Friday, March 30, 2007

Interview with Dread

Dread, spokesperson from Memento Mori (Frostmane allianceguild" ) agreed to answer a few questions

-Hello Dread, thx for agreeing to answer some questions. Let me first congratulate you for downing Magtheridon, it also seems like your progressing well in Serpentshrine Cavern. Exactly how far are you?

Thank you Wadi! Right now we have downed 3 bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern and are working on Leotheras the Blind and The Lurker Below.

-Tell us a bit about your guild? Did you have any sweet server firsts?

Memento Mori is a scandinavian guild with most of our members from and living in Sweden, formed in March 2005 by Boboflum -who is no longer playing.. And since then we have always tried our outmost to become the best at what we do -kill bosses- on our server and overall in the world. We've had quite a few server firsts, most remarkably i have to say the Kel'Thuzad kill from last year wich was such a great feeling

-What is required to be recruited? and by all means make it past trial period?

Most of it can be read in our recruitment post on the recruitment forum, but there are ofc certain things that the officers and class leaders are looking into that isnt listed, in some cases going to ex-guildmembers of that person and asking questions etc. But basically we want very active and experienced players (scandinavian or at least understanding Swedish) and having good gear to go with that is a plus. Most of our tryouts make it to member actually, there has been a few extreme cases where we've had to kick the tryout.

-Blizzard have stated they they arent planning any new 40 man raid instances, only 25 mans. Alot guilds had to cut downsize their number of members when TBC was realesed. How did your guild handle this and do you see the new smaller tbc raids as positive or negative?

I think its a good thing, managing a guild with 60-70 members is much tougher than one with 40-45, and especially for recruiting you can ask for higher standards of your new members and looking for more experienced and well geared people as you dont need as many. As for us we didnt have to kick anyone and thats a good thing, we had ~10 rogues and ~9 warriors and lots of the other classes a few weeks before BC but many stopped playing when BC came, they switched to other guilds, made their own guilds etc and it helped thin out our guild and we were suddenly perfectly sized for Burning Crusade raiding.

-Do you think that the increase of difficulty been scaling well if you look at the raidinstances ZG to Serpentshrine? I myself thought MC was somewhat easier then ZG, at least we struggled at Jindo while we had MC on farm. As for Kara it has some very complicated fights like Netherspite but it doesnt feel like the plateu I thought it would be.

The thing is that many if not all instaces have been changed so many times they are unrecognizable to what they first were. Molten Core was hard when it came because 1: You had crap gear and 2: All bosses had alot more hp. But however as all instances were just before BC came i would say it probably has been nice for the newer guilds. In MC almost all bosses are "Tank and Spank" while in ZG you have to use tactics and new things compared to what you did in MC.. in BWL you go to another step, bosses hit alot harder, much damage on the entire raid and not just the tank etc. AQ40 i just have to say is my least favourite instance, the trashmobs are so boring in there.. However many of the bosses, especially Twin Emperors and up is an entirely new concept and was revolutionary when they came and also a big step in difficulty from ZG/MC. Naxxramas, once again a step up in difficulty and this instance is more about individual skill and performance, the people in your raid develops alot, also this is my #1 all time instance, Never has as much fun as i had in Naxx and the bosses are just awesome in there.. great Lore, not too annoying trash

-Speaking about plateus. I think Omega Point was the last guild to kill Gruul unbugged before his nerf. Now hes a big joke as far as Im concerned, ogre king Malguar almost being more demanding. You think Blizzard made the right call in nerfing him?

Yes, he needed a nerf in some way.. Nerfing both his HP and his Shatter Damage AND outgoing melee damage was a bit too much, he is about as challenging as peeling a potatoe as he is now. What they should've done was lowering hp like they did or just reducing the shatter damage a tiiiny little bit from 9k to 8 or 7k max, and made it impossible to crit But epics are for the hardcores and is for helping the hardcore players doing what they think is fun.

-Lot of people are discussing if the heavy need for consumables are the right way to design raidencounters. Flasks, pots, buff food, various other consumables, the list is rather long and Im sure you used most of it. The average AH value for raiding is around 300g per day, what do you think of it and how often does your guild "flask up" ?

I hate it, they shouldnt design bosses like they do "pots make up for gear you get later" yeah right.. show me the gear that gives me that huge amount of stats

-When we started going to MC ages ago there was lots of tactics avaliable from american sources. TBC is still fairly new but there are lots of webpages with tactics for raiding already, so basically anyone can copy a tactic off internet. Do you think this is creating lots of mindless people who just smash the buttons. I mean how do you think the internet with all info changes the game?

There certainly are a few bosses where you could just "ah thats the tactic, lets go kill him" and you kill him just like that.. but the higher end raiding of BC is proving so difficult i doubt guilds using guides will have it much easier on them. HOWEVER, what reading a guide does especially is telling you exactly what the boss's spells and abilities are and how to counter them, THAT is what guides does in BC that will help the most, and ofc positioning.. wich is very important. Being one of the first guilds on a boss before tactics have been leaked to various guide-sites is alot of fun and a good reason to play at this level as you get to experience the content first hand, learn all the abilities by your self, learn by doing, wipe by learning etc.. And much more satisfactory when you actually kill the boss

-I think I ran out of questions now. Thankyour for answering them and is there anything you would like to add?

It has been fun answering your questions, and good luck with Serpentshrine Cavern, i am sure you will all have a great time there and wipe yourself silly like us

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gruul Nurfed

So tonight I killed Gruul nurfed.

The mobs before his lair killed more of our raid then him, which certainly says more of us then of him, but when ogre boss in the lair feels more demanding then Gruul himself it says more about how the encounter been nerfed.

I dont really care about all the time and money we put into killing Gruul before nerf, we all gladly did it just beacause we wanted to do it.

The balance between hardcore and casual has always been hard for blizzard. Since so many things unlock through Gruuls death (needed for attunement) I guess it was good to nerf him, although they could have done it from start.

Looking back at pre tbc most people could make it at least to raiding MC and in some cases BWL (and AQ20 and ZG ofc) The hardcore raiders had AQ40 and the more hardcore people had Naxx which "old" Omega Point failed to clear since we got stuck on Thaddeus. A joint raid between ISLE (Omega Point) and Non Phixon (now called Repentance) managed to kill Loatheb.

Its really hard to classify the raiding instances in tbc yet but Karazhan do have a ZG feel over it, if such is the case that those are on the same level and that Serpent Shrine is MC... then I dont think the hardcores have to whine much longer about the Gruul nerf there will be plenty of new raidbosses to wipe at.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Upcomming feature this week (hopefully)

An interview with a spokesperson from one of Frostmanes top raiding guilds

Life without raiding

So far its been quite a good experience.

Whenever I read GMOTD with a list of all consumables needed for next raid I just relax, oh did I tell you that were now stuck at Magtherion and we use flasks every day.

The main reason I still log in is my arena team but as usual there are some preperations needed, I must still go to instances to farm gear thats not avaliable through arena and ofc I have to farm gear to wear while waiting for arena gear....

But overall I obviously have lots of more time now which I can spend doing fun instances, meeting friends I didnt have time to see and less grinding so although the decision to step down was forced upon me Im quite happy of how it turned out.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

As the world turns

Oldschool Piimps 5 man team waiting for arena.

Wont be raiding anymore since my new job interferes.

Omega Poing isnt a guild for someone who can raid 2-4 times per week so to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations I chose to step down for raiding, forsaking my position.

Or rather I was explaining the situation to the guildofficers and made it clear I wasnt expecting any freeriding.

I might still be needed days when Im off, but generally raidinvites are handed out on attendance basis so as soon as ranked been filled I dont expect to raid anymore and already a new paladin has joined making five of us in total, although me and another wont be raiding.

Raiding has been all I done for a long time now, ever since first summer after gamerealese, and if theres one thing I know for sure is that people that fall off the gravy train barley make it after a while when everyone they know are busy raiding or farming for raids.

For that reason I value my arena team lots now as it gives me a reason, and a damn good one, to log in everyday and keep on my toes. While less time consuming its still very competetive.

I was expecting to feel a relief giving my second thoughts about raiding and true that but I also feel sort of remorse. I miss raiding and while not 100% sure I wanted to continue raiding I am sure I would do what i done earlier again given the choice.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Death in the family

I never knew him so I felt it wasnt appropriate to attend the funeral cermony but someone made a memorial webpage ......

Note: This is about a wowplayer who died real life

Overheard from gchat

You have to be really carefull when posting things regarding your own guild. You never know who reads this.

Its also potentially unfair since you only give your side of an argument if thats what you post.

However today I overheard someone saying something like:

"Give me raidinvite cause I got some green stuff and I need to pick up ez epics"

Ok he had enough sense to stop after green stuff, but seriously dont be like him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Using no strategy as a strategy

After struggling with our arena team for weeks we had not progressed anything today . We would usually win a few games and lose a few games (more) keeping our score between 1500-1550.

After losing and wiping the last weeks records at 1558 down to 1508 we knew we were doing something wrong.

We tried most strategies with different kill orders depending on which setup we met, using ctra to sort targets.

But often it wouldnt work that well. Regardless if we called the target as we entered we would run into problems in executing the plan.

So it was decided that we put too much effort into setting up the kill itself.

Our new plan was that we didnt have any plan, instead we just zerg it.

People seemed to relax more and could focus on what they do best pwning instead of coordinating their attacks.

This new plan took us from 1508 to 1590 with almost straight wins, including a few long and seesawed battles.

So lets see next week if we can improve even more. The fact remains that in 30 mins we made more pts then in the previous two weeks.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sneaky AH plan part 2

After trying to play the AH for a week, buying cheap and selling expensive while keeping the prices high by buying the undercuters my advice is: kids dont try this at home!

While I made some good money I also lost some money when I put stuff in AH that didnt sell on several tries and evetually I had to see it cheap just to get my money back and often that meant I lost the AH cut.

Its simply to many people that will undercut you.

Since there isnt any cost, other then time, that you invest to gather herbs for example there isnt any limit to how much you can be undercut.

Others might just want some gold and will sell a stack of whatever and be happy with their 10g

Still collecting is probably the safest bet.

While you wont make as much money as crafters you have to realize that most crafters wont make any money or only do it under a limited time when their patterns are new and not outdated.

Also most crafters are lazy. If you see people in trade# selling gems or enchants you often see them not having mats themselves, rather they chose to charge a modest clicking fee

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Official screenshot

The official Omega Point screenshot after the Gruul kill, you can see me sitting down at the bottom of the "P" :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Breaking news

21:40 server time Omega Point became the third guild on server to kill Gruul the Dragonkiller.
When hes not killing dragons hes usually smashing up raids, often described as the first plateu in tbc raiding, it took us two hours of wipes killing him (incl a 2% wipe).
Well done everyone!

Some musings

Shattarat City is nice. With the shared inns and everything sooner or later you will meet someone you know from the other faction. Here I ran into Himinub, oh dear why are even nelfs bigger then us ? :((

I got my orb of decepion too (thx Eir) and just as I secretly hoped... very secrety... that it would turn me into a dranei ... and it did :D

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What prize glory? part 2

"This Thursday we will try some more serious tries on Gruul. For all I want you to have 2 flasks, hp flasks for healers, melee dps ap flask, and mages/locks supreme power. Also all bring: - Rumsey rum black label
- Stamina food, 30 stam preferably, 20 is acceptable too.
- Free action potions
- Elixirs of mastery
- Elixirs of fortitude
- All kind of potions and elixirs who buffs ur class, this being dps pots, healing/regen pots, tanking pots and etc."

- Omega Points guildorders per 13th March

I knew this day would be comming and fortunally I have a titans at the bank, I also have half of the mats for the second one. The rest of the mats arent really a problem to farm since we got 2 days notice.

I think its perfectly resonable to have one attempt like this every week, I dont see it realistic to have them every day as been suggested.

I know that when Gruul is dead it will be all worth it because such is the nature of victories.

But what happens if he is still alive after this Thursday?

Sneaky AH plan

After creating a sneaky (and secret) bankalt I identifed the goods I would be trading. Without going further into details its a kinda all around herb. Think dreamfoil, altough it obviously isnt.

When I first looked at AH there were several herbs there ranging from 25-35 golds buyout. This was during weekend where prices tend to go down a bit. I bought four stacks for 30g and one stack for 35g (buyout=, drying up AH on full stacks I then put out two for sale at the prices of 35g bid and 40g buyout.

This was during morning and the next time I checked during afternoon people were underselling me for same price I had bought mine for. I waited until 1800 where I went in and again bought all on AH.

My plan was to take advantage of desperate raiders and it worked since when I loged on at midnight after raid I had sold both stacks for bo price.

Since AH now was empty I put out 1 stack for 55g buyout and it sold during night.

Next day I put out two more for same price during lunch. There were a few people selling half stacks for roughly half of the price I asked for so it seemed like my prices became sort of standard.

When I relog AH my herbs were still unsold but only herbs in AH so I remain hopefull that they sell during week.

Monday, March 12, 2007

What prize glory?

So here I was on my way to raiding Gruuls lair when I suddenly realized Im not enjoying myself. Part of the reason is that we been stuck at the boss for weeks unable to kill him. Our guild had some attendancy problems last weeks so we often had improper class balance even to try him.

However single largest reason I begin to question my raiding is the high number of consumables needed. Being forced holy spec for raiding Im unable to grind with efficency and even do soloquests is difficult.

At the same time Im required to bring plent of consumables to the raid. Being herbalist/miner can only vaguely compensate this problem. Most of the time I use most of what I gather and hence wont make any money from my proffessions, especially not since I dont have a epic mount, and Im often unable to farm enough mats.

When looking at the two closes bosses for us in 25 man raids, Gruul and Hydrospawn (first boss in Serpents Lair) you will need for a nights attempt:

2x Flask of Mighty Restoration
20x Super Mana Potion
20x Elixir of Healing Power
20x Major Frost Protection Potion
20x Adept's Elixir
20x Furious Crawdad

which in mats would mean:

2x Fel Lotus
40x Mana Thistle
60x Dreaming Glory
60x Netherbloom
40x Felweed
20x Golden Sansam
20x Dreamfoil
20x Ancient Lichen
20x Primal Water
20x Crawdad

Granted some things listed here are not needed for Gruul. On the other hand I didnt mention some good have things like mageblood potions.

So basically if you raid 7 days a week I guess youre in trouble.

And dont think that it will get any better.

Taking Flask of Titans as an example:

One flask gives you 150 +sta extra. At current itemization we gain about +35 sta per tier if we have a full set. At that rate we need tier 6-7 before we can stop using the flask.

For example compare T4 paladin head with T5, difference is:

+98 ac, +2 sta, -3 int, -24 spellcrit rating, +10 healing, +8 mana/5, assuming you use all sockets.

Unlike the good old days when you would hand in your Lightbringer for Lawbringer, which gave you a huge update when you ventured deeper into MC. Early on in MC you needed to bring lots of consumables but as you got more gear from MC you didnt need to pot that often.

Nowadays flasks are required and will be required to we get tier 7!

DId I mention we also need to farm 100 badges from heroic instances to buy our ress gear?

The calculations are from a post by "Solipse"

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Money generates (more) money!

If you have money you can invest it and hopefully make more money. Investments make it sounds like your buying stocks and bonds but it might just as well invest in your own business or someone elses. But having money makes it a whole lot easier then if you have to loan them

Im forever sentenced to be broke. Im member of a guild that raids every day and during those raids you spend a fortune on repairs, flasks, pots, and elixirs. When you finally get your reward like my Legplates of the innocent that droped the other day guess what happens? You must socket and enchant it.

If your a paladin with a crap holy spec you cant really farm money, at least not until you get more +spelldmg then I have and it still be a joke compared to dps classes.

For that reason I took mining/herbalism and it helps some but I still use most of what I gather and the main problem is that without epic flying mount you gather far too slowly.

Although Im often in the game I dont have time to farm 24/7, outside raiding Im a member of a arena team, and there are also lots of stuff you need to get from instances, rep and drops. Other then that I also want to have fun every now and then .. oh wait... nvm..

Bottomline is for weeks I been stuck between 1100-1300 gold, in spite of putting an effort in farming and making quests as much as I can while in the same time herbing and mining like a madman.

At the same time I have been getting lots of stuffs from richer friends, a stone here, a few pots there. And while I make every effort in returning the favors I been sinking like a paladin swimming in platearmor since I started raiding.

I believe a epic flying mount will make gathering so much faster that I expect that investment to be a good one.

To get the last 4000 gold I decided to try to make them on AH. Being the nub I am I have until now often underpriced my items when I put them for sale at AH. I thought it made sense because obviously I want my stuff to be bought.

Now I will try to make money the other way around. Trying to maintain a high price level, by putting out my items at the uper price level while buying stuff thats cheaper and resell them!

Either I make some cash or I go broke. Will be very interesting to see which one. Since I go broke anyway if the current situation doesnt change I feel I can try it this way. It doesnt matter much if I go broke this week or in two weeks.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The good old days

Yesterday, while on my way to Karazhan for raiding, I met an old friend that seldom logs anymore. Long time ago me and Bedsheet was in guild Mayhem and ventured from Strat, Scholo, Ubrs and DM to MC together.

Looking back I think that was the best time of wow. Everything was still new and starting raiding felt like a major step. This was before people would park their ethics at the inn before going and collecting epics. It was also the time when you could just get a group and do an instance without preparing anything or without it being a preperation itself.

We raid Karazhan so we can move into Serpents Lair and no other reason.

For raiding now you need to plan everything so you can bring the right consumables and often you will spend lots of time getting that and proper gear ofc.

I have some friends who doesnt raid and I would really like to do more with them but most days you simply dont have time. There will always be things you need to do beacause you are raiding and the more you progress the more such things will be necessary.

The heroic dungeons is actually a good thing for all Bedsheets out there cause it allows different people to do things together and it will still be meaningfull for everyone.

Altho next time Bedsheet logs I think we should go ganking around Tarren Mills!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

We are paladins part 3

There are two basic choices for your paladin gear. It can be either full plate (as soon as avaliable) or you can mix it with mail or cloth (typically) to get the stats you need (most often this will be +int/healing).

There are also two basic school of thought among paladins. Either you frown at wearing other then plate or you think its ok.

Im of the opinion that paladins should wear plate. No ifs or buts.

Part of this problem is from the dark ages when there were almost no other plate with desired attributes then Lightforge, Lawbringer and Judgement sets.

The second argument was that you would normally gain access to the softarmor while raiding. Lets say some cloth shoulders drop and the priests already have it and there you stand in your crap shoulders.

One thing about paladins that stand out is our ability to survive more damage due to our armor.
Few wear cloth in 5 mans, even if you like cloth, because there you really need the plate.

What people dont realize you need it in raiding nowadays as well. Even in raids you will take heavy damage from random attacks, cleaves or the way the encounter goes. The prime example being Gruul at Gruuls lair.

Once again take your time gearing up. Nowadays there is enough plate avaliable, you will just have to farm it and not take the easy way out grabbing surplus priestdrops.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Arena and me

So I joined an arena team and after getting kicked around for two weeks we finally started to make som progress... in regaining our 1500 rating :O

A paladins is quite handy in arena because of our platearmor we have the best survivability of all healers, especially since 5v5 is about ganking people anyway . Often you get jumped by 2-3 people at the same time.

In the toolbox each paladin should can bring, ie baseline stuff, we find:

Blessing of kings, stamina is the single most important factor in arena and this blessing increases it. It also stacks good with fortitude or cowbuff.

Blessing of sacrifice, helps poor clothies survive just a bit longer. The real value lies in it breaking the sheep, pig, turtle or whatever.

Blessing of protection, is great for giving your clothie kite away when a dirty rogue stabs him in the back. It also makes warriors look stupid since they wont generate any rage.

Cleanse, you will need to use this alot at sheeps and dots.

Judgement of justice, if you have a time this comes in handy for dirty rogues. It slows them down to normal speed.

Consecrate, will make dirty rogue visible. Most of them are aware of this however.

Blessing of freedom, is best use on warriors but is a good blessing for anyone of course. This one will cause havoc.

You can follow the adventures of team "Oldschool Piimps" by using the link to the right. It will take you to Blizzards often bugged page but hopefully they will fix it soon.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Welcome back <3

Calu is back!

I tried to tell you so many times my friend.

I seen moste of the rest of the world.

Its brutal, cruel and dark.

Silvermoon is the light.

Welcome back my friend. We lost so many and.. oh wait.. ur an orc...

Catch u later

Saturday, March 3, 2007

How to raid part 3

In this last part I will repeat myself.

When you start raiding you should have some of the best gear avaliable from pre-raiding instances.

Not only does it show that youre a serious player not looking for the epic gravytrain (ok you want that but having good gear makes it less obvious, it also makes it easier for you to preform your tasks during raiding.

And at the end it will save you some of that hardearned DKP.

Yesterday we killed a boss that drops Breastplate of the Lightbringer, well I already have Breastplate of Many Graces so even if it did drop I wouldnt want to use DKP for the epic.

So by doing your homework it will also save you DKP. In this case it didnt even drop from a heroic instance. Old fashioned farming will get you good soild gear instead of just rushing to raid.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

How to raid part 2

The keyword above all other is attendancy.

Everything else can usually be fixed. Even skills can be trained but attendancy cant be.

Attendancy is a vicious circle all raiding guilds struggle with.

The reason is that raiding requires a certain class balance which might be slightly different for each encounter.

A few days ago we couldnt raid Gruul because not enough mages were online.

The vicious circle I talked about was if it keeps happening that raids get grounded because lack of a certain class the obvious would be recruiting more people of that class.

This will often be a step backwards in terms of experience and equipment, when new people join the raids. For obvious reasons its seldom better geared people step down when they join a new guild.

But the main problem is when too many people are online at the same time. If you get too much of a surpluss of any class not all will be able to raid regulary and hence will sooner or later leave for a guild where they can.

I once again stress the importance of joining a guild whose raiding fits into your schedule.