Monday, July 30, 2007

Closing the gap to warrior tanks

Apart from how we function paladins have less migation then warriors, around 6% (me and numbers) and we also have less hp, around 1000 hp.

Instead we have higher blockrate with holy shield (which really doesnt matter), AOE tanking abilities (ok nothing to AOE) and ranged taunt as well (which no warrior mt complained about lacking so far).

The lesser hp however could easily be fixed by altering our talent Anticipation. As of today it will become redundant with endgame gear.

Halmir provided the following maths and the example below: (from paladin forum)

A paladin in mostly Kara gear would have:

14.5K health unbuffed
510 Defense
103% avoidance with Holy Shield

So that they are only in fact 2.6% avoidance away from 490 defense & 102.40% avoidance without having anticipation and thats with Karazhan gear.

One suggestion would be to alter Anticipation to also give stamina. Since you would need to be in tanking gear there would be minimal pvp concequences.

Anticipation changed to Hardiness: Increases your stamina by 10/20/30/40/50% of your defense value above its base amount.

Which gives the paladin somewhere around 700-1000 hp.

Warriors have the same problem ofc, and while I just would like to screw them I guess u could give them +hit?

Anticipation changed to Cool Name: Increases your hit rating by 10/20/30/40/50% of your defense value above its base amount.

Which would give them circa 4-5% +hit

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I wonder

I wonder why Im at work when my guild said I could MT Gruul.

On the other hand first time tanking Gruul with 18 man raid with alts and friends. Im sure I would have failed and then they would have blamed the paladin tank.

I made 1.2k gold the last week thanks to lots of dailys and two Primal Might procs. I also managed to do some mining. While it might not be much gold its big cash for me.

I wonder what to do next week when I wont get the sweet 80g extra from dailys mailed to me :(

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wtb a plan

While playing today we didnt make the 2k mark I wanted and not only that I have to say we are far from making it and even if we did in some mysterious way we wont last long above it.

Its still only second week and my high hopes remains for the team and I guess this setback will make it even funnier to start pushing ranking.

Major problem right now is the lack of plan or rather when u do like we did today, win and loose, u start secondguesing and changing plan for every new game and sooner or later u end up confused.

We havent found a plan yet that works but when we do I make sure we keep it

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Eir chronicles

Before she set her eyes on clearing Black Temple, before Serpentshrine Cavern was cleared, even before she first entered Karazhan, Eir was one of Orgrimars finest.

This is part of her story

Find out more in "The Eir chronicles" due late next week

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beyond Black Temple

With mt Hyjal cleared theres only Black Temple left for our guild and with four bosses down I hope there they will be able to finish Wow before summer ends.

Wonder what it feels like to actually finish Wow? It wont be for long as they keep adding new content. I might be wrong here but it feels like things progress so much faster now. Just as the first wow was released in feb (or around that time) TBC was also released then but I dont recall MC being cleared same summer and now we cleared not only Karazhan, but also Serpentshrine Cavern and mt Hyjal in roughly the same time.

There will always be new instances ofc, new outdoor bosses and generally new stuff but the whole concept of raiding hasnt really changed since the days of MC.

The biggest change are the 10 mans and the 25 mans raiding and the new design of the dungeons but still even if wow is heavy pve oriented I think the pvp has had the most refreshing changes.

I still remember how I as a scared lvl 56 saw the world go insane when they introduced the concept of honor and honorrewards, and I recall Kaveira just loled at me in gchat :(

As it turned out after the first week where people would camp the FP Masters and outside instances waiting for ppl to exit most of the madness was concealed around TM/SS. Altho I often wondered how it would be for a fresh lvl 30ish to try and quest in that area^^

Then pvp scene changed alot with the introduction of the battlegrounds, and since then they also added two more BGs.

With TBC we saw the introduction of arenas and pvp scene changed rapidly again.

PVE hasnt really changed at all. Certainly they added lots of new instances to raid and alot more repbased rewards for soloplay but I think PVE is in need of a major overhaul.

Right now its comparable to if we would still fight the TM/SS rumble, just for new titles and rewards.


Primal Might proc for the first time and today I made all daily quests and mined 120 stacks of Adamantite ore and I also grinded two primal fire and one primal wind.

While not so impressive its a step in the right direction and its certainly more then I usually does.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mt Hyjal cleared by Omega Point

Last boss just died minutes ago.

Around a month overdue the summers holliday problems has made it difficult to get the raid well balanced enough.

I guess an obvious warning sign was when I had to join a raid to clear Tempest Keep last week.

But nevertheless they managed to kill him today

Monday, July 23, 2007

The quest for epen (repetable)

Today we got together and played for the first time with my new 5 man and in a couple of hours we went straight to 1850.

We did run into a few losses in a row around 1750 but it was against same team, which we also beat twice, and just after we had swapped shaman for rogue.

It took a few games to be used to the new setup but we soon started winning again and the last games for the day went very well even against strong healer teams which are the bane of 4 dps teams.

I knew we had the right players and a strong setup but still this week was frustrating being unable to play even if it was a planned stop.

We also lost a few games because we made wrong decisions but nevertheless we improved greatly.

Im sure we will pass 2k by next weekend.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I want to be rich as a troll

Well today I was actually doing arena so I didnt have much time to make cash but I managed to do two daily quests for some 20g and I made 6g from selling enchants and even more important is I didnt spend any money :)

I also made a primal might transmute that didnt proc :/ and Im eagerly waiting for the primal mooncloth cd thats ending tomorrow.

A friend of mine whispered me today "Was I online yesterday" and I told him I saw him log on and off like two times in five minutes yesterday evening so I figured he had some kind of computerproblems as he had a few times this week.

It turned out it hadnt been him and money and flasks and primals were missing :(((

Not so much money, I think he said 30g, and I think 1 flask and 1 primal but still since only guildmembers had access so its a weird situation.

Now I was forced to use his char a few weeks ago and when I returned it I told him to change pass at once. Its been known to happen that people borrow stuff or use peoples CDs and annoying things like that so when I used someone elses acc (which I very rarely do) I want them to change pass at once.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The new deal

Right Im broke again.

Im down to 100g and in two weeks I will need lots of cash for new gems/enchants and I want enchant my tankgear as well and I need some new consumables for the occasional raiding and..... :/

But I think I have a plan to escape the poverty!

I will stop slucking and instead go mining and herbing and do all daily quests and the best of all is that for a limited time of about two weeks I will have access to powerfull moneymakers such as primal might transmute and primal mooncloth!

So for the next two weeks I will try and be rich as a troll

Friday, July 20, 2007

Heroes walk among us

You might value heroism because its very uncommon, among us paladins we value heroism because its every where in our ranks, its the very foundation of what we are.

For us heroism is a natural law, in the same way a rock will fall to the ground when its dropped, a paladin will always be heroic. This is why paladins always will be superior to all others
Thats not to say that cowardice doesnt have its place. Blood Knights have an understanding of how little you can accomplish on your own (and I use the term Blood Knights here to distinguish ourselves from alliance paladins who I quite frankly doubt they have same understanding.
They consider themselves superior because they were first, I personally think they are obsolete in many ways).
You will always stand and fall with your comrades in battle thats why among us each and everyone is a hero while only a few among other cultures share same traits.
Heroes are the steel that cut away the illness that cowardice are and obviously the ill person as well, the deadmeat of the society, and we Blood Knights are the best surgeons there are.
You wouldnt turn to a sick doctor for a cure I take it? If cowardice indeed are a disease there arent any healthier persons then Blood Knights.

Some month ago during childrens week I was visiting the orphange in Shattarat and I brought one of the homeless blood elf kids on sightseeing and she actually showed great potential when we visited Stormwind.

What did surprise me was one of the dranei kids who kept asking me when "Yojimboo" was comming back? And this kid kept talking about Yojimboo like he was some kind of hero.

I happen to know Yojimboo quite well since we belong to the same guild but I never heard anyone describe him as a hero and frankly nor would I.

It would have been easy to dismiss the experience as mere children ramblings but it reminded of something I heard a long time ago when I was under training in Booty Bay. Stories about how a single orc defied the Venture company and Bloodsail pirates at the same time´.

Having plenty of time I went back and saw Fleet Master Seahorn who confirmed that long time ago when the town was plagued by conflicts a lone warlock named Yojimboo had made the city safe again.

By clearing out all Venture company scum, Bloodsail pirates, troll renegades and ally collaborators he had made Booty Bay a safe place again.

Long time ago Ardent Dawn was the last line of defense but after Naxxramas been cleansed (not by Omega Point tho hmmm...) there wasnt really any need for them anymore. Visiting Lord Maxwell, the Blood Knight liason officer, confirms the picture. What was once the last frontier was now quite a cosy place.

I guess Lord Maxwell was quite happy to see me as I stopped there on my way to Ghostlands cause he kept bla bla bla about old battles of his. I found it quite boring but bla bla bla is better then war war war so I listened ofc.

I always been curious to why Omega Point, or Erratic as we were called back then, didnt cleanse whole Naxx so I asked him about it. And he assured me at least it wasnt Yojimboos fault!

When further asked it turns out Yojimboo was actually one of the most important fighters in the war against the Scourge. While perhaps not a high profile he did hes part and covered for the mothersluckers as well.

Or as Lord Maxwell said "with 40 warlocks like him going into Naxx, Erratic would have cleared it first week. Instead they were forced to go with a bunch of people that were just a handfull for Thaddeius""

Like I said I never had that image of Yojimboo as heroic, and quite frankly I doubt anyone else have it so I decided to stop by one of the greatest paladins alive and ask his opinion.
Now had this been the greatest priest or druid alive Im sure he would have fed me some crappy lines like "theres more to Yojimboo then meets the eye" but what Trion Fodring told me was a bit different:
He basically told me why he choses to live like a hermit instead of taking his rightfull place rebuilding the Knights of the Silverhand.
The world is sick of heroes he told me.
Because it reminds people of how small they are and that the only hope they have to ever see Black Temple is to become one and they cant (I assume he meant non Blood Knights ofc)
Just as everyone who kept saying the new gladiator games were so easy, usually its said by those who never risk their lives in there.
We must not remind them that giants walk among them, he finished
As for Yojimboo the very definition of hero are build on people like him.
Ask yourself who is the biggest hero?
People who announce how great their guild is or people who make it possible for them to announce it?

Hall of Fame I like

The Arena Hall of Fame recognizes the best teams of each Arena season – those teams who finished in the top 0.5% of their team bracket in each battlegroup. These teams and their members have been permanently enshrined in a special Hall of Fame section of the Armory.

We got a 32nd place :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

If there is a hell

(and there might be cause Uther Lightbringer implied that), the road of getting there is most certainly full of good intentions.


When one of our active paladin raiders went inactive we decided to recruit another one and made a post of realmforums.

When I say we it really refers to my guild, I dont really participate in the raiding business but since it was discussed in our own forums it was like brought to my attention and I have ofc noticed that the inactive paladin had became well.. inactive :D

Our problem is that we are too far ahead of the other raiding guilds on our server, with the exception of IE who are ahead of us, so finding a paladin with enough gear wont be easy (we hardly do SSC anymore) so I decided to help out by making a post at paladin classforum.

So I basically made my own thread

After all we had several other people joining our guild from other servers so it happened before.

For some reason some people took offense that we wanted the paladin to be holy spec. I didnt find it unreasonable at all, since the spot was for a healer. But the old "boho evil raidleader makes me spec holy if I wanna raid" whines surfaced and hit me in the face.

I for one thought that by specifically stating we needed holyspec, and not just assuming everyone is it, was a clear sign that we indeed acknowledge that there are offspecs.

And besides its strange that a community who always been hit by prejudice act it out like this. There are paladins who are holy and if you want a paladin healer its not really unreasonable to want people to spec it.

I dont think same people would have written some emo emo about "holy bashing amg" if we had been needing a tank and asked for prot spec.....

Thing with paladin tanks are that there is nothing wrong with the tanking, even in raids, but most paladins doesnt have the gear required. They reckon if you can tank normal 5 mans and heroics you will probably be ok in raiding as well. Now ok in raiding is what you bring to Kara for an alt run or when you just start out with the first bosses there.

Now I just looked at a warrior in my guild Lokar, who is an offtank - not maintank, and I noticed he has 17 800 hp unbuffed with 540 def, 21,80% dodge, 17,64% parry and 32,48% block and thats with 1 trinket slot unequipped and did I say UNBUFFED?

So this is what kind of gear u need to bring in to tank endgame content like BT and Mt Hyjal.

So prot paladins with some blues, a few kara epics and some gear from heroics with 12 000 hp, 500 def and "soon uncrushable" who keeps crying about evil raidleaders in elite snob guilds who just wont realize what a paladin tank can do for them - think again.


But obviously paladins have a harder time getting started in raiding and getting geared up.

Paladins who tank normal and heroics are quite uncommon but not totally unheard off and most of the time they do things quite well.

Thing with raiding is that we always compare ourselves with warriors but I think thats wrong perspective.

thoughts about tanking to be continued....

Monday, July 16, 2007

From new sheriff in town to deputy dawng

I lost my epen again leaving the imba 2k+ rating team for lowbie 1600 rating team :/

It was various reasons behind me leaving but now I hope its the last trade for this season unless something really get fucked up. Im still on testing ofc but Im not worried by that :)

Its interesting how people react tho. It was the same when I left Omega Point briefly.

I usually like discussing pvp and people would see my rating and usually think I had some clue about what I was saying but now Im just a random nub whining at forums :)

But plan is getting the new team back on track ofc :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some thoughts about protection paladins

Yesterday I decided to spec protection and I went tanking Mechenar, Shadowlabs and Old Hillsbrad.

Mechenar was a total mess because it was the first time I been tanking since I hit level 70 so I wouldnt be surprised if half of the pug group will refuse paladin tanks from now on :)

After that it went quite ok I made lots of errors but we managed to do quite well, mostly because I had a druid tank with me, Mess, who would do most of the difficult stuff and showing me step by step how to tank.

I think in the end I managed to do quite well although when Im tanking that probably means average two wipes each instance.

The synergi between two tanks seemed to work fine as druids can dps quite well when they arent tanking so it didnt gimp the group that much. I would actually recommend this way of learning tanking.

Gimp however was what I was doing when i wasnt tanking. I had 5k mana so I couldnt really heal and ehm doing dps.... pause..... NOT!

Which ofc is why paladins will always lose OT spot in raids to druids.

It isnt about tanking its about the fact that druids can dps quite good, combat ress and innervate when they arent healing plus they got a funny crit buff to their group.

A protection paladin however that doesnt tank is just gimped no matter if dps or healing.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A different perspective

While windowshopping new arena gear in Area52 I got a whisper when I was about to leave. Some lvl 68 person asked me where I got my armored netherdrake from so I told him it was an arena reward from last season.

Then he asked me "You dont remember me?"

I do have a crap memory for names but I usually remember frequent alts but this time I came out blank. Anyway it turned out we had done a instance run in the old world when I still leveled. I only did that instance one time so I had a very vague memory when I was reminded.

Anyway we exchanged a few more lines and bid each other farewell and said good luck. I made an oath to try and stop helping people because usually it backfires but I did get an urge to help him out which I managed to control by buying him a bow from AH and sent him :/

I felt kind of sorry for him I mean we did some stuff together for half a year ago or so, altho only a pug run we were then at the same level, and today he isnt even lvl 70 while I seem things the average player only can read about.


From a different perspective who is to say I should pity him. In a different world he might be the one who feel sorry for me being a nolifer and such. Maybe he wants to give me stuff in real life?

Thx to the big troll for giving me a different perspective :O

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fear upcomming weekend

Three Frostmane horde teams are ranked 12th, 13th and 14th in our Battlegroup in 5vs5, with one alliance scum team being ranked 6th.

Its interesting that Stormy Weather uses exactly the same setup as we do but with a different twist: A boomkin instead of a feral druid and a resto shaman instead of elemental, while Bombs over Soviet often seem to run a warriorless setup.

Overall I think I seen more different teams this season then I did the last, although it could be a coincidence while leveling up.

Anyway while it is certainly technically possible to pass the fellow Frostmane teams without ever meeting them it wouldnt be cool to be higher ranked without at least a few games where we hopefully come out on top.

And since the season just started :)


Found out today when I read the forums that there is a slight, but important, difference between being immune to crits and uncrushable ^^

Well got plenty of time to read up on it I guess :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today I had the Green Fortress bracer made for me so now I am uncrushable :)

Thing is with the way arena seasons works you will have to grind for new gear every new season, and for honor and arena points to save between seasons. While this makes perfectly good sense I dont know how long I will keep it up. I decided to do this and next season then it will depend on how I feel for a new season again.

I understand the system with seasons as a way to simply allow pvp rewards to be upgraded in to keep scaling with pve rewards. While it also made it more sportslike with seasons, something I really enjoy with the speculations, the trading, the gossip and planning between seasons, there is also a problem. While you in raiding keeps on seeing new content you are forced to farm honor in the old bgs. Arena isnt the problem, the normal honor is.

So while I plan to hang in there as long as possible, or at least as long as its fun, I know I will grow tired of it sooner or later. The question that comes to mind is what to do after I leave arena.

I *might* try tanking after I retire from arenas. I dont see myself going back to healing again as I already done this as long as I played wow both pve and pvp.

Being in a guild thats advanced quite far in raiding is a huge advantage because it allowed me to get two fat Kara drops, the best chest and legs for tanking in there, and I might have a chance to get more as well. Someone else just starting out probably wont have that chance.

There is also a huge disadvantage. Starting tanking I will need to not only gear up but also learn everything from tanking starting with normal lowerlevel instances and then continue to the lvl 70s and heroics after that etc. The problem is that there is simply no way for me to step in and tank in Black Temple, even if it would be allowed :) And nowadays people doesnt to that much instancing like a few months ago when everyone did heroics.

So getting a proper learning curve and tanking experience might be a problem.

Well the current season will probably last to at least Christmas and probably longer and the next one to the summer so nothing eminent.

Monday, July 9, 2007

After playing today we topped 2000+ in rating. Initially we ran into problem when a lower ranked team were able to farm us for over 60 pts but we managed to beat most other teams we faced and in the end we had gained 50+ pts.

We only played together this week so we are still learning to coordinate but things look very good indeed.

Last season I think I saw one spike team, similar to the one I played in, now I see lots of them even if not everyone does the highly coordinated spike as we used to do. I guess next season we will see lots of druids in this arena bracket as well, especially if the overpowered mofos get this pvp buff.

Seriously tho I cant see why druids arent used more. Our feral druid does a great job as far as I can see, our games we lose arent necessarily a druid related problem and we have been winning against lots of different setups. From previous experience I know the game will be alot harder past 2k rating but we are far from using our full potential and like I said if there were such a thing as a general druidproblem it would have shown by now, instead our problem are related to our 4 dps setup.

In fact our druid makes our matrix alot stronger then such a setup in general. Druids have so much raw utility and bags of trix making us much more flexible.

I think the problem druids have is that they are often given a healslot. While druids are good healers they are far behind paladins who brings bof and dispelling + bubble ofc, or shamans who bring purging and totems.

Unlike the holy duo in arena, paladin - warrior, which u can add to almost any setup without second thoughts, a druid requires a plan.

With a plan you can run almost any setup, thats why a team in USA won their regionals and qualifed to worlds without a warrior or paladin in their 5vs5 setup.

Our plan is to keep on winning and winning and winning

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Soon the honorfarm is over

I just need some 14k honor for the last reward, the upgraded pvp trinket with resil. I logged in this morning and wanted to buy it but I was 600 pts short and I couldnt resist buying the pvp ring :(

But I guess if I had waited I would still need to grind for the ring so it doesnt matter, it just displays my weak character because yesterday I decided to wait if there wasnt enough points :(

After the honorgrind is over I will just make sure to get 75k for the next season but thats many months there.

Im not sure what I will do when the grind is over but getting some cash from dailys and go mining will be high on my priority.

Also im really happy with my 5vs5 arena team. It seems like most players are on every day and noone raids so Im quite certain we will play many games the upcomming weeks :D

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Solarian down by Wadi very nice

Actually it wasnt nice at all it was more like total crap.

I was actually looking foward to seeing Tempest Keep for the first time even if it only was for the first boss but after the interesting visit to Mt Hyjal a few days ago I probably expected too much.

The problem with Tempest Keep is that it looks like all other instances in that area so you doesnt get the sense of an achivement just by going there - where no man have gone before etc- thats the first problem.

The other problem is that the fight itself is just utterly crap. It had several interesting phases such as adds, and a kind of debuff you had to run away and deliver or else you would hurt the raid and a shapeshift and probably something else that I missed.

But everything was thrown together so it looked like when you zerged down the damn AV bosses.

I felt it hard to follow what happened. Part of the problem was everything being first time but I still felt it could have been done alot better. For example at the Lurker in SSC the adds doesnt run to the middle in a mindless wanna-get-aoe zerg which gives you some time to actually appreciate whats going on.

But from what I saw there was nothing wrong with the epics that droped and the instance did have lots of belfs so the evening wasnt completely wasted.

Friday, July 6, 2007


My post on realmforums gave results, someone answered in the thread and the day after I spoke to him ingame and joined his 5vs5 team.

I actually got several people whispering me later that day but I wanted to speak with that guy who had posted first and since he seemed to be knowing what he did I agreed on joining his team and trying it out a bit.

The setup was very new to me with a mage and druid in the team, I never played with any before in arena and then it had the basic shaman and warrior.

The first day the druid was unable to play so we had a shadowpriest in that spot and zerged us to 1882 in rating. The playstyle was very different from what I was used to which much faster attacks.

In our old teams we achieved positional advantage by trapping the enemy warrior in an unfavorable position either by making him do stupid charges or by charging him when he had wrong position. Now when we use for example mages cc the pace of the fight will be lot different.

I first thought 1882 would be no 1 as horde but actually team Salli barley passed us grabbing the first slot (armory is always updated one day after). Nevertheless it was a good start.

Second day our druid joined us. I been reading lots of crap about druids in 5vs5 so I was exited to see how it turn out and it worked well. We increased our rating to 1950ish.

For a while I thought we would be stuck around 1900 when we won and lost and lost and lost. We had one team farming us tho and we also had games lost because we clearly went for the wrong target. For example we met a spike team similar to the one I played in last season and once they applied the UA lock they spike down the target no matter what so only way is to go for the shadowpriest or the warlock.

So even if our druids record looks alot worse then our shadowpriests I think the team is very strong and I wouldnt want to change the setup. In the end we beat most teams that beaten us during the day and we bounced back and gained rating as well.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Burst Burst Burst dead

While working with my 3vs3 I started to notice a new kind of teams I dont recall seeing last season.

Burst teams without a healer.

Usually aff warlock, shadowpriest and dirty rogue

First times we meet such a team they insta gibb me since they timed their massdispell so well but after that I used bubble earlier. Once all dots were up, before I lost any hp, I used the bubble to wipe all dots and then they didnt have the time to reapply them.

In my earlier 5 mans I seen how much a aff lock and shadowpriest can spike together and with a rogue in ur face you probably will go down fast.

I think we met three different teams and they always went for me. I guess since most paladins try and bubble as late as possible its a reliable strategy if you can massdispell before he can heal up. I think usually they start casting it when Im getting low.

However being fairly familiar with this kind of strategy I would like to go for something else then the paladin because a bubble is about the only way you can escape the lock and the spike.

I dont think you can heal over a three person spike if they go for someone else and with UA up you cant dispell dots either.

And theres always the chance you can disrupt the healer with spelllock, CoT, blind, fear etc :/

I would probably try and go for the warrior since they usually do stupid charges anyway ^^

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mt Hyjal was funny

So I found a new team and we are playing now. Its a whole new setup for me with mage and druid in the team so i hope can adapt.

Yesterday night my guild were busy wiping at the fourth (?) boss in Mt Hyjal when they asked if I could come and fill in the spot for a paladin who wasnt there.

Since Im not attuned I had to play on his character. There has been some discussions earlier on and some people felt offended by being asked to play someone else character. I dont mind it at all in fact even if I had been attuned I would probably prefer using this one since the gear was so much better for pve.

Another thing was the large supply of pots and elixirs, flasks and all kinds of food I found in the bags. So after I changed the UI so it made sense I was having a really good time in there seeing a whole new fight and such.

I found the concept of a timer with waves being quite interesting as well. A little bit like Black Morass and its my understanding that all bosses in mt Hyjal has these waves of mobs.

And the best part was when all was done and the owner of the account came online and asked me exactly what consumables I have been using so he could restock to next time.

Very nice!

Freelancing again

I took the decision of leaving my 5vs5 team today.

Its kind of sad cause I felt I learned a lot and I had great fun planning stuff with Eir and Chaser but the problem was the constant lack of time.

Everyone else, but me, were raiding six days a week. We often tried to play either before raids, or after but it was hard to find the time since raids often didnt end until 01:00. The one day there wasnt raid, saturday, there would be slack raids going on to Kara or people wouldnt log since its technically a free day.

So for me its been a boring time especially since we havent made a breakthrough in my 3vs3 team either.

The thing is I think its been a burden for my friends as well. Doing the constant grinding to keep up with raiding and adding respecs and more scheduled "must dos".

Prior to season 1 I did have a few people asking me and I did turn them down. I dont regrett doing so because the games I did with my friends were really fun, especially since I dont raid together with them so often, but I hope there is someone out there still needing a paladin :/

Monday, July 2, 2007


It started when I decided I wanted to replace the picture of me wearing the red/black pvp armor.

At first I was just thinking of turning up the resolution and take some screenshots and let Nargissa photoshop them like she done with the one I have but then I thought it would be cool to do something different so I enlisted an artist to draw something. I guess it will take a few weeks but it will be fun to see.

Then I started to think why not make a comic about Wadi? Not a long story ofc, maybe just a page or two.

Just need a script :(

Wow > Msn

Today I was too tired to do anything in the game. I spend two hours fishing while chatting with friend and shouting dutch phrases in the general chat (Im not dutch).

Thats an interesting thought that Wow functions like Msn. No doubt mr Cityhermit will explore that further.

Even if your not playing, in the sense of doing anything, you just chose to log in just to chat with your friends.

If you only use Msn you cant jump at the bankroof, and thats a huge difference ofc