Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How to raid

One of the most frequent questions I get when I am on the move is how to join Omega Point.

Reading this wont get you in, but it will give you an idea of what it takes to join a raiding guild if you never been in one before.

Before applying you will need:

Alll attunments for the raiding instances.
This is most of the time not open for discussion and you should have this done with.

A good gear.
If you never been raiding before this means blue gear. Avoid green gear. Having blue gear, and perhaps a set completed, with some good gems and enchants shows that you are a serious player that invests some time and effort. One time long time ago I met a hunter with crap gear, theres no other way to put it, and he told me he was waiting for Giantstalker and didnt bother to get anything else. Dont be like him.

While raiding isnt really harder then 5 mans you will need to be able to do every 5 man (which you should do anyway) without messing up. This also means you should have all skills, including first aid, maxed out.

Most guild require you to use certain addons.
Usually this means ctraid, a few bossmods, and ventrilo or teamspeak. While its not necessary to have a mic you will need to listen. This also means you need to understand english, if thats a problem for you find a guild who speaks your language.

A basic understanding about your class functions in raids.
For example shamans are usually used for healing. There is very little need for dps shamans which means you should have a spec for this and nothing else.

A confidence
If you can complete all 5 mans you can raid. Dont think that its any more difficult then that. Only thing different is that you will be coordinating with more people. Raiding requires you to be patient and structured but it isnt really harder.

When applying

Usually you will apply on the guilds forums. Take your time to write a good application, as a minimum this means using the guidelines provided. Read through other applications and see how they went.

Think of it as a jobapplication but unlike them dont apply to lots of guilds at the same time. Apply to one and wait and see what happens. Its usally frown at to spam your application at several guilds at same time.

If you have any questions ask them ingame to officers or guildmaster. If your serious they should take the time and answer your questions unless they busy, this means dont ask them when they are instancing.

If you make it to trial

Most guilds have a trial period so during this trial you want to make a good impression:

Make the times
Be online when you should be online dont log a few minutes after raidinvites started and ask for a spot.

Be active
Try and do so many instances as possible with people or other stuff so they can get to know you.

Read up on strats
You might have an idea about how certain encounters are but most guilds do things a little bit different so be sure to ask before. Asking doesnt make you look stupid but whiping does for sure. Oh and make sure you have all your pots and things needed with you.

Be prepared
Means have the right consumables ready. For some reason it always seem to be the same person who shows up raids without their flasks and pots etc. Dont be one of them

Dont be abused
Theres always greedy people who prey on others. As new to the guild your often more in danger then others. While you should always craft stuff you can make for free (if you get mats) theres nothing that says that you should give away things you farmed. A little help is always appreciated and when you sell stuff try and sell them cheaper then AH prices but dont be so eager to fit in that your being taken advantage of. A few days in the guildchat will give you an idea of which ones to avoid anyway.

Good luck

The keyword is attendance. Find out just how hardcore the guild is before applying. If you want to raid 2-3 times a week dont apply to a guild that raids every day. You wont make it if you get to the trial.

Find a guild that will suit you.

And dont let anyone tell you that hardcore is better. It isnt. Its just more.... epix.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Omega point clear Karazhan

Nightbane down and today theres not a living thing left inside Karazhan, except trash respawn.

This night we cleared Karazhan. We hade three good attempts, the best ending up at 30%, when we popped our flasks.

To our dismay we then had two very bad attempts but the third time is the charm and everything went perfect.

In this stage we now have only one challenge left and thats Gruul himself, having killed the Ogre boss already.

Thx to everyone who made this possible.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

First visit in Karazhan

I went to Karazhan first time with my guild yesterday.

I wasnt impressed at the entrance, I thought it looked like a big Sfk. In other words a dark dirty dungeon full with undeads. We paladins dont fear undead but we dont like dirty places if we can avoid them.

I was soon impressed however by the looks of the place. Various things you see there makes you think there is a history behind it that you must know more about.

Raiding with 10 man is very different then 40 mans.

The encounters usually get more demanding on a individual level. A good example is the Netherspite boss, which we downed first time yesterday. If you for example lose a healer thats 33% of your heaing squad and that hurts believe me.

So most of the times each single person has the power of wiping the raid. It might not be as direct as Thad in Naxx, it can also be through simple errors of judgement.

Im happy to report that our guild cleared whole Karazhan yesterday, with the exception of the last boss Nightbane that we got to 50% So I think that were up to the new raiding challenges.
I also got Girdle of Truth yesterday. My first epic YAH!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Heores from the past

After completing the Old Hillsbrad instance by all means sneak into the inn at Southshore to watch some amazing wow lore take place.

Im sure you will recognize many familiar names, including Tirion Fodring in his prime (YAY) arguing with Mograine.

In Caverns of Time some bad guys are trying to alter the history by going back and change critical events. In the Old Hillsbrad they have already prevented Thralls escape from the prison, so its up to you to restore the timeline by going there and bring him out.

Actually the timeline would already be altered. You see in the moment Thralls escape would be prevented the timeline would be changed and we in the present time would never know what hit us. Everything would be normal to us and we would have no recollection of any different history then the one we experienced. A world without Thrall at least as a warchief.

There wouldnt be any possibility to go back and restore the timeline but never mind Blizzard made a wonderful opertunity to meet and interact with some of the persons that shaped the history of wow.

I already admit going back alone and sneaking into the inn just to listen!

Oh and normally I would frown at beating the helpless but if you see "Herod the bully" give him a slap. Im sure he slaped you at at some point of your life!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Any given sunday

Had a wild day this Sunday. First we raided Gruuls lair and kill the mofo ogre. Grats to Eir for T4 shoulders.

Then after som hysterical farming I finally, after 15 days and 13 hours, made it to lvl 70.

With some help farming quests the for three hours after the raid I managed to get the needed 250k xp I needed.

Big thanks to all my friends who helped me out during the entire leveling. I known you people for years and probably will know you for years to come.

I have tried and will always try to be there for you, just as you been for me this last month.

Now Im off to sleep

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bless me

Did my first raid few days ago, joining the other 24 hopefulls to Gruuls Lair to smack an ogre. The overall first impression was that encounters are more complex then they used to be, like I said before I really dont mind.

As a paladin you will be responsible for the blessings part of the raid.

Easiest way is to download an addon to help you. That way you can keep our blessings updated with just a few clicks and you can easily see what your doing too.

So far the only addon I liked is Buffwatch and it has lots of bugs. When people leave and enter the party or raid there seem to be a freeze, people wont show up properly etc. I usally solve this by relogging when group is set just before entering the instance.

Due to the interface you cant use it in raids as it show each persons name.

For managing last raid I used simple macros and its my opinion that you should have this as a backup in case you run into problems during you can just switch to macros avoiding any delay.

For each class make a macro saying /target [warrior name], then /cast greater blessing of Bok,
once you have a macro for each class just smash them every 15 min and your set.

Since some people in same class might have different requests. for example a feral druid thats tanking will need Bok while druid healers will need Bow. you will need to first apply the greater blessing, then apply the individual blessing on the person thats different.

Use your own blessing as a timer since they will be on the 5 minute timer.

This is btw a problem that addons wont solve for you.

Raidleader should determine which class gets which buff. Especially if youre alone because then each class can only have one blessing. While we might have opinions, and consider it your duty to voice them, in the end its the raidleader that decides.

Lots of people will whisper you about how much they can wtfpwn if they get another blessings. Remeber that the day those become raidleaders because until then its not their decision.

In situations like that its important to remember that its not your job assigning blessings nor is it your job to argue why they should have one blessing and not the other.

And bring lot of reagents.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sometimes it just happens

While duoing some nasty elites in Nagrand me and Eir almost didnt make it. I actually had to ress and I think I was down to a few hundred hp myself (you see Eirs blue foot sticking out from under the demon).

When finding the second elite we needed he killed us during out first attempt, just as we pulled the second attempt two alliance shows up on the scene. Obviously needing the same mob, they jumped in and helped us down the mob.

The respawn was quick, just a matter about minutes, so me and Eir returned the favor of helping them kill the mob.

While Im not looking to encourage too much collaboration I always believed you should see reason. This nononse approach helped both of us quickly get the quests done.

If they first had chosen to get us killed while fighting the mob we obviously would be looking to get even, not giving them a chance finnish killing this rather hard mob.

Whenever I met the alliance in the same area I quest I let them be alone, the sooner they can finnish their stuff the sooner they leave. If I would kill them they would have to come back not only for finnishing their stuff, but also to go looking for me.

Meeting alliance when they quest and you arent might be a different story ofc...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

RL love and wow

"Go and drown yourself"
That was the first comment Larry made to Johanna. In todays paper I read how swedish Johanna and brittish Larry met through wow, fell in love, and eventually married in real life and are now staying together in Sweden.

According to the article in Metro they met the first time in Azeroth while questing to kill the same troll. Tho they werent grouped so Johanna stole the kill, hence the first comment above.

They met the day after by a coincidence and started hanging out together and soon fell in love!

Some people might find the above story odd or even preposterous, others see it as a natural evidence of how much the world changed since our parents started dating.

I personally find the idea of meeting a fragstealer, starting socializing, falling in love and eventually getting married as repulsive as a minimum.

Who would ever consider marry a fragstealer? Thats like marry a gnome!

Happy Valentines day!

SBF WLTM SM 4 LTR , FWB - 8/8 T2,



Monday, February 12, 2007

Wadi the orc

One of the more entertaining quests are when you put a disguise on and go on a undercover mission.

Here I am infiltraiting some Shadow Council outpost. They werent too smart seeing me comming on a paladin mount but still not seeing through my disguise. Well a troll hunter did but that was after I had left my mount hmm..

Neverthless it used be be a hassle not being able to mount when you were shapeshifted so were probably better off now.

And for you belf paladins who are working their way to their mount. If possible do the questline for Sacred Protector because during that Nathanos will give you an apple that makes you disguise as a Scarlett Crusader.

If you are able to save some of those charges you can reuse it during the quest for the mount when you need to visit Tyrs hand, making that part soloable or at least duoable with a druid who can follow you in stealth or a dirty rogue.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The hybrids

Few days ago I joined a temporary party just for doing a group quest that involved killing a lvl 63 elite. The three of us, all lvl 62, a rogue, a druid and me found them and started killing.

As I was happy tanking a second giant appeared and I was forced to tank that too, situation was still under control until the giant we were dpsing suddenly burst into two giants.

They were smaller and seemed to hit for less but were still a threat and one of them ran directly to the druid who was healing me and started hitting him.

Druid just shifted into bear and tanked his attacker until I could pick it up again. He healed himself well and even managed to kite to find room to heal me.

Repeat until quest was done.

I kept thinking a priest would have had major problems. Fade, shield and fear with the possibility of picking up more adds and then probably dieing.

With paladins and druids there are now a alternative to whiney warriors if you need tanking done!

And we can still heal :)

Friday, February 9, 2007

The paladin tank revised!

After tanking in both ramparts and furnace, several times, I can only say that the one spell that solves all tanking problems for paladins are: Avengers shield.

It lets you pull without problem, even packs, and it gives you instant threat as well as dazes the mobs so they run against you slower. Its easier for you to grab the mobs and start tanking them because you dont have charge as warrior, but its also easier for you group who get that extra second that somtimes wipe groups.

In case someone else pulled for you, with or without your consent, Avengers shield lets you recapture the control over the situation.

When I tanked I would use Avengers shield both when I pulled and also sometimes if we were overun with mobs who started running lose. A good example is the fight at the boss pictured above. I would use Avengers shield several times just to daze mobs and get them off the healers.

While not replacing Righteous defense it has its uses and adds an extra tool to paladin tanking so now we have ehm.. three.

That seems to be enough however for us to be able to tank 5 mans.

Based on my earlier experiences I think paladins whithout Avengers shield are kinda gimped tanks, but there are other talents as well that a tanking paladin would need from protection all the way up to 41 pts so it isnt really a problem.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thx Eir

"Your dedication to our order and advancement through the ranks has not gone unnoticed. In fact, Lady Liadrin, leader of the Blood Knights, has asked to speak with you. This is a rare honor, Wadi. Normally, Lady Liadrin leaves the management of the order's rank-and-file to me, but she has taken a personal interest in you. Do not tarry, Wadi."

With those words words I was summoned to Lady Liadrin who told me what I already knew. Within the blood knight order there are an inner circle of elite paladins who represent the most dedicated, skilled and most trustworthy of all blood knights or something like that.

With some major help from Eir I ventured into Stratholme for the last part of the quest. Showing the alliance who was the real paladins by putting out their eternal flame. This upset the local paladins so we cleared the place.

Eir helped me complete the quest and she didnt even get a lousy tabard because I got it. A unique symbol for the elite blood knights we like.

And I also got the epic mount. This is a very fast mount.

Again big thx to Eir and also Darkhorn supported us in his own special way.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

We are paladins part 2

I finally met Uther. Or at least his ghost.

After doing the appropriate quest he appear and speaks a bit about forgivness and restoration about the light.

Hes especially concerned about his former student Mehlar Dawnblade, who blames the destruction of Quel Thalas on Uther because Uther allegedly mishandled the prince training.

Uthers only misstake was being a good man and a good paladin.

He assumed that everyone who would recieve paladin training would be as good as he.

The lesson for us is that we should do what we enjoy, obviously since its a game after all, but also if you aspire for higher goals, do what you are good at. Dont simply roll whats in demand.

Oh and Blizzard should really make more paladins quests.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Bye Azeroth

Tonight, after finally getting lvl 58, Im off to Outland to begin a new chapter in my adventuring.

A big hug to everyone that helped me get there quick (you all know who you are)!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

We are paladins part 1

In the picture you see paladin Tirion Fordring fighting his last battle, outnumbered and outgunned he knows he knew his death was almost certain. Yet he came there determined to set things right even if it would mean his death.

I met Tirion outside his hut where he lived alone as an hermit. He was looking aged and when you saw him you wanted to help him by going to Undercity and buy food and stuff for him. Ofc the youngsters growing up today would probably just want to throw him in the nearby river. They wouldnt have a clue to who he was or what he could have done with them just by snapping his fingers.

Tirion was once a paladin who fought side by side with Uther before being striped by his title and sentenced to exile.

Meeting him made me wonder:

Am I ready to die?

Would I accept being stried off my rank and left to live alone in the wastelands (or in Plaguelands in this case) for standing up to what was right?

We paladins dont think its any glorius to die.

We actually prefer living and partying all night.

But just like Tirion we dont let death stand in our way either. When he decided to fight against the Scarlet Crusade it was because he had to. Since we paladins been trained to do the right thing until its not possible for us not to do so. If this would lead to his death so be it, I sensed from him.

And thats the most important thing he taught me that day. Death is just a accident in the line of work. Its not something you would want or crave for. It doesnt make you more moral to die or your sins any easier to forgive.

People will remember you for what you did when you were alive not because you are dead.

If you want to know more about Tirion and his fall from grace I recomend you read Warcraft: of blood and honor by Chris Metzen. It can be found as an e-book for 5$

Friday, February 2, 2007

What have you done to my armor :(

Got a new plate armor today and this is how it looks!. Yes the white parts are my skin (sorry guys no closeups).

Historically plate armor came in use because the existing mail armor wasnt safe enough.

A heavy hit by a sword might separate the chain links or even cut the rings apart.

The mere flexibility of the rings meant a lot of power was transferred to the wearer causing crushing blows, often resulting in broken bones or seriusly brusing depending on how you were hit.

Plate on the other hand was more or less impregnable by that time weapon standards and didnt buldge either protecting the wearer from crushing blows.

As a result tactics focused more on hitting weak spots in the platearmor, for example under the arms.

Now look at my chest armor.. You think its difficult to hit a weak spot?

Thanks god I also have a rich purple silk shirt (made by Dione) and I think it protects me better then that crappy platearmor.

At least versus unwanted attention.

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