Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Changing Places

Omega Point cleared Serpentshrine Cavern tonight by killing Lady Vasjh. As usual no big fat corpse to pose around but yours truly participated in the raid, bringing my number of firstkills in SSC to a total of three.

Luck or leaching, who knows?

But the story began yesterday when Italian Haircuts had zero games on the last day of the arena week.

Our shadowpriest has been more or less constantly afk due to real life issues, including a total computer crash, and this week wasnt able to make it at all.

Finding a replacer has been needed for a long time but has been postponed as long as possible because besides having some of the best damage gear, the shadowpriest would need to understand our strategy and of course be able to cooperate together with the rest of the team utilizing it.

I suggested that Eir join us and after a short discussion with our teamcaptain it was scheduled that we play 10 games today. I was more then pleased to have Eir on the team, not only because we been friends since I began playing but also since I was convinced that we needed someone who would grasp the tactic

So team got together for the first time today and everything worked out just fine, bumping our rating closer to 2200.

It was later that night I joined SSC raid at Lady Vashj. I never seen this encounter or studied it so in essence one could say I was changing places, going pve where Eir went pvp.

The hard part was to remain organized during the whole encounter, much like arena btw, unlike for example Thaddeius, there isnt one special move that will kill the raid. Instead a few ppl tend to die every now and then, adds, poision, getting charged, until too many been killed. We did fairly well the first three attempts I did, and on the fourth we got off a good start and managed to kill her.

I havent really seen a reason to get attuned to the Eye so I still have 2 naruu quests left (its also hard to get groups for these instances, but I guess I might do them soon and tag along to TK as well as it seems nubs have problems killing stuff without me <3

Monday, May 28, 2007

New arena season

Finally its been official. On 12th june the current arena season stops and the new one begins at, I assume, 13th after maintainance.

As it looks now I will have my 5000 arena points ready to go (players can save a maxium of 5000 arena points between seasons), I havent decided exactly what to buy yet. Armor or weapon but unless the new weapons will be a significant upgrade over Lights Justice I will probably go for armor.

I got around 2200 arena points right now and we are in the range of getting 1300 new ones each weekend and with three updates to go before season ends it should be just fine.

I also need to farm more honor as there will be new gear to buy with honor points as well. I dont particulary enjoy normal bgs but the bg weekends are fine unfortunally Im often afk working during weekends.

All team ratings will be reset making it an open field once again, its been roughly a month since I joined Italian Haircuts and so far things worked out well.

While it will be a huged loss if we wont get the armored netherdrake one cant really be anything else then happy with how far we made it in the rating.

Nothing is set in stone yet and even if it were things might change but it looks like I can remain on the team for season 2 as welll.

Being one of the best geared paladins , for pvp, with a long experience of the class (I pvped lots with my human paladin as well and Ghost premade usually did very good when lead by Dione, Doctress or Emilya) I think chances are good to find another team if it doesnt work out.

If that would happen I would probably try and make a 4dps team with my friends in the guild, taking the strategy I learned from Italian Haircut and put it in a different mold but I really hope to remain on the team.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

World of Walkcraft

Was doing the childrens quest today.

I been doing them previous years too so it didnt have the whole new feeling but it still was a nice feeling.

Just like freeing the slaves at Slave Pens it allows you to do something, or at least pretend you are doing something, thats more important then getting a sword +2.

The kid I brought on a tour was actually quite smart wanting to see the paladintrainer and all :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Some random thoughts

Yesterday I did SH and we had a paladin tank. It worked very well, especially the aoe pulls. One day when Im not doing arena anymore I guess I will pick up tanking. I have lots of tanking epics from Kara in the bank just waiting.

I still curse myself for selling off my netherbloom from my sneaky AH plan. Last weeks before the patch they sold for around 70-80g per stack and prices are still high.

Its strange that all pvp discussions have to end with a duel challenge. As a paladin I have no chance of ever beating .. but exactly how does dueling skills make my views of a druids role in 3v3 better or worse? Whenever Im pvping with someone that person couldnt usually care less about how much dps I put out with my imba 1h.

I saw a forumsign the other day: "high numbers brings the fame, healing wins the game" I think that summons it up.

Italian Haircuts

In spite of being total bums last week, and this week hasnt started better, in terms of games played and focus, we are now Frostmane (H) highest ranked 5vs5 team.

Last week we played for a whopping whole hour just to get our 10 games, total unfocus and stress since raidinvites were spammed at half of the team.

I half and half expected the arena season to end soon but it might be longer then I thought so I guess its not really any rush.

However we do need to play alot at the new arena and cant expect to keep our standing until we are comfortable there, so I hope we can play this weekend.

Blizzard has stated that they want to balance the pvp and pve gear, so they will update the pvp gear at roughly the same rate altough the very best gear will only be avaliable from pve. This wont matter much as the stats are divided better for pvp on pvp gear, ie higher stamina, its a way of not having rank 14 gear being outgeared by Naxxgear like before TBC.

But it would be resonable to assume it also mean arena t2, which is the equialent of pve t5 wont be avaliable until t5 is more common.

This would suggest we have to wait until people start to raid Black Temple.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daily quests <3

With the introduction of the daily quests Blizzard put down the foot versus mindless farming and one can only assume versus goldselling as well.

The economy and trading is very important for any mmorpg but by limiting certain rep items to being soulbound and only avaliable through daily quests another problem is partly solved.

For people like myself with low dps gold was always a problem. By using herbalism and mining I managed to keep things floating but I always been at a disadvantage compared to the dps classes.

Whenever I had an hour to do something I just couldnt go out and whack some mobs and make some gold.

Now with the daily quests I can make 40g every day (im currently doing four quests) and since three of them doesnt involve whacking things with a big stick it gives even low dps classes the chance to make some much needed cash.

Its not enough money to tip the balance, remind you also that all classes can do these quests, but its certainly enough to make a difference.

Finally patch day

Finally the patch day came and they got the servers up without a half days delay too :D

Me and some friends rushed to see the new quest hubs and after a dull with the standard quests, the world of ogres started to unfold with new quests being unlocked once you handed in.

Blizzard have learned some from their prior mistakes, introducing the "daily quests" with a limit of ten per day and making all tokens reward soul bound the Silthius farming wont be repeated, at least not more then ten times per day. This will sure take the heat off from the farming a bit.

The new quests unfolded nice with a few twists, among them a bomb quest where you use your own flying mount under lethal fire.

While I explored most of Outlands there are lots of quests I haven't done since I basically stopped questing once I hit lvl 70, and since then only been doing the various quest for attunement and a few for money.

Doing the new quests felt like a fresh start. It probably wont be for that long when you repeated the daily quests every day for a week but right now it was a relief after killing blood elves for arcane tomes... lots of blood elves.... The limit makes it impossible to farm, in the common sense of the word, and since a few daily quests weren't about killing and handing in at all, the small tweaks worked wonder.

It was when we did one quest that this scale dropped from a dragon, and we decided to kill the other four just to see the final cloak.

That very item brought back a long forgotten wow where you still would do things just to see what happens, unlike mindless farming. Today I was once again able to be truly amazed over the world.

Even the new arena was very different from the previous and will most likely call for a whole new strategical thinking.

So today was the day when wow felt new and it turned out to be a funny day and in the end I got to be both amused and surprised.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The masterplan

When I started out in arena I knew very little about how arena actually worked. We just went out there and hopefully we would dps the same target.

Looking back we didnt do that bad we usually hoovered around 1700 rating, but past that we found that we really couldnt improve much. We didnt have any plan when we made the team we just took some random dps and healers and bunched them together.

I learned the importance of masterplan when I started go past 2000 in rating with my new teams. Opponents are much harder, its less room for misstakes, but above all they too have a plan.

With plan I mean not only tactic but also how the team is build. For example our team has 2 caster dps, shadowpriest and warlock who interacts with each other. Another example would be the team Notorius who just won a seat at Blizcon finals with a setup of 2 warriors and a shaman.

When browsing through the forums its a general opinion that druids and rogues are weak in 5v5 arena. I met both rogues and druids (3v3 rating 2203, 5v5 2132) and not only was those teams really hard versus us (we lost some and won a few more) I would assume they are hard versus other setups as well as they were at 2100+

I have been thinking last weeks if it depends on how you build your team and I have a wild speculation.

From my own experience as well as statistics most arena teams have a stupid warrior whose job is to charge wild, apply the heal debuff, and generally harass ppl.

A warrior has one general ability, appart from being stupid, and that is he dominates the dirty rogue in arena.

With dominating I mean warriors have a huge statistical advantage over rogues. In arena warriors also control rogues easy, in terms of effort.

So if your lineup have a dirty rogue the key is to find out a way to dominate the other teams warrior and it actually seems successfull teams with rogues do just that - in different ways

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is arena the new counterstrike?

With the recent development in wow arena tournaments (see the link for Ampedsports) its tempting to answer "yes"

but the answer might be "no"

or how about "yes & no"

What differs pvp in world of warcraft from pvp in counterstrike is that pvp in wow is an addon. The game has always had pvp content but it is a pve game.

While you can gain lots of gear from pvp, arena and normal honor, you might still need pve as well. For example the popular weapon Deep thunder is only avaliable by doing pve and it requires a certain dedication and heroic instances to farm all mats.

Unlike Counterstrike which is pretty much a sit and go, wow requires a certain investment of time. Just leveling a new character will take time. It wouldnt be a too unlikely scenario for a team to want to have several different setups were some player might have two or more chars to swap between which will be very time consuming.

Time consuming is something that the gearfarming will be as well. For someone just starting out at level 70 it will take months before he or she can complete their arena set and get decent weapons not to mention the things you cant get in arena.

While Counterstrike is about skill, wow is about skill and gear making it hard for people with no epics to get a high arena rating which makes it even slower to get better armor.

One way to break this vicious circle would be to get some gear by pve, while often low stamina in comparision its still better then whatever you found when you leveled and it will make it easier to get the real stuff quicker.

While I always enjoyed both aspects, pve and pvp, lots of people doesnt and feel they are forced doing what they doesnt enjoy.

(or are able to *sigh*)

And since there always will be a need to get better gear someone with multiple arena characters might find it hard to join the arms race with both of them.

Oh and did I mention that on the very top where the pros are looking for the tiniest edges they might feel the need for epic gems which ofc are obtained in heroic dungeons.

This game isnt so much about pve or pvp as its about being pro.

Friday, May 18, 2007

wtb lucky crits

This weekend the top 8 teams in Korea arena tournament will compete for slots at world finals held at Blizzcon this summer.

Team specialist who qualified as 2nd in their BG with 2364 in rating wants to buy lucky crits.

One of the few teams without a paladin their lineup is:


The priest is shadow, the shaman is elemental and the druid is feral leaving them with 5 dps slots and no healer.

This team need to score the first and preferably the second kill and all it might take is a lucky crit.


With deepest regrett I have learned that an official determination has been made of the death of Damo, who has been missing in action since May 15th 2007, in the Serpentshrine Cavern.

As the senior blood knight overseeing his training it has been brought to my attention that Damo exhibited an eager attitude toward his training and left an excellent record when he graduated as a blood knight from Silvermoon.

As an member of the blood knight elite force, he proved himself worthy of a commission by responsible leadership and careful execution of assignment, and he contributed importantly to the activities of his guild.

I hope the memory that Damo courageously served and gave his best for our cause will help to console anyone who miss him.

very sincerly


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dione <3

While people were busy raiding SSC (see below) me and Darkhorn made a Karazhan run downing the first two bosses.

We found a few people in the guild who hadnt been invited to Kara nd we filled out with pugs from the streets of Shattarat and off we go.

Since raiding has progressed last few months Kara isnt really the huge step it used to be, its more like ZG used to be, excluding mofo troll Zinj Rin whom we couldnt kill long after Ragna. Ofc we killed him eventually and by the time of the Christmas charity raid last year we almost killed him with 50% pugs however that was much later :)

While we made our way through Kara we would get tactics for each boss from Eir, while first boss is pretty straightfoward it was the dirty boss rogue that made me worry.

We actually had to reset the first try since we got confused while dpsing. I think it was because when we used marks we werent using same ones so before 2nd try I asked Dregu to use hunters mark to mark the target for dps and dirty rogue boss went down.

Before we had marks you could use Ctra and /assist commands. In Ghost however raidleaders would simply mark the target for dps with a hunters mark, and it worked well enough for us.

So in todays raid I got to return to my paladin childhood by impersonating Dione, the closest I ever was to being a hero.

Leotheras the Blind down by Omega Point

Yet another dead boss in Serpentshrine Cavern and you know the drill:

New boss down

Closing in on no 1 spot on Frostmane (H)

No corpse to pose at

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sluck weekend

Had a sluck weekend with no arena since people was afk so I spent most of my time farming money.

Eventually we did some 3v3 late Sunday and moved into mount range, securing a 24th place, while its still *very* temporary its a huge step in the right direction.

Friday, May 11, 2007

5 In Excelcisers are more then 1 Omega Pointer

When it comes to raiding at Frostmane, horde side, theres only two guilds raiding SSC.

In Excelsis and Omega Point

Unless someone killed anything new this night there are 11 horde guilds ahead of us in Europe, and 7 that are on the same boss count. "Us" meaning Omega Point and one of the guilds who progressed further are IE.

When my arena team was formed few weeks ago and I got an invitation I didnt know the other 5 members was from IE nor would it made any difference. I was surprised when some people frowned at me joining the IE team and chatting at the IE vent *gasp*.

I say every hero needs a villain and the best villains are not only adversaries but actually someone to measure up too.

Omega Point should be happy we have IE.

David didnt get famous for beating up a lot of people smaller then himself and Omega Point wont go down in history for downing more bosses then Hjältar som Tältar.

Obviously if we didnt have them to compete against it would be someone else, my point is there is a need for competition and now we happen to have IE.

Yes its always good to kill bosses but its lot sweeter if you close the gap to IE while you at it so that you one day can pass them.

Im sure the reverse is also true. Killing a boss to widen the gap is surely nicer if you have a guild struggling to reach you, just a few bosses behind you, rather then if you are alone on the server raiding.

As for myself I always had friends outside Omega Point, I guess I have a few more now.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Wadi need to L2 read brackets

Top 0,5% within each bracket (2v2, 3v3, 5v5) will recieve a epic mount in the mail.

So this week I been looking "ok its a long way to go but we can do it"

Then today I realized I been calculating the 0,5% of the sidepages, for example Misery battlegroup in 3v3 has 249 pages so I been saying to myself we really need to work harder.

But actully each page has 20 teams....

so 5001 (teams) x 0,5% = 25 teams

so the mount is closer then I think as we are arbout 27th placed.

In 5v5, 2188 teams, you need to break into top 10 and we are about 16th-17th so

We dont have an epic mount yet but we are closer then I thought.


After todays session Italian Haircuts made it to the frontpage (best 20 teams) with our rating of 2131. No play tomorrow so that will be this weeks results.

Since its only our other week together we are quite pleased but there are still lots of improvements to make.

During today we had 2160 something and was pushing for 2200 when we started to face two different teams like 4-5 times and they both had a druid.

We lost more then we won so our team captain is doing his homework now to see to get past those teams, and any other with a druid.

While druids are uncommon in arena teams in Europe they are quite usual in Korea, in all levels, so lets hope that trend wont come here.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Italian Haircuts

So Italian Haircuts, my 5v5 arena team, have now 2049 rating which is enough for around a 27th place in the battlegroup according to armory. Since we didnt play yesterday and armory is updated one day late who knows what the exact standing is?

We will try and push above 2100 before the wednesday and end of arena week.

Its only the second week and so far it works out fairly well. While there is still room for lots of improvement Im quite happy with our progress as well that we are playing regulary.

The reason behind our modest winnings is our team captains theorycrafting.

Lots of ppl frown at theorycrafting but yet they are doing it themselves. Everything comes down to theorycrafting but everyone might not do it on a formal level. I remember the day I joined the team I recieved some 4 pages in the mail concering the theory behind the team.

Im starting to think of our captain as the pvp equialent to Eir.

Cant think of any higher praise.

Voidreaver downed by Omega Point

First time in Tempest Keep instance Omega Point managed to kill the first boss, Voidreaver, at sunday evenings raid.
At last a big boss corpse and some order!

The killing was a cornerstone in Omega Points goal to become hordes first raiding guild on Frostmane.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Thoughts about arena: Korean Pros

In online gaming Korea is a highly respected country, the top gamers in Korea are equal to their american and european counterparts (some say more then equal).

In World of Warcraft most of our influence comes from american guilds. Before Tbc the americans had access to the game earlier and hence progressed further in raidin so it was natural that we often looked at american tactics when we started doing Molten Core.

News from Korea was less usual mainly because of the language barrier. A few bits and pieces would sip through internet like Korean guilds where everyone played from the same internet cafe, and they played alot.

With some help from arena I decided to browse through some of the top 5v5 teams to see what kind of setup they would have.

It turned out to be slightly different from what one would expect.

불멸, 2425, Shaman, Warrior, Hunter, Paladin, Mage

Kill E A, 2476, Druid, Warrior, Shaman, Mage, Paladin

안드로메다팀, 2447, Warrior, Warrior, Warlock, Shaman, Paladin

Solitude, 2448, Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, Warlock, Shaman

Specialist, 2364, Warrior, Mage, Shaman, Priest, Druid

부 활, 2313, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman, Paladin, Mage

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Less healing now :/

It was when I was in air to Cenarion Stronghold I realised there was something with that name... or rather with the priest in my group, Cenaris name, that was familiar.

One of the best priest in the game, unlike Calu I dont think there is need to go overboard, just retired as well.

I know I should have known Cenari since our time together in Carnivores, but actually I dont.

It was in Booty Bay minding my own business when some level 5 person named Cenari whispered me and started talking about Vlad. For some reason I thought it whole being weird so I didnt say much.

We met again lots in the future as he was often grouped with Vlad when I had to help the lowbies.

We would later be in Ghost together in the days when every mage gave free water and epics droped from every trash.

One of my favourite memories is from a ZG raid when I didnt fully understand an boss encounter and put BoP on the warlock who tanked. As a result our mage aoer died, quite fast I might add. Cenari saw what happened and told me... to do it again since the mage was gnome and gnomes had such a funny deathanimation. Ofc Vlad got into it as well so for at least two more tries we watched the gnome die. Then our raidleader Dione got hold of us :/

We also did lots of things that quailfies as things I want to forget such as grinding elite dragonkins in Winterspring. A holy priest and holy paladin is intended to work slowly, but at least we got some good drops... after a while.

Although I havent spoken with Cenari in quite a while, seperated by factions, the mere knowledge and the hope of ganking ofc cheered me up.

Another dear friend leaving the game without sending gold :/ But at least u doesnt owe me any .)

See u in next mmorpg

Spammers never die but sometimes they quit.

Just like so many else recently Vlad has decided to retire from wow.

One of my best friends in game, I met him first time when we did Waling Caverns together on my first run there. He overnuked, blinked into mobs and whined but we managed to finnish the instance.

We both participated lots in the Tarren Mills - Souhshore rumble when the world went crazy, he even gave me water.

Back then , prior to the Dark Ages, I got a better start at him doing MC but he did get epic mageboots from a pug.

We would eventually reunite in Ghost guild for the better part of a year before we got shattered over the realms after our guild disbanded.

For some time we been seperated by fractions but theres been a few sightings in Shattarat, unfortunally its a gankfree area.

My favoruite memory, that I usually bore other ppl with, is when we raided MC and I used to run to Rosenrot with the bomb killing him. I wasnt the only one so he got the bombs a couple of times until he started standing next to Dione. It was then I noticed that he had parked his felhunter at the back wall so next time I got the bomb I instagibbed it!

Best of luck in the future, who knows we might team up in next mmorpg. Until then I hope u find a Vladtank in C&C3

ps: u still owe me money

▂▃▄▅█ VLAD TANK █▅▄▃▂

Friday, May 4, 2007

A different perspective

I seldom do pugs.

One of the reasons is that I seldom have time.

I spend alot of time at my hunter alt to farm money and other stuff I need, and since my friends and arena team know where I am I seldom find myself idle whenever I log in paladin.

Another reason is that most pugs requests are for normal instances, while I prefer doing heroics.

And when it comes to heroics I dont go with pugs.

In my guild theres like 3-4 setups with people that usually group and we know each others playstyle etc so we usually finnish instances like heroc Mechenar within 50 minutes.l

Even more seldom is when u find people u want to grp with again in your rare pugs. This might be somewhat unfair because most pugs have less then optimal setups and under those conditions its hard to deliver perfect runs.

But it was a few days ago I started chatting with one of these good people. A highly skilled player who impressed me with imba dps during a pug a while ago. Whenever we bump into each other at Scryer bank we usually say hello and it was then he told me he was "almost done".

I thought he was farming to craft something or perhaps completing his blue set (he doesnt raid) but he explained to me he actually meant he was almost done completing his 2nd blue set, he was having both dps and healing set.

We chat a bit more wished each other best of luck.

It was later I started thinking how different that perspective was. Farming gear as a goal and be done as opposed of farming gear so u can farm more gear and farm more gear.

I long thought the gladiator set would be the first and last set I would complete (technically I actually have two sets for double +35 resilance but nvm) but I think I will keep my legs from Kara since they have much better healing stats.

Now it seems like there will be a tier 2 gladiator gear sooner or later.

Maybe that will be my first full set :/

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dimishing returns in arena plz

So today we started happily with 5v5 in order to improve our 1847 rating. Things went smooth even if we lost one game due to a member crashing and not being present, that single loss came versus a team that we already beaten twice or thrice.

Shit happens and we quickly gained 100+ in rating, stopping at 1987 after going 18-1m it was when we approached the 1900 that we started to meat same team over and over again. First time we beat them we got 13 pts then the number was reduced every time until we got something like 3 pts for beating them the fifth or sixth consecutive time.

Once we cleared 1900 we started to meet other teams so probably it was just us being too low to meet any other while they were too high leaving us with no other teams to meet.

I still think they should make a limit to how many consecutive times you can meet each other. After 3-4 times lets match with 2nd closest team.

While this was early afternoon before prime time it was still one dull 45 mins grinding same team over and over again, might have been funnier with more then 3-4 pts per win ofc


At least we were winning!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Success on all levels, The Lurker below downed by Omega Point and more important I get epix

Seems like the bottle neck has been past, yet another boss is down in SSC and this time a real body for the victory shot!

Congratulations every one who made it happen, Omega Point is now the 2nd horde guild on the server and the goal is to pass In Excelsis the upcoming weeks.

No matter what happens next week you can be sure Omega Point is on the move.

On a personal level I purchased the gladiator chest today and is now fully decked in epics.

Our arena team had the chance to sluck the latest days as our teamcaptain was gone. Hes now back and we will keep pushing our rating this week.

I am ready, at least my gear is.