Monday, April 30, 2007

Morogrim Tidewalker downed by Omega Point

Sunday night Omega Point killed Morogrim Tidewalker first time. Im still not happy with the body, but at least order was restored for the victory screenshot.
I was oficially bored at work but its good news for all the people who been putting their effort into raiding.
Last few weeks been hard on the raiding as we struggled with class balances and attendancy, as such we recruited lots of new people.
In just a couple of weeks the half the guildchat been filled with strangers.
Having had to wait several times on my arena team to log, without knowing if they intend to log, and when they log others loged off I can fully understand the frustration.
In Sol Legion we used to have sign up threads for raids. One problem was that if you saw your class being full you didnt bother to sign up (or even log) and then someone didnt show up :(
In Ghost we used to do the other way around, if you couldnt make it you posted on forums.
Yet the viscious circle would hit us in the face no matter what method we used. I e having so many ppl in the guild so not all can raid at same time. This will compensate when people afks, but it often leads to some people never getting a raidslot.
While both a logic and fairness into this I still recall when I played the role of the eldery statesman last autumn. I did Strat and Scholo when rest of the guild raided Naxx, problem was I was online every day and eventually we had the situation, when people didnt log, that either bring me to Naxx in Tier 0, or lack healers in the raid.
Patchwerk was hard :/

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Troll lol

Oficially bored at work I decided to browse through the different classforums and have a look.

Lets say I found a common theme, heres a few topics:

From the druidforum:
"Feralgear outside Tiers are nonexistant" "Druid DPS? Lol they suck" "Buff tree lol form" "The big will we ever thread" "Lack of moonkin gear"

From the hunterforum:
"Hunter DEADZONE abuse FIX IT" "Enough is enough" "Does it get better" "How "useful" are hunters anyway" "Hunter .. arena.. Blades Edge.. dead.. WTF" "Want to play arena, any point in playing hunter"
From the mageforum
"Mages are lost.. Blizzard wtf :(" "10% frostbolt and fireball tax WTF is that" "Mages useless class in the game" "Mages the problems and why it wont be solved" "Why did u do this to us Blizz"
From the paladinforum
"Blizzard hate paladins" "Regarding upcoming nerf and future role" Do u remember last time we got a buff" "Paladin the only class with one tree" If you dont wanna fix the itemization" "Arena killed the paladinstar"
From the Priestforum
"Fear nerf and us" "Petition -fire designer t4, t5, t6" "Priest itemization weak" "Hey Blizzard listen to us" WHY dont we have AOE" "Why there is so little chance to stay alive" What about buffing us instead of nerfing us"
From the (dirty) rogueforum
"Freaking rogue nerfs" "Where is all the rogue gear" "Stealth whats the point it just doesnt work" "Why am I so weak" "Cant kill anything!" "Rogues most nerfed!" "Make rogues good in grps"
From the warriorforum
"Nerfing warrior and Blizzard marketing" "Spell reflect nerf" "... and warrior damage is being nerfed" "Trinket nerf makes warrior sitting ducks" "Why I prefer druids bearform over warriors" "Warrior nerf...RIDICOLOUS"
From the warlockforum
"Warlocks least represented class in arena" "Fear nerf only affects horde IMO" "Buff warlocks" "FIX fear pls for the 3748th time" "We need a new defensive ability" "Blizzard are u retarded" "Sick of getting nerfed every patch that comes"
From the shamanforum
"Yeah shamans are so gimped" "Another nerf -Bloodlust got it this time" "Why dimishing returns on Frostshock" "Reading shamansforums is better then play" "What use for shamans now" "When do shamans get fun"

Italian Haircuts

Halfway through the first week after the team was made Italian Haircuts secures a 9th place at horde side on the server and a 79th place in the battlegroup.

We hope our rating, 18847, will increase more before the end of the week.

Crossdressers and Theorycrafters

So here me and "Köttaren", the warrior in my 3v3 and 5v team, were waiting for the other people to finnish the instances when we decided to go and do some 2v2 just for fun.

It was when we met a mirror matchup I noticed the other paladin wore a dress of some kind, and wearing dresses in the arena makes you nice and squishy.

Köttaren laiks!

Now according to statistics hunters roughly makes up 17% of the wow population, give or take a few bots this still makes hunters the most played class.

Acctording to same statistics (forum whines) only 1% of all members of top arena teams (whatever that is) are hunters.

Unlike most people I dont think hunters are a poor class for the arena. Its just that few hunters seem to show up pvp spec in good teams. Without going into details every team I been in has acknowledge the hunter threat by putting them quite high in kill list.

The same goes for druids. I never met a druid who been happy with the arena. Everyone seem to think their class got the shaft.

At the same time I met lots of druids that been a menance.

I for one rather blame the team then the class. Or blame the setup, the strategy, luck or even skills.

In the arena its seldom the class itself that fails.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lights plan?

While paladins tanking come a long way since the dark ages we still arent comparable to warrior at the endgame.

While its true that paladin been tanking, and even maintanking, Kara, Gruul and Ssc these are still very unusual. Those who actually make it are usually considered freakshows rather then tanks.

The main problems are the difference in mechanics between our holy shield and warriors shieldblock, at least thats what I read about in the forums.
Another problem is that our tanking gear has less stamina then our warrior counterparts, and some nasty mobs with silences and manaburns etc.

This makes me wonder.

Why is there so much tanking gear avaliable to paladins? Not only the T4 sets but also lots of other gear especially designed for paladins.

While Blizzard stated that both druids and paladins should be viable as tanks, the adjustment of the tanking talents as well as the intemization does makes sense.

But on the other hand a paladin who wants to tank endgame has lots of obstacles to overcome. Too many for it to be as viable as... dps warriors or shadowpriests which are generally accepted although not always needed.

Blizzard must know this.

So what havent we discovered yet?

Is there a future raidboss who only can be tanked by paladins? A raidboss whose design makes it impossible for warriors to tank him?

I wouldnt be surprised if such was the case.

Who knows what Lights plan is?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The sun is blue

My new 3v3 team, Hamstringed Hamsters, currently got the 24th place in the ladder with our 2106 rating and theres still room for improvement. Finally some arena points start to come my way, while still long way to go, I hope were on the right track.

Main reason for leaving the old team, which btw was very promising, is simply that I was unhappy with the playtime. We had a really hard time getting sorted and playing. Often we would just sit and wait forever it felt like and when the people missing eventually logged on someone else had just logged off or had to do something else.

I myself also had things to attend to so its not like I was the only one sitting and waiting, its more like better try and find people that are on a similar time schedule as yourself.

If there is a difference between my old team and my new team I would say that the single most important factor is that we are on vent and that I get more pokes about what to do.

Like I said before I seldom see the total picture and thats true in pvp too where I often feel I lack a deeper understanding about different classes then my own. But thats being more then enough compensated for, it also helps having vent obviously.

Also had an invite to a new 5v5 team thats being formed this week, I got it through the 3v3 team as a few members will overlap.

I already got a 4 pages long email with the team strategy and setup. The theory crafter guarantees a top 10 position. It will be very interesting to see how things will work out.

The best strategy can be foiled by something as trivial as a stun at the wrong time.

I also visited Serpentshrine once again and killed Lord Karathress. Second time I been raiding SSC and second kill not to mention they were first kills! Thanks to the people who took their time to perfect the strategy and making it possible.

Once again Blizzard obviously fails. Where is the huge body to gather around for the victory photo?

Take for example this old picture of Ghost killing Fankriss:

Notice the difference? Other then Ghost being better organized on the picture ofc, which goes hand in hand with alliance order versus horde chaos.

Late during night after raid me and Eir did Mana Tombs killing the first two bosses.

We did it just the two of us.

It did go alot easier then last time I did it in a group :/

Oh and guess who was tanking with holyspec!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Graphics gg!

Sometimes I wonder who design stuff at Blizzard. I mean sometimes they design epic gear that looks like some lowbie grey items and dont get me started on loladin armor.

Lots of the platearmor for females are also weird looking, like I said earlier you wear platearmor to protect yourself in combat so why does it show my belly :(

Im quite happy with my design of my new helmet however, look its real plate and it has extra protective stuff for my cheeks yet its open in design so it wont limit the eyesight.

Having Judgement style armor with only slits for your eyes is cool until someone hits your head. Now if they just could fix something for my ears :(

And Hydross boss I killed yesterday. A fat raidboss should have a fat corpse so you can do some screenshots :(

Oh and I saw the movie "300" today.

I was more then impressed by it and by king Leonidas bravery and ofc how they handled their shields <3

With some platearmor and paladin diciplin those guys would have ruled the world.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Hydross down

Since there werent enough healers online I was invited to Serpenshrine and participated in Omega Points first kill of the Hydross.

It was actually fun raiding again and Serpentshrine was very different from everything I seen earlier. Not only was the looks alot better from earlier dirty caverns, the trash also had lots of abilities incl calling for help.

I almost wiped the raid at one giant boglord since I forgot to log vent. When you get target by his poison rain you must run through him to the tank. I didnt know this and didnt hear when they yelled at me on vent then the raidchat was spammed with "Wadi move" and I was like "ok move where" so I moved sideways first :)

I actually hope I get invited when we progressed more so I can see next bosses too, I guess I must do some reading if such is the case :D

Thursday, April 19, 2007

We are paladins part 4

Paladins have shaped the history more then anyone else thanks to such greats like Uther Lightbringer and Tirion Fodring and thanks to Dranei and Blood elves Im sure we will be an interesting part of the future as well.

In the Blizzard description of the class we find:

"Wearing heavy armor, they can withstand terrible blows in the thickest battles while healing their wounded allies and resurrecting the slain. In combat, they can wield massive two-handed weapons, stun their foes, destroy undead and demons, and judge their enemies with holy vengeance. Paladins are a defensive class designed to outlast their opponents."

further Blizzard states:

"The Paladin is a mix of a melee fighter and a secondary spell caster. The Paladin is ideal for groups due to the Paladin's healing, Blessings, and other abilities. Paladins can have one active aura per Paladin on each party member and use specific Blessings for specific players. Paladins are pretty hard to kill, thanks to their assortment of defensive abilities. The Paladin can also heal with Holy Light, unlike other combat classes. The Paladin is an Undead specific fighter as well, with several abilities designed to be used against the Undead."

It makes me wonder if you spec 10-41-10 and dress in part warrior plate and cant heal a damn, although you is a quite good tank, are you still a paladin?

or if all you do is healing and run around dressed in cloth?

How far can you go and still be a paladin?

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Living Ruby Serpent

Had to repsec back to holy :(

While the idea was good, to farm money, there was one thing I didnt consider. That suddenly it was very hard doing instances, or getting groups rather.

So I decided to switch back and is now holy again. I took the chance of removing Imp Lay of Hands and some other pve stuff making the build more pvp.

Having been herbalist and miner for a long time I decided to switch to jewelcrafting, dropping herbalism ofc, as I need more stamina I think living ruby serpent will be just like I need.

As Im still dreaming of an epic flying mount I decided to get all mats myself and stay off AH.

I think this will be the first time I actually craft something for myself that I need. I did a Hammer of the Titans for Vlad and one for Norns long time ago (just before TUF owned the hammer market) but I never did anything for myself so that will be kind of fun.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

10 heals gogo!

I decided this morning that its time to get an epic mount so I respec protection, as its the best solo spec (I used to be prot since lvl 43 all the way up to 70).

Eir told me that doing all quests would bring me lots closer to my epic mount, while mining and herbing on the way ofc. I fear that the new patch might cause the herb market to collapse so I might get another profession.

Since my sneaky AH plan failed I guess its all about hard work now.

So in the evening I entered arena with the new spec and the increased survival from the prot spec made a huge difference.

The reduced points in holy meant that although I would have 9k mana when I entered I would be oom after about ten heals if Im forced to heal nonstop while I could be going whole night if I were to have my old holy spec.

Since pvp is all about being the last man standing, look at the whopping +heal you get from arena, I think I made the right call.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The nerfbat hits us

The dark ages are over us again.

The Illumination nerf threatens to undo years of development for paladins and brings us back to the sorry state we were in years ago when we started raiding Molten Core.

Just like the fall of the Roman Empire left Europe in a state of darkness where people forgot more and more of the civilization (and then came the vikings gg).

Lots of paladins will fall prey for ignorance and start gearing up in cloth, leather and mailarmor (in that order) to ensure they have the correct healing and manaregen, its truly the dark times again.

Although the current itemization is alot better then during the dark ages one must realize that alot of gear for paladins, as well as talents, are built around % spellcrit.

I dont think that paladins will continue to be viable as solo healers, without help from shadowpriest, in heroic dungeons so perhaps we revert back to the unwanted hybrid that were only good for buffs and offhealing.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Killed Magtherion

Yesterday during the raid we were short of healers so I recieved an invitation.

Actually I declined the first invitation as I was doing an heroic and were closing in on the last boss, and it was several hours after raidstart anyway.

If you would have asked me months ago when I was raiding I would have told you this was the wrong call as its your duty, as a member of a raidguild, to always be ready. Since I steped down from raiding Im not really sure, I didnt want to leave my friends, including another guildie, just hanging there either. While Im happy to always help out when it comes to raiding everyone has priority over me so it was just weird that noone but me was online and I recieved an raidinvitation.

I explaind the situation and noone came back to me and raid continued so I guess they managed . If they would have come back with a more urgent request Im not sure what I would have replyed so Im happy it didnt come to that.

A few hours later I recieved a 2nd raidinvite which I was happy to accept after clearing the arena I was in.

The fight went smooth without casualties.

Not thanks to me I think. I only participated in the first tries of Magtherion so I never made it past the first adds. So I had no knowledge of the fight. I was told to heal one tank as long as his add were up then switch to another. The problem was when second tank also were done I didnt know what to do so I ran around doing some raidhealing and some tank healing.

Our maintank spammed "Dont link cleave!" and I was like "hm better not .... link .. yes better not..."

and at 30% suddenly a new emote from Magtherion and the room started collapsing Oo

But boss went down and day was saved and now I killed Magtherion too.

And rest of the week Im safe because Im not attuned to Serpentshrine ^^

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Its all in the frame of mind

I often get lots of whispers about pugs. Its all from lower instances to heroics, and they all got one thing in common. They need a healer and they assume I am one.

Well I am a healer so it isnt a problem but it strange that they assume it and doesnt even ask. Or maybe it isnt strange at all but it says alot about how people view our class.

Whenever you see warrior you dont assume they are all tanks.

I think the main reason is that there are few paladins who arent healers.

No reason to be upset about it as some people on the forums are^^ but other hybrid classes have some diveristy.

You do meet feral druids and dps shamans from time to time.

I heard Blizzard are checking up on the retribution three right now for next patch, the protection three is viable I think.

I still dont think we would be able to do pure dps. Even if they buff us we still be lowest dps, but maybe we can hit things while we offheal the way many shamans do now.

One easy way of doing this buff without disrupting any of the game mechanics would be increasing the party buff of a retri paladin. The buffs through Sanctified Crusader and Sancity Aura arent good enough. Compare that to shamans blood lust and totems.

Also fixing the Crusader Strike back to 6 seconds and the Vengeance nerf wouldnt be owerpowerd in Tbc where everyone got a truckload of more hp,

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Paladins and tanking

Well I did tank lots of 5 mans while leveling 60-70 and since paladins have far better threat generation then warriors I did a resonable good job. I met lots of people who were sceptical at first but after said paladins indeed could tank.

Back then, when tbc just had hit the shelves, people said that paladins can very well tank 5 mans but heroics and Karazhan was out of reach. Well we did read about 1-2 paladins making posts at the us forums who tanked but whe considered them freakshows or something.

As it turned out its still very unusal for paladins to tank Kara but its been happening enough so people realize its possible. I mean possible for paladins to tank Kara but not Gruuls ofc.

Actually paladins have been tanking Gruuls too and done a good job, so guess what?

Now people say that Gruuls can be tanked by paladins but not Magtherion ofc.

Frankly I dont care if I wont ever tank anything more in my whole life although I admitt I enjoyed it because tanking gave me a wider understanding about instances. About how different encounters work.

Being in Omega Point I often get questions about strategies at bosses and I most confess I seldom have an understanding. I know exactly (well most of the times) what I need to do, where I need to stand and how I have to move but thats about it.

I dont really know enough to form a tactic or something. The main reason is that as a healer Im watching the healthbars more then I watch the games.

So when I did my short session of tanking I found the game more interactive then previous and it was also harder because of that.

And tanking meant I didnt have to care about healers mana. screw them!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

2v2, 3v3 ----------------> 5v5

After a hectic week, thats not over yet btw, arena seem to stablilize.

It started a few days ago with the 2v2 which me and Bigbeef do basically when we are waiting for other people to log or get out from instances. Its just for fun as warrior - paladin combo isnt particulary good, especially not when the paladin isnt dps speced.

We had plenty of good fun though even if we lost more then we won, until we started winning again. We wont reach the uper limits but I think we played enough games to safely say we are wining lots more then we are losing.

It takes lots of games before you learn the basic strategy in different situations and even more games before you adapt to you team hence the need to play lots of games.

After trying a few different lineups in 3v3 we tried today with me, Bigbeef and Nirath a rogue (dirty ofc) and it seemed to work resonably well. At least we won lots more then we lost and whats even more important the games we lost werent without chance. Except versus one team that we lost three times too, we were outgunned, outgeared and folded apart in that matchup.

The 5 man is still a mess. Mostly because we dont have a reliable 2nd healer. In case someone who knows my team reads this I must point out I mean with reliable the attendancy nothing else. Our present healers are highly skilled but they raid almost every day making it difficult to be a part of the arena team as well.

Our lineup has changed to 2 rogues (dirty yes), 1 warrior and 1 paladin and it do seem to work quite well. As soon as we find the last member I think things will look brighter. Once we can do a week together I hope we can get the same situation as in 2v2 and 3v3 that our played games just kick in and we start winning.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Under development

Slowly but unsafe my arena team make progress, or well. Our rating has droped like a stone and we have been adding so many new members that were almost a new team.

Thats part of the reason why were constantly losing since we havent found a stable lineup yet but sooner or later we will wash out the pve raiders.

Doesnt matter much if we are winning or losing.

At least we are playing!

One of the reasons arena is so fun is that its quite refreshing. Meeting all different lineups and strategies makes every game feel fresh and nonrepeating. The short games, in comparision to AV, AB or even WSG makes the grinding feeling disappear.

I always enjoyed pve too even if it involves going to same instance over and over again which comes in handy ofc when you need to farm something (doesnt you always?) I very much enjoy a smooth easy instance run without wipes and hassle. Long before wow I enjoyed doing "perfect runs" through Super Mario or whatever game I played then, having the exact movments and stages mapped (this makes me wonder why i fail at jumping in wow)


When I read the about the new instance, the Black Temple, one line really got my attention:

"Choose your path through a nonlinear level-70 raid dungeon, as you make your way to... "

Theres really no way of knowing exactly what this means.

It could be something simple as a random event like the opera in Karazhan.

But lets say its not what could it then mean?

Some games, like the very old Garrisson, use random mapping. Meaning you would need to fight your way through new labyrinths, at random, every time you played.

One way would perhaps to be like you would have random passages which differed in looks but would have same length and some random mobs and ofc a few random minibosses, the opera event is basically fine would just like some more events.

"Nonlinear" should mean more then just random encounters like the dirty rogue in Shadowlabs, lets hope it will.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Major endgame changes

"Consumables We’re making substantial changes to the way certain consumables work . In particular, Flasks and Elixirs are going to undergo major changes. More information will be available later on. We want Flasks and Elixirs to be a part of the game. We want alchemy to be a cool, needed profession. But we want to remove the tedium and cost from the massive consumable farming that’s going on for endgame raiding. We’ll provide more information soon – but for now, expect big changes to Flasks and Elixirs. "

"End Game Itemization As we’ve stated before, we made a lot of improvements to endgame gear progression.

To put it in perspective, take a look at this Warrior Tanking Breastplate from before and after.

Destroyer Chestguard Currently
+24 Strength
+22 Agility
+39 Stamina
Blue Socket
Yellow Socket
Red Socket
Socket Bonus
+6 Stamina
Equip: Increases Defense Rating by 23
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 16
Equip: Improves hit rating by 18

Destroyer Chestguard – Patch 2.1.0
+21 Strength
+22 Agility
+51 Stamina
Blue Socket
Yellow Socket
Red Socket
Socket Bonus +6 Stamina
Equip: Increases Defense Rating by 23
Equip: Increases your dodge rating by 20
Equip: Improved hit rating by 20"

Then there were also some improvments for dirty rogues. Didnt read that part to well but I would say the new patch adresses some of the concerns me and lots of other people had.

So whining does pay off!

Official source

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Oh well

Reached an alltime low today.

We had gotten at least three new people who was eager to pvp with us. Do you think they show up on the lats day when we need to score our games?

Im not really blaming anyone of them, its just that the situation when you have to wait for ppl that might or might not log is symbolic for the last month with the arena team.

Eventually we had to ask around and found a substitute for just one day. While frowning at the quickfix we had to do it to at least get some points and ofc we ended up losing every game due to poor play from our part.

Cant really expect things to go smooth if you only get together and play 1 time per week.

So lets hope things improves next week.

This bring back memories from when I first ventured into MC. The lack of healers were killing us (litterary). Not only did we have too few healers, there were always someone not online for raids, and when we finally managed to recruit a few they soon left us for better guilds.

I dont really know how we eventually made it through MC but I guess you need to hang in there and not give up.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The road gets narrower

After being afk for the weekend, visiting my parents, I rushed back home. I was delayed so when I finally logged in a few hours later then expected I was desperate for some wow.

Exactly 30 mins later I was wondering why I even logged in this day.

Without raiding Im basically stuck with doing arena. I guess I will be happy with that for a while but last weeks the arena been a mess. We had serious attendance problems and havent been able to play the minimum 10 games for this week even, and last week we had to rally last day.

I told myself I quit this game when I cant improve my gear and when Im not having fun. I guess you can say both are approaching quick.

Being off the epix train is ok to start with but pretty soon you notice that all your friends either raid or are busy farming for raids and pretty soon all you conversation is "Hey Wadi look I got a purple item" I seen that happen often.

I did start to level a hunter, thats getting ganked in Stv now, since I will be playing lots solo and at odd hours, if I continue, a hunter is a pretty good choice.

Well Im not giving up just yet. We are making every effort of sorting the arena team.