have so much to do in terms of rep and things to see and I dont think Im alone having those thoughts. It would be like if the TBC was released just after they released Naxx when most people still were stuck in BWL.

On the other hand even lots of casual players dont have enough to do, they probably seen lots of Kara buy now and if they cant raid 25 man they prolly seen enough of the normal dungeons as well and the heroic ofc. And the hardcore raiders have soon cleared BT so they are in a similar position now.

I myself dont really do instances anymore unless I go there with friends and have a sluck time cause I done them all quite a loot incl heroics.

Three things was really interesting tho.

First the concept of a hero class. By doing quests you unlock the ability to create a new character, a Death Knight, which will function in a different way then normal chars (more heroic I hope). The information was quite sparse but when the PTRs are up Im sure someone will explore this better.

The second thing that caught my eye was the new profession Inscription which allow you to alter the way your spells function. You could for example alter CDs or critchance. Hopefully my heals will have shorter casttime and bigger critchance :) I always been a lazy farmer but I will be farming stuff to level this proff for sure, provided it works out as it seems.

The last is the ability to customize your chars apperance, not only looks, but also emotes and dancing. This lack of customization has been a major drawback in wow and the introduction of this feature means Blizzard been listening to the critique and are ready to do something about it. It also means I might get rid of this damn dance :(

Eir Chronicles

Well I started writing and first part should be up and running monday :(

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Late tonight I signed up for a new team.

We are still waiting for one shaman to be recruited so it probably wont be up and running before next week, in the meantime I will play with the guildteam 5vs5.

I was told that once BT is cleared we will cut down on raiding to a few days per week, I assume only doing BT, and instead be more pvp oriented while waiting for next raidinginstance.

This Omega Point dreamteam would indeed be fun to play in, but it seems that if it will be made after BT is cleared we have to wait.

One of the reasons I signed up with the new team is cause it has Bigbeef in it. Hes been gone during summer but popped up on msn the same day I was told my current team will be disbanded. He and I struggled with my first team before it went inactive so it will be interesting too see how much we learned since then.

I still think my current team disbanded too early we only played three times before people started to question the setup. But I guess thats the hard part of arena loosing and then comming back to winning again, I remember my old 3vs3 team last season how we droped from 2100 to 19oo ish in one day but we kept playing and came back to become gladiators.

Anyway this will be the fourth team and I hope my last this season. All I wanted was a fairly active team with people that doesnt raid so we could play more often. Its naturally more fun to be at the very top but tbh just around 2k will do, you get the gear sooner or later anyway.

Pfft ofc we must be at the top !!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Arena team disbanding :/

My new team took a blow today so we probably be disbanding the team tomorrow, or at least rebuild it with new players.

What happened was that some people werent really happy with our primary setup or the fact that we were six people and therefor basically had to switch to a secondary setup for all people to get their games.

I think Im already contracted with a new team tho, I hope I know more soon.

I been thinking about the the complaints that Shadowpriest/Warlock teams are OP.

As I did play in such a team last season I can certainly vouch for its deadliness.

We would always gibb the enemy warrior within a few seconds and we had a holy priest in our team, most of todays 4dps teams use double affil lock.

Like Snikch commented on the setup and the plan last season, since most team have a warrior its a reliable strategy to kill him first and with this caster heavy setup you have the tools for it.

The thing is many teams doesnt have a response to the UA lock and the quick burst or they fail to understand how to beat such setups.

If teams without a warrior were more common together with dirty rogues, lets for the sake of the argument say a two rogues would be the backbone of arena in the same way as warrior and paladins are now things would be much different.

Then you could see setups like rogue, rogue, mage, paladin, hunter which are anti-caster enough to counter 4 dps caster teams.

Right now the caster based teams beat the warrior based teams who beat the rest which are random based teams :)

So 4 dps caster with shadowpriest/UA lock isnt OP, they are just existing in a metagame where they usually beat most teams around and where teams that beat them are quite rare.

If they continue to be popular we soon see more rogue teams rising and then its just a matter of time until someone will say that rogues are OP in 5 man ^^