Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beyond Silvermoon part 3

I myself is kinda out of shape. If someone gave me a sword and board and told me I had to fight for my life in the arena I would get it in the face :(

Fortunally for me Wadi is doing quite well even if she prefers maces over swords.

There has been a few games where you have to use your own brain. Typically these havent been online games per se, more of puzzle solving. For example Dan Browns website had a codebreaking challenge when his book "The daVinci Kodo" was released.

Well for some less action based games I wouldnt mind using my own brain for a while, in a different way then usual games. Some kind of spy/detective/codebreaking/rpg game perhaps,
only problem is that if you have to use actors on a 1-1 basis its suddenly alot more expensive then what you charge for World of Warcraft per month.

I read the other day about how Disney charges alot of usd from people who want to marry in a Disneylike setting. I guess if you are a couple who met through wow or where both enjoys the game they would want a online marriage in the game. Now Im not referring to the rpg you can do yourself. I think a real marriage when some npc, like the king or archbishop, give you the wows etc in some nice scripted setting in Stormwind or why not in the mountains of Winterspring.?

I *think* it was Everquest who started to sell small content patches in the sense that they charged players for them a kind of pay and play system. In the future we will probably see lots more of these packages between expansions. It wouldnt have to be somehing gamebreaking, just some highly scripted new quests with lots of videocontent, a new pack of suits or why not Zoram beach the resort addon when you want to cyber6 at the beach?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Meeting mr Cityhermit

So after picking up mr Cityhermit at the trainstation today, thus making him the first friend from the game I actually meet, he told me more about his research.

Aiming to answer a couple of different questions

1) The concept of feeling at home.

In the real world it can be architecture or cultural surroundings that makes us feel at home. On a more daily basis it can be activities, friends or the smell of mums cooking. In terms of wow the research looks at things like why are so many people hanging out in Orgrimmar and not Thunderbuff or Undercity?

2) The social control.

Once again in the real world you soon learn whats acceptable in your society, sometimes through the hard way. Of course different enviroment calls for different behavior. Your poor mum might tolerate sluckiness your girlfriend will slap you around for. She will probably also slap you for the language you use when your off with the boys. Oh well you get the picture.
How are the moral codes passed down in wow? Does it depend on which guild you belong and why does some people never learn?

He will also examine the signifcance of people dancing on top of mailboxes. While it is seldom seen in real world it seems to happen every day in Orgrimmar. Why are people doing that and alot more different stuff only in wow.?

Tomorrow its time for the much awaited third part of "Beyond Silvermoon". I dont know who Im kidding but I gonna write it anyway.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mr Cityhermit

Before TBC me and Eir met a english university anthropology student who was doing a paper on mmorpgs, more specifically World of Warcraft.

He joined Omega Point, back then Erratic, and has been a part of the guild and the community ever since with small breaks when he joined other guilds.

As far as I understand his research it deals with memory and interaction, ie is there any difference between how you would interact and recall what you do in wow as opposed to rl.

Hes been asking a lot of questions in the game but he is also required to meet people to interview them and tomorrow he will arrive to my hometown. I already volunteered to lend him my couch so for a few days he will ehm research me.

I guess Im happy that his research is World of Warcraft and anthropology in general :/

Win Win Win

Having recovered from the leadership failure in 3vs3 me, Tuzak and ValentinDK managed to pass 1700 rating today by a winning streak of over ten games. No doubt we were lucky but we also did a good job I think.

Me, Eir and Yojimboo joined forces with Chaser and Stromm to form a new 5 man team, the other ones are still in it but on a more reserve basis. While team is lead by me and Eir we also get lots of helps from Chaser when we discuss what we will do versus each team.

We passed 1700 rating yesterday and are pushing for around 1850 this week.

I think our setup is really strong and I hope we can be in the top 0,5% this season again.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dont go emo

Our 5 man team was supposed to play last weekend and we did.

But not enough :(

Saturday one guy was held delayed in Karazhan until 03:00 and Sunday people didnt show up.

Thing is since most people are on a tight raiding schedule we cant play more then a few times each week so if people start to sluck things will go downside.

Not gonna go emo just yet tho, I will try and get people sorted the upcomming week before I blow the whistle.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Life goes on

Me and Tuzak teamed up with a warlock in 3vs3 and it remains to see how the setup will work out in the future.

We are still hesitating about what to do when we enter arena, I was first thinking two pets on the healer + curse of tounges and then gibb one dps (as most 3vs3 teams have 2 dps and 1 healer) but since Tuzak is BM spec he needs his pet. But at least warlock seems to bring the much needed control in terms of fear.

Mine and Eirs 5vs5 is slowly picking up as people get more comfortable with the strategy. I am still not an ace in leading and I doubt I ever will be, we seem to get by at least.

We won some and more and it we will lose even more before we start winning. But we are getting closer every time we play and people have really improved from picking up on their previous mistakes.

When picking the team we also went for people that actually can improve and enforce our strategy.

Last season me, Köttaren and Murdoc saw our 2230 rating drop to 2099 in just two days. Not every team would have been able to focus on the game and come back instead of shifting focus to the ever present whining.

Handling loss usually puts the team to more test then the wins.

We are playing today as well and will try and reach 1700 to stop there this week. While its more important to play lots this early, arena points are important and we need to make sure we get those as well.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Yes I got to keep my armored netherdrake!

Dirty rogues and arena

I think we need a caster in 3vs3

Our rogue - paladin - hunter setup are struggling too hard versus anything that has paladin - warrior combination in it, and thats not uncommon in arena.

I am still not sure if I learned something about rogues. But I start to suspect they are a misunderstood class in arena.

When we tried different strategies we found out that a rogue could quite easy control a healer, even if paladin, over an extended period of time. While he couldnt kill him he could prevent him from healing pretty much anything.

This would open up a variety of options in 5vs5 where rogues has been complaining about lack of wtfpwn.

Instead of seeing rogues role as primarily dps they could be primarily control. A very crude 1vs1 control but still far more effective then sheep and such.

Its not that rogues wont do damage, but if you consider a 4dps team who really need to kill someone quickly or they will be outlasted. If a rogue shuts down a healer the other healer wont be able to outheal the remaning 3 dps if they go for same target. Then with one dead he can either assume a more traditional dps role or continue to control.

I think the only thing stopping this concept from evolving is the frame of mind most rogues seem to have

Armored Netherdrake update

Following the last maintenance, we became aware of the fact that a larger number of players received the Armoured Nether Drake mount award than was intended. We began investigating the cause of this issue immediately, and have now isolated where it occurred.

Tomorrow morning at 05:00 CEST we will be bringing down all realms for approximately three hours in order to resolve the situation.

As a result of this update, we will first remove all Armoured Nether Drake mounts, after which we will resend Armoured Nether Drake mounts to only those players who should have received them.

We apologise for the confusion caused by this issue. It is our intention to preserve the rarity and prestige of the Armoured Nether Drake mount award, and we thank all Arena PVP participants for their understanding.

Update: Titles will be corrected as well.

Blizzard Poster

Friday, June 22, 2007

Im in arena getting free epics

After some bickering me and Eir finally got people to sign up for our new arena team "Pvp Clickers". The interest for the new season seems higher then I recall it was at the start of the last season, but it might fade away after a while I guess.

The competition between the teams over keyplayers seemed kinda fierce and I heard several incidents that had bad blood boiling.

I dont see any reason to let it go that far, I think all players are motivated to play in the best possible team and the people you turn down today might be your team tomorrow. If someone gets a better deal why shouldnt he leave if he does it in this preseason stage?

With the arena seasons I guess we all are kind of freelancers anyway so it would be cool if people didnt take offence. Just like you wont take an unbalanced raid you wouldnt take an unbalanced team.

Now a lot of people complain about the easy epics compared to raiding. They seem to think we just show up for our 10 games a week and cash in.

Actually pvp gear is good for pvp and not so much for pve. The reason is that the cost of the item is taking the resilance into consideration, an attribute thats not really usefull in pve. T5 paladin gear is so much better then T2 arena paladin gear and now the best raiding guilds soon enter Black Temple.

And with the recent points nerf and the fact that most casuals (the kind that should be banned from the game or at least forbidden to wear epics it seems) play 3vs3 it will take them forever to get a whole set. I met many people who didnt make points enough to get full set.

In fact the only ones I ever heard are complaining about the easy epics from the arena are the ones who arent doing arena at all.

Usually they dont do it because their class is broken or because arena is too easy...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

From us boards

Blizzard Poster
Gladiator and Nether Drake Rewards Issue 06/20/2007 09:10:49 PM UTC

To recap the issue: after the maintenance, patch release, and end of season 1, it became apparent that not all teams that were intended to receive their Gladiator title and Armored Nether Drake did in fact receive them. Instead the rewards seemed to be sent to some teams while others only received lower ranking titles. At this time it only appears to have affected select realms. Since then we’ve been able to determine that the issue was specifically an error in rewarding teams appropriately. We’re currently in the process of testing a fix, using data recorded from when the realms were brought down for maintenance to determine if this fix will correct the issue. We're waiting for the fix to be tested before discussing how the issue will be resolved as we simply don't know what the best available course of action we can take is until we have a working solution. We’ll be providing further updates in this thread as we’re able.;jsessionid=7BDC6E2DB99E84238CBC7CC556305F02?topicId=111911286&sid=1

The armored netherdrake

Well I got one in the mail.

Just like half the server.

I heard of people at 1700 rating who got one. 0,5% seems to have been 50%, this is an obvious bug but as long as this is happening I cant really be sure that mine is legit.

I think it is but there isnt really a way to be sure with all teams being reset in armory so I have to wait until Blizzards deal with this before gloating in gchat.

Personally I think Blizz should have called it earlier, perhaps sunday night, and giving arena time to update and show people exactly the cutoff for the armored netherdrake.

Oh well

In the meantime I made my own 3vs3 team today with Nirath (dirty rogue) and Tuzak (huntard) and we struggled getting a 1570 rating. There are still lots of work to do regarding our tactics and specs etc but it looks good. Im not sure if a hunter beats a warlock as a third person tho, as it is now BoP is a problem which we have no good answer for.

Me and Eir also talked a lot and we decided to try and make our own 5 man team so we been busy trying to get people. We will be using basically the same concept as Italian Haircuts, with a slightly different setup tho.

We are both quite excited over this (at least I am) and we are working on getting people to sign up.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Arena season over

Final standing:

Next time I bring Eir (2vs2) 1485
Hamstringed Hamsters (3vs3) 2249
Italian Haircuts (5vs5) 2167

Biggest letdown was Italian Haircuts, we were in the mountrange for a month then fell last day. As most people also raided in the team we often had to play between 1600-1800 before the raid but usually we didnt start until 1700 leaving us with too little time to play.

Two days ago disaster struck as our warriors computer crashed twice and since people werent online today we had to let the rating stand after dropping from 2244.

Nothing wrong with the team or the setup but playing only one time per week simply didnt cut it but I had a great time and learned alot.

So we decided to rally in 3vs3 to get our armored netherdrake and it soon turned into a nightmare. Since Köttaren is playing the warrior in both teams we brought in Mezzlock, who despite the name also is warrior, and started out at 2197 rating.

Problem was at 1600 when we started playing there was only one team playing, at least we felt so, which had a antisetup versus us so we basically got farmed for two hours, in the end we managed to repair some damage done but we were far below mountrange.

So we logged on at 23.00 after raid and for two hours we battled. Our goal was 2250 and we came close twice, at around 2400, only to lose the next game often with lots of points.

Just before one o clock we managed to bring down a team which previously had beaten us twice and we decided to call it at 2249 rating.

Hopefully it will give us a mount but from us forums it seems to be some problems, also we are not sure when they closed for updates etc but I guess we did achieve our goal to get 2250 so even if the road there would have been less hellish I would still feel like a winner

Monday, June 18, 2007

2 days left

Since I bought a new gfx card last Thursday I havent been able to play much and as a result we been slacking our rating.

It certainly adds a bit extra stress as time is slipping away.

Tomorrow and maybe tuesday I be playing daytime from an IT cafe and I hope to be able to fix things in the eveningwhile the other ppl raid.

If a computerexpert reads this feel free to check out my threads at wow-europe tech support.

Well at least I knew my policy of not using addons will pay off tomorrow when Im at the cafe.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kael' Thas downed by Omega Point.

So finally Tempest keep has been cleared, actually he went down yesterday but I was too lazy to post then.

Even tho Im not raiding that much, Im actually not even attuned to TK even if I think I killed all bosses in SSC, I cant help notice that last weeks been hard on the guild.

The attandancy problems, often a raid would have many people seeing the encounter for first time, has led many people to be burned out by the constant wiping and moral were falling.

The problem is as old as raiding is. I remember when we would spend weeks wiping at first boss in MC, actually I think it took weeks before we cleared the the most important is to keep trying.

Like in arena we had at one time 2237 in 3vs3, the week after we fell straight down to 2099 in two-three days and then we were unable to get back quickly we would spend days playing and just making a few points.

I think as long as everyone keeps improving and always do their best I think both bosses and arena teams will fall eventually.

When we were so low in rating I started to doubt myself and as a result we started losing cause I was too cramped up.

I think that the main reason we did really good in both teams, 3vs3 and 5vs5, is that we always discuss what happened in a mature way. I am a firm believer that once you make people feel a need to cover up you also create an enviroment thats less progressive.

Sometimes we deserve it or not, but most people doesnt like to get flamed especially not in the public.

In one game I went to stun and silence the healer but couldnt reach him becuse I got stuck in the hunters trap. We won the game anyway but our spike didnt go as planned, instead Snikch finished off with a mindcontrol.

After the game I just told that I went for the healer but got stuck in the trap because I was stupid enough to run that way.

Not much to say about that and thats the entire point.

Flaming and snide remarks makes people tensed up, which is different from focused, and more prone to whine about other peoples misstakes and soon the bandwagon is in motion and its not going foward.

I think in both PVP or PVE you want to reach those extra few %, you want to be able to outperform youself. But if you try harder you might fail harder or at least more often until you learn whats up and down. ´

There are usually a reason for everything. If you die because you get no heals then ask yourself why didnt you get heals. Or even better ask the healer. Unless you picked healers that are unable to target you and throw a heal there will be another reason. He could have wrong position for example so hes out of range so he would need to improve that. Discussing this in a mature way and making sure he understands the encounter and knows when to start moving is probably the best way to make sure it doesnt happen again.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beyond Silvermoon part 2

I think future MMORPGS will bridge over into the real world alot more then we see today. Its the next logicial step in aftersales and a way to extend the reward the customers have from playing - when they arent actually playing. Some of the concepts wont work with World of Warcraft style of games other will.

Loyalty programs
A know concept as most larger chains offer some kind of points or discount for their customers. Actually you can get points for most things you buy, eat or sleep at. We already seen the world of warcraft VISA with its cashback system for playtime. Use the card for everything you buy one month and play for free np. Or shop enough at that particular shop and get a pink kodo. The ingame pets from Blizzcon sold for serious $ at Ebay. Or repair you car at the right place and you get 15% off all armor repair for a month, a must for the serious raider. You wont repair your car for the 15%, but if the car needs reparing why not chose that place?

RL rewards
Get all kinds of stuff by doing inqame quests or win tournaments or even down some bosses. Perfect epen value as there must be at least 1 female in the world who recognize the meaning of ur tshirt that only raiders who killed the big boss get sent to them. There are lots of cheap crappy stuff nerds like me would be happy to get.

I guess Im a bit nerdy here but I love reading the realmforums. I wouldnt mind a newspaper actually. Imagine getting a newspaper with the headlines "Wadi most important paladin in the only 5vs5 team on Frostmane (H) to get the armored netherdrake season 1" and then with smaller letters below "actually only paladin" - not nice.
Serious tho this would probably work better in rpg servers where you could do more stuff within character. and you could have NPCs there too speaking about the latest news of wareffort or whatever. Like the forum with events. It could easily be done with pdf files.

Selling ingame currency for rl money is a market that exploded last few years. While most publishers, incl Blizzard, frowns at this Sony Online Entertainment have started an official EQ2 gold marketplace and are planning a new MMORPG where there will be official auctions for moni and items.
Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) have now begun their own EverQuest 2 gold auction system and planning to start a new MMORPG in which they intend to sell currencies and items themselves. With their support, I’m sure the secondary market will be accepted over a period of time. This system would imply that players can cash out their money too which would make everything a whole lot different and no more "nether for me runs" for Mr Pie!

With the internetpoker going rampage its only a question of time before this element will be included in mmorpgs. In wow its possible to emulate dice throws with /random fuction, altough its use for gambling is strictly forbidden. In Lineage 2 its supported by the game itself as you can bet on monster races, similar to horse races. I wouldnt expect any player to pass on the Tempest keep raid just to go betting, which brings me to the next thought...

Portable connection
It would require quite a fat laptop to be able to play wow without lag etc on the run but there are 2D mmorpgs, for example Ragnarok, thats playable from portable devices. In the future I would expect access through simplified interfaces to carry out a limited number of tasks, perhaps chatting, trading or certain kinds of farming or crafting.

4D interaction
I did occassionally play old tabletop RPG with friends, the kind with character sheets and dices. I remember one adventure pack which came with a CD with spooky sounds to enhance the mood. Future games might have more interaction in the rl. Imagine being at work doing boring stuff, your mobile call and you expect some of your friends, instead its ur terrified master sergeant asking for instructions. Tempting to hang up for sure but do you really trust a guy that cries on phone to twart the barbarian invasion?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Beyond Silvermoon part 1

"Hello my name is Wadi and Im fighting in the arena every week. To be able to stay in the best horde team on the server its important that I watch what I eat. Thanks to the delicious sandwhiches from Subway its never been easier to keep wtfpwning"

Having been interested in computergames since almost before there were computers I followed the whole evolution since Atari, c64 and 8 bits Nintendo up to World of Warcraft. While there are next generation mmorpgs just around the corner, like Age of Conan, I think a new paradigm is just around the corner.

One must realize there are lots of older persons playing wow, and Im sure other mmorpgs as well, in my guild there are players with wives and children and they are by no means unique. Whenever you visit the computershops there are gfx cards there for thousands of euros, nothing for the average ninth grader to buy.l

In Sweden computergames retailed for 1.7 billions SEK during 2006 and there is a 20% growth estimate for 2007. In USA computergames have already outgrown the music industry,

What got me thinking was the fact that normally when you log off your character stops to exist until you log back on again. While your char will be visible in friendslist or guildchartes, listed as offline, its more like a memory or concept. You cant interact with someone offline and that works other way too.

You are offline.

However for longtime online players has been using third party programs to stay in touch without necessary having to be inside the game. People might be loged in ventriol or msn or icq so as far as the comunity regards a person might be present anyway.

A select few have my mobile phone number. We use it in our arena team to coordinate. If for example we want to plan arena tomorrow, but one person is afk we can call him to see if hes avaliable tomorrow as well.

When some guy wanted to send dirty pictures to me and Eir it wasnt necessarily game related but it soon became so when it turned out to be very convinient to send sms: asking questions like "are you online now? Im delayed in traffic can u tell NN Im online in 30 mins".

The use of everydays technology has made "AFK" a bit less "away"

Alot of my friends play a real life roleplaying game based on White Wolf games, vampires and such, and they have this campaign where they always roleplay which can be quite interesting when they meet each other outside. I used to think it was a bit strange but I realised that from being some ordinary average going home, the second I recieved an sms and dealing with that I in fact turned into a paladin for just a short while.

Another thing is the line between the game and the real life. Things that you do in RL doesnt really effect the game. You can obviously smash your computer which will have a negative impact on your overall gaming but it doesnt really effect Wadi exept making her more afk.

Now there is VISA cards for american players (not european pfft) and by various means you can get codes to type in for ingame pets and such.

The visa card just allow you to get gamingtime instead of the usual cashback or bonussystem, but what if you could get a free epic, a new pet, or even your own house when you spent enough? Since you already can buy both gold and various level services the concept exists already.

In other games such as Second Life the line between realmoney and gamemoney is even thinner, altho alot of the reports about people making their living from Second Life is just hidden advertisements from the company.

And it works the other way around too. The top people in the arena tournament get to fly to US to compete in arena worlds. While the arena is being promoted as an esport thingy with tournaments, cashprizes and such what if you got a free holiday for clearing Black Temple, or maybe a car? Even a t-shirt that only would be given out to those guilds who downed the big boss within a certain timeframe would be welcome.

So what you do in the gamingworld can effect your RL and the other way around.

Years ago I played the turnbased Utopia. As it worked back then you got a certain kind of points to spend every hour so what i would do was to log in every hour when I could. I would get up earlier then I had to to make my moves then rush to work and log in every hour from there and then rush home... you get the picture...

When I met some players for a coffee (I was introduced to the game by RL friends) someone mentioned a rumour that they would start to send out battlereports with sms. Imagine being waked during the night with the message that the enemy was at the gate! Would certainly bring the game a bit closer!

Better would of course be if you could enter commands too. The pocketPCs or Blackberrys or even the new mobilephones could easily be configured in a suitable way. While it would be hard to play arena that way it would certainly work well in a diplomatic kind of game where you could plot your sinister plans by chatting or doing some secret vote no matter where you where.

Monday, June 11, 2007

In your face dirty rogues...

...and other random dps ppl.


I do get lots of whispers like this usually when Im in the arena or Serpentshrine Cavern.

Alto they are usually not in caps and people ask if im holy spec not resto. Not that I mind what they call it, I myself never learned which one is which of the shaman specs so I usually say "resto" and "melee dps." The third shaman spec is so rare I havent needed to name it yet.

Thing with these invitations are that they imply I need a certain spec to be able to perform my duty as a healer.

I did clear whole Kara while being protection spec (and yes officers knew and prolly still think it was very rude and not noice of me) and it wasnt a big deal with healing gear, raidbuffs, elixirs, the right flask at the right boss and so on.

But obviously a holy spec is by far the best if you want to heal and in many cases it is a must if you want to see the end of the instance, so it makes perfect sense to ask.

In same way you probably want to make sure the druid you bring to tank actually isnt planning on boomkin his way to the boss.


In the same way its obvious that combat sword spec is by far the best pve dps spec and not some dirty subtlety spec.

But for some reason noone ever questions what spec the dps ppl have.

In fact most ppl wouldnt even get the idea to ask.

Mostly its an attitude problem.

Healers have the lowest status in wow and will probably always have. Why be Robin when you can be Batman? And most healers are Alfred rather then Robin!

It can also be hard to determine the cause and effect that comes from low dps. Most people understand the concept of overaggroing something and they usually recognize it when they see it even if they almost always blame the tank.

What usually happens when you have too low dps is that the healer eventually goes oom... and that makes him a not so good healer right?

Actually a solid healer and a good tank compensates for poor dps so odds are you wont notice it.

That is until you do Black Morass, an instance where its quite obvious if the dps fails.

So Black Morass in your face!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Boring day in AV

Been farming AV whole weekend, since its AV weekend, or rather I been farmed in AV :(

Healing tends to get boring when you are alone because you depend on the people around you and most people wont protect you enough.

Thats why I usually run up to our base, at least the NPCs wont let me down :)

I did join one time with Tuzak and as you can see we both got our job done even if horde eventually lost.

Captain Wadi reporting for duty

So back in the Omega Point fold again, I actually spoke to the wrongdoer first time today and we both apologized for whats been said.

After all its seldom one persons fault that two persons are fighting.

Today I got the third person for my team, a hunter, and I will be doing most of the hard work like making a basic strategy and rambling on vent.

Paladin - rogue - hunter is a bit awkward setup but we agreed to try a bit and see what happens.

If we fail its not really because of any individual more like the setup isnt good.

I will be trying to put some of what I learned in use, after all didnt we just agree its the setups fault if we loose?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Why why why?

Wonder if Im supposed to look like a rusty cyborg from distance?

Hopefully the colors will be a bit different but since pvp and pve armor will look more or less alike so I guess Im supposed to look like a cyborg, if not rusty, from the distance.

Thinking back I think the old T2 was the best looking set for paladins. It did have a more cleric look but since most paladins in many ways is a cleric the flavor isnt that bad. Hard to imagine an army of paladins in T2 storming down the hills tho, it would simply look weird.

But starting from begining the original Lightforge isnt that bad. The colors are bad however, its too much yellow. I wouldnt mind a more a more toned down version like the Lawbringer set.

The Lawbringer looks retarded for other reasons, mainly the shoulders and helmdesign giving you an almost alien design or at least it doesnt look at all like any kind of knight.

I would say the Redemption armor have the same problem. Bringing some kind of Marvel superhero to mind rather then a knight with sword and board.

The Justicar and Righteous armor looks very nice with the exception from the lamp in your forehead :(

I was actually quite hopefull when I first saw the Righteous armor set it looked very solid compared to earlier sets.

But for some reason the T5 became a mess :(

When I first saw the paladintrainer in UC, even before tbc, I really liked the red and black armor, even if the chestpiece could be bigger so it actually protects anything, and I hoped that they would flavor horde palas by going red/black instead of white/yellow but as ut turned out
Righteous armor had a really knightish look over it.

I did enjoy it while it lasted.

Back in Omega Point

It was with mixed feelings I accepted a guildinvite today.

When the argument occured I was thinking I didnt want anything more to do with the guy who came onto me so I left the guild, I didnt even want to be around him.

But I still had lots of friends who kept asking me to come back to the guild and slowly I started to reason in another way.

Why let some random person call you names and make you leave the guild? Because when push comes to shove it isnt a nice feeling that people say such things but in the end you should listen to what your friends think.

There will always be situations in and out of wow when people makes snide remarks about you and the question is why let that person destroy what you value?

If your friends says your crap its normally worse then if some random says it.

So the mixed feelings when i hit the acceptbutton came down to that I was actually glad to be back but I was also feeling a bit sad that this whole situation went so far, mostly due to me.

Next time I just stick with people in my care circle. If someone outside it wants to bash me, by all means please do, but being outside the care circle means just that.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Awaiting arena season 2

Current state of the union

With a 3vs3 rating at 2197 and a 5vs5 rating at 2254 and capping 5k arenapoints this week Im ready for the next season.

I could use some more honor, Im stuck at 10k, but I intend to play as much as possible during AV weekend. I admitt Im often either too bored or too lazy to do BGs alone and most ppl team up only during BG weekends but I try and do better before the 19th.

They will add new boots, belts, bracers and a new ring. I might not use the ring since Im using the Scryer exalted one together with a ring I bought with heroic badges but I will need the other three pieces. Im already regretting I bought one of those honor gems for 10k.

And then I need new enchants and gems as well and im broke and owe Eir 1000 gold so I guess I need to do some farming as well.

Seems like they are planning more "healing-centric items" for season 2 as well, I hope that mean I can get a decent shield.

I havent planned exactly what to buy but if the new pieces have about same relative price as the current ones I hope I can afford shield - gloves - shoulders the first day and then I take it from there. Unless the new weapon is such a significant update over Lights Justice I have to grab that one.

Looking for 3vs3 team

As it seems now our 5vs5 team will keep the setup for next season too. Im not aware of any plans to change people right now.

Our 3vs3 team seems to split up with ppl going to new teams so Im off to find myself a new team.

I talked alot during the last weeks with a friend of mine, a dirty rogue, and we more or less decided to have a go if we can get a third imba person.

Suddenly being put in the role as team captain and theorycrafter is a bit awkward for me as Im not used to being in that role.

Hopefully I learned at least something this season.

Monday, June 4, 2007


AFK this week, relaxing after the last rally in Arena.

No updates until weekend.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My name is Wadi, just Wadi

I cant wait for my armored netherdrake to come in my mailbox :(

When I was in Omega Point the guildtag was generally respected, often coveted and sometimes LOLed at, but it was everything else then plain. You always had some kind of reaction from the guildtag.

Now when Im running around without guildtag things are a bit different.

For strangers Im just plain Wadi now.

Im not Wadi thats a member of the guild that clear SSC and working its way through TK, forget that I never was in TK that fact wasnt visible in the guildtag.

I was in the guild because I had some of my best friends there, fortunally they are still my friends no matter what the guildtag.

But in many aspects being member of a recognizable guild is always better, and if the guild is one of the top guilds thats even better. For example getting into instances grups or if I was a crafter wanting to sell epic gear it would be much harder as unguilded.

When I was a young paladin in Stormvind there were already many MC guilds and there were always too many paladins anyway. I dreamed about raiding MC but I seriously didnt think I would have a shot.

The situation was pretty much like now, a few highly successful guilds like SECURITY and Omen and a few more established ones like Dire Iraes and they all had in common it was very hard to get in for a new kid on the block.

These were they days of wsg and later AB and to be able to get a decent amount of honor, at least if you wanted to have some fun at the same time, you needed a premade.

So here I was looking at a future without raiding and without pvp but as things would turn out I would see lots of both.

I got my first shot at raiding when I joined Sol Legion. The guild lost lots of credit during the flamewars with Farq and MI but it was a good guild with a lots of friendly people. I raided with them until we had cleared MC, and downed Onyxia, which was all that was at this time, and I dont recall any fighting about loot as long as I was with them.

For pvp I started to get invites to Ghosts premades,a guild I would later join, through Vlad and Himiko (Himikonub) and we were actually doing quite well at least when Dione, Doctress or Emilya led us and I was guarding the farm :(

So even if I was plain Wadi back then as well I still got to do and see more then I actually thought I would see.

And the armored netherdrake will give me back a little bit of epen value :)

Friday, June 1, 2007


As the world turns I left Omega Point this morning due to strictly personal reasons.

I kinda enjoyed my time there alot, one of the main reasons I came back was I had friends there since I started playing <3

Last months I been playing my role as the eldery statesman, representing the guild in arena ofc, trolling forums a bit, doing a few instances every now and then usually because helping people getting attuned and filling raids when people werent online.

I was really fortunate to see whole SSC when we cleared it in two days because as it turned out it was impossible for me to remain in the guild.

Someone made very nasty comments about me personally.

It was like one of these rl times when your drunk workmate decides to tell you what he really thinks of you.

I was kinda waiting for the sense of getting ganked by people you trusted would pass but when I woke up this morning I felt as bad as when I went to sleep so I decided to gquit.