Wednesday, January 31, 2007

5 notes about 5 mans

1. First thing is always keep the 5 min blessings up.
Actually we dont have any other blessings, escept raids, so stay on your toes. If you have a hard time doing it use the raidblessings or get an addon.

2. Make sure you stop the runners.
Seal of justice is the obvious choice but hammer of justice as well.

3. Protect the healers and other squishy people by offtanking.
Righteous defense works wonder here or just start hitting the mob.

4. Switch auras as needed.
Sometimes a res aura is needed.

5. Use your seals and judgements as situation require.
I often judge justice but there are other situations where you would use another one. One example could be at a boss where light/wisdom would be better.

Its seem simple doesnt it, almost on the edge of mudane? However you will see lots of paladins who doesnt meet this checklist, not using the range and scope of the class.

Referring to my blog entry "blizzcon 2005" from jan 10th I repeat:

"The skill a paladin have to master is simply to adapt to what happens around you. While most classes already have their designated roles paladins involves dozens of miniscule skills. A heal here, a judgment of justice there, a blessing of protection, a stun, some offtanking all at the right time. "

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The paladin tank

Tonight, just a few minutes ago, I ended doing what paladins have been dreaming about since beta, tanking.

It was only RFD but at least it was a start and we didnt wipe either but finished the instance smootly.

I cant really say whats the difference compared to warrior tanking as I never been a warrior but I thought threatgeneration was a problem.

As a paladin you basically build aggro by hitting mobs. You have a very limited number of special moves.

The problem is that if someone else starts hitting the mob before you, it will be very hard to regain aggro.

Your best threatgenerator, reckoning, need the mob to hit you for it to *maybe* proc.

Consecration is one of the best tools you have especially when fighting multiple mobs but its not very good for pulling aggro of people by itself. If someone starts hitting the mob with a big stick before you get to it, consecration wont make it alone.

Many times when someone attacked the mob before me I had a hard time getting back the aggro on me.

As a paladin tanking you will have a harder time dealing with situations that goes out of hand then a warrior. Nevermind that its often other people responsible for these situation, as a tank you will get the blame ofc.

Still quite many will be looking for paladins to tank because paladins use *alot* of mana when we tank so we must drink often.

So for all you manausers thats tired of stupid warriors that pulls when you drink:

Get a paladin!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Nerd points

Today I got such a busy day. I need to apply for a job I saw avaliable yesterday that means updating my cv and write a personal letter, I also need to clean my appartment as Im having guests next week. Had to go to the supermarket, have to pay bills, need to call the supportdesk about my new computer.

For waking up freaking 09:30 due to late Wow:ing and log in to move your char, browse the forums, and troll before u get a grip about ur RL - 50 pts

So at least I had to run to the grocerystore and when i did that I ran past lots of beerdrinking homeless people thats always hanging out in front of the store.

For littery thinking I need to keep the distance so Í wont get aggro - 75 pts

Running back home I realised Im getting late if I want to stick to the plan to log in wow 15:00. There is no way I can do everything and be done in two hours.

For thinking I can do some stuff tomorrow instead of logging later - 100 pts

And yesterday there were no sign of one of my friends in wow.

For thinking "wonder if something happened?" - 150 pts

The old nerdjokes has been around a while ever since computers were invented and before that I guess they had books. But somehow I think they need a new scale for us wow addicts.

Oh wait Im not addicted to wow. I just need to finish it!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lowbies have more fun

Ok we have less epics and probably less blues but after questing in STV whole day I think ppl at lower levels are generally more friendly.

Whenever you meet people in the same area you can just invite them and they will often accept, joining you to quest or even do same quests over again. A few levels higher or lower doesnt matter either.

If we meet dirty alliance and kill them we just move on and likewise. Corpsecamping at this level is yet to be seen.

Overall its more casual. People dont seem to mind walking that extra mile and ofc even though leveling takes lots of time we still dont have to play as much as the higher levels and we can log out between rounds unlike when your stuck in Naxx

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Own a piece of Wadi

"Wadi Tower gives a spectacular view of the City of Arabia and surrounding Dubailand creating a skyline that adds to the overall urban experience. The residents would get a breathtaking view of the Wadi Walk that lie in proximity. The residents can also stroll along the canal furnished with sun-shades and trees, with plenty of room to sit and relax that surrounds the neighboring Wadi walk. Wadi Tower, a part of the Elite Towers, reaches the heights of perfection in structure and design."

What are you waiting for go and buy at :

Note: Im in no way affiliated or endorsing sales of Waditower. I just found the link and thought it was a good name for a tower with luxury condos.

Not everyone is in Outlands!

Some are at Hillsbrad, Desolace, Thousand Needles and Stv ganking me!

In theory I dont mind being ganked as I joined a pvp server for the pvp but in reality I dont like it, I prefer ganking someone.

Generally I dont just have the heart of attacking first tho whenever I meet an ally. So I guess I just give up the advantage of first strike, fortunally paladins have lots of way of recovering from a first surprise attack with stuns and bubbles.

Whats really surprising is that dranei shamans generally dont attack me. They seem to share some kind of new kid on the block sense. Considering that purge destroy us paladins its probably not fear but kindness that keeps them from attacking.

I been attacked by dranei shamans ofc but less percentage of them attacks me then other alliance.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The belfadin invasion

Anyone notice the belfvasion?

Wherever you turn on the server, not Outlands of course, there are lots of blood elves running around and a majority are paladins.

What is the reason for this?

Blood elves are a new race. For people who been in Azeroth for a while its a refreshing change. The same goes for paladins as a new class and a majority of belfs are paladins.

There will always be rerollers and people who want to try something new or get a fresh start, but last month before tbc hit the shelves several hordeguilds did openly try and recruit paladins.

I enjoy my paladin but it isnt the class with high numbers. You are often in the middle of the battle but you arent Batman, you probably arent Robin either, odds are that you are more like Alfred, doing the hard dirty work that hardly anyone notice and noone ever will thankyou for.

When you fail people will notice ofc and whine. But generally speaking they are more likely to whine about things they want you to do rather then what you are supposed to do.

Still paladins are essential to raiding and it has always crippled horde that they havent had any.

With everyone going to Outlands though, the rather dull work of leveling a paladin and the potentially dull work of playing one has led paladins to be quite rare.

Yes I know there are tons of paladins around lvl 20-30 but even if all those would stay and go on raiding it wont be enough. In the context of being enough to fill all guilds needs for raiding paladins are still to be considered rare.

Last month before tbc several horde guilds presented sweet deals for the would-be-paladin.

"Join us and we provide leet level and fat drops"

There are probably paladins around who became paladins for speculative reasons.

I would never frown upon someone who change decides to reroll for the chances of progressing further, often this means joining the right guild. I always thought often there werent any difference between lesser fortunate people and the ones one the epic tram, just a matter of knowing the right people or at least troll the forums.

But things can go overboard too and if you didnt see Naxx because you didnt play enough before (I for one always said that raiding, in general, doesnt require more skills then 5 mans) rolling a paladin wont change that.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Refresh your pre Wow lore

A friend of mine gave me a great link today.

Its a three part series with all cinematics and monologs from wc3.

Instead of installing the game and play the through the campaigns again you can just download the movies and watch them uninterrupted without having to command any armies inbetween.

A slack way of refreshing the lore in tbc times.

Friday, January 19, 2007

First HK

T oday I was running around in Ashenvale minding my own business when suddenly a dranei shaman attacked me. It was the first dranei I had seen and they didnt look like I expected after seeing that stoic paladin in the trailer.

I was outleveled by one or two levels but clearly not beaten, altough odds were against me., when I stunned him and healed up.

As I engaged him again a fellow belf hunter that was in the same area saw what happened and kinda rescued me.

Thing is that hunter and me had both been there for a while and ignoring all alliance as they ignored us. When the shaman came along and attacked me, the other alliance didnt interfer and as soon as he died we all went back doing our stuff again.

While I dont mind ganking or at least not ganking myself I find it strange that anyone would try and gank while being potentially outnumbered.

Actually ganking anyone in a questing area while you level yourself is stupid, because people will try and get back to you, when you quest yourself.

Ganking, per se, means that you kill someone who is either outnumbered, outleveled or in a unfavorable position (often fighting mobs).

While I personally doesnt favor such actions, unless you want to get even, at least they make sense.

On the other hand wanna be gankers like the shaman today are just a nusiance, altough I enjoyed seeing him die!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The level 70 race

Obviously there is a race to level 70.

In this moment three players on horde side on my server have reached level 64. With some people being level 63 most people struggle at level 62.

The yesterdays friendly atmosphere between horde and alliance in Outlands seem to be only a memory as ganking squads were widely reported today.

Yesterday most people were still on the same level while today there is more room for ganking. Blizzard is also fueling the rivalry by making quests, for example, where horde has to heal certain mobs and alliance having to kill same mobs.

For some while there has been at least one level 70 at a french server. With some major help from his guild this lucky player was reported to have been a Europe first. Most people has frowned at this pointing out it has little to do with the individual player.

In a way I agree but when I was rather young and leveled I had a guildmate named Tuzak who as soon as we had reached level 60 started to pvp. This was when pvp was introduced so at that time most "organized" pvp took place at Tarren Mills. Tuzak spent all his time there, and as soon as battlegrounds were introduced he spent all his time there.

Tuzak soon became highly regarded as pvper and the bottom line being everyone likes a winner and back then I used to think being in the same guild as him gave me a feeling of being part of the action.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The race is on

So after starting I found myself in the blood elf starting area together with a million paladins.

The area itself was good looking with a complete new design. It slightly reminds me of Moonglade but its more open spaced. Since blood elfs are a magicial race they have lots of magic in their common life, for example broomsticks moving by themselves (who wouldnt get that btw if they knew magic)

While the first area is rather quickly dealt with you soon move on to Ghostland, an area that looks similar to Duskwood. However they added enough quests to keep it interesting even for former alliance.
Actually thats a strong first impression, that they worked harder to improve the question overall, with more variation. Its also less linear making it possible to chose questing in different areas of Ghostland.
At lvl 14 I can only say so far so good.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hi-Yo raptor

With Tbc due in 27 hour (yes I will quee at midnight at mighty Ebgames) this will be the last update from limpy troll.

With my trusted partner Eir I will ride into the sunset.

Next update will come from Wadi the paladin (not bloodknight)

Take care and see you all in Tbc.


I am the Lone Ranger! Eir is just Tonto!


Yesterday we ran into a highly skilled team in wsg that quickly put us to 0-2. Trying to make a comback we tried with two flagcarriers to doublescore at once.
It didnt help though.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

What makes a great pvp:er part 2

I think each and everyone of us can name a good pvper, some of us might even be tempted to name a great one.

What differes a good from a great one? What must a good pvper do to become a great one? If you ask five different people chances are you recieve five different answers. Discussion is often like reading a poem to a tulip.

Pvp is about wtfpwning people but single fights are seldom fair.

When caught in the open its the attacker surprising the other that has the uper hand.

Even removing the element of surprise fights, ruling out classfactor, often comes down to who gets the crit, the highest crit, the first crit or the most crits.

Or the one who gets the most heals or most dispells wins.

Since Wow pvp is dependant on two major things, gear and teamwork, greatness would suggest having both qualities. This also implies a great player plays a lot, hence its someone you would often see.

Greatness is such an attribute that every time we try and definie it, it will grow smaller. For example we could limit ourselves saying only players that reached rank 14 are great, but often we chose not to. We each and everyone know great people but we all have different opinions to what the greatness lie in.

The discussion will probably last forever. The only thing thats almost certain is that whenever people agree on a name that person is probably better then the average :D

There are discussions in the forums on a regular basis where people will make lists over the best pvp players. Inspired by a recent thread in Forstmane realmforum I give my list:

Best warrior: my warrior friend
Best warlock: some warlock other people often talk about.
Best druid: a druid that trolls forum often
Best priest: my priest friend or the one with more epix
Best rogue: Some rogue on a team I wanna join
Best shaman: A shaman I heard was wtfpwn
Best paladin: The one with the bubble
Best mage: someone in my guild
Best hunter: A hunter in my pvp team

When Wadi reaches level 60 I make a new such thread with my alt and hope someone mentions me

Friday, January 12, 2007

Lord Kruul

A silent day at Frostmane server. We gathered to go to ZG when suddenly Lord Kruul decided to raid UC.

When Kazzak fled to Outlands he left his new henchman Lord Kruul in charge, difference is that the new guy moves around alot and likes raiding cities.

When he showed up in UC we decided to raid him.

After quickly gathering a raid we met outside UC and prepared. Basically he is a somewhat buffed Kazzak, but problem is people not in raid who interfered. There was also a smaller raid competing and lots of people suiciding as well.

I saw some brave lvl 40s trying to solo him and he can get dangerous when he kills someone.

But down he went easy from the sheer size of the raid.

100 buttkicking visitors

Yay !

Hello my name is Wadi

and Im addicted to loot.

I dont trust people who say they dont play for loot. While it might not be the only reason its still a big reason.

Almost all guilds I know that collapsed have done it for either of two reasons:

They started arguing about loot or they failed to get more loot (inability to down raidbosses), usually its the first reason that makes guild collapse and its the second reson people tend to leave. But once enough people leave its a collaps.

People also have a tendancy to leave for guilds that can provide them with more epics faster and easier.

Usually when people say they arent interested in epics means they are full of epics anyway.

I think we all remember our first epic, or even our first items from rare set. I bought mine on AH I remember but I also remember the first time I got an actual drop.

Since loot is essential to progress in the game or rather loot is progress, its not strange that its on top of peoples wishlish.

What is worth noticing is that the interest for loot isnt really limited to shiny epics.

Most people sooner or later get an alt and what do they want to do with them? Gear them up of course! As much as possible and if they can twink their alt with the help of the main thats even better.

I recall one time when I made an alt that reached lvl 4 and got a mace in reward from a quest. A mace that did a whopping 3-6 dmg. Getting that mace was like getting Naxx gear or at least it was almost the same feeling.

The lootfeeling!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Small pleasures

In a world with games like World of warcraft, Linegae2, Civilisation, Icewindale and Grand Theft Kodo to name just a few, it might surprise people that there still are a few simple, almost adictive, games that you can play over and over again.

One good example is the game Tetris and the many clones. A simple game that you can learn in a few minutes and almost never get tired of playing. A perfect choice if you have to wait at the airports or going far with train.

In the dungeon Naxxramas there is a road where you have to run between three lines of blobs. If they touch you guess what happens. Not at all unlike the classic game Frogger. It was Eir who suggested that we go inside Naxx and play some Frogger. We also brought our friend Darkhorn with us, we figured someone had to pay up if it came to Frogger cash game. We spent hours in there running around Naxx.

It was a timemachine

Taking you back to your childhood where you could find joy in the most simpliest things, jumping from a cliff and rolling around. Simply because it was fun and it was what you wanted to do.

Today I saw a cannon at Thunderbuff. It was easy just jump inside and they would fireaway, even giving you wings. Then you would have to land in the river, preferbly inside the bulls eye. If you missed the river completely you died but fortunally the graveyard was very close.

So for an hour or two I forgot all about rest of the world. Heck I was busy flying and playing wow just for fun! Oh wait that didnt sound like I meant it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blizzcon 2005

The paladin came directly from the Paladin hero in WarCraft III. It was slated as a very defensive class with divine spells and the protection "bubbles". It was also intended to be the easiest class to play. Actual implementation of the class was a constant struggle between being boringly easy and complex."

Tom Chilton, Wow Lead Designer 2005 at Blizzcon

Paladins are often thought to be easy mode because they can wear heavy armor and heal themselves, a good combination for beginers.

They further lack much of the combat interactivity that other melee classes have using autoattacks and a seal system.

Looks however can be deceiving.

Paladins are designed to be easy to play the first time you sit down with Wow, especially if this is your first mmorpg or computergame for that matter.

In that sense paladins are like playing basketball. Any physically fit person can run around and throw the ball, you dont even have to be fit, per se.

Now flip on NBA and watch the games there. The jumps, the shots, the blocks, the passes. They are doing exactly the same things you are (more or less) but you cant do it. Not only cant you do it. You cant even get close to it.

While paladins are designed to be easy to sit down and play with, and are made to be easy (altough a bit slow) to level with they are much harder to excel with.

The skill a paladin have to master is simply to adapt to what happens around you. While most classes already have their designated roles paladins involves dozens of miniscule skills. A heal here, a judgment of justice there, a blessing of protection, a stun, some offtanking all at the right time.

A rogue can be successful while going autopilot dpsing his target. Actually the design or a rogue is the reverse. Its harder to reach an intermediate level because they have a rather complex system of combat maneuvers but once you master it the difficulty level doesnt scale in same way a paladin does.

Paladins are all about hard work and awarness. Seeing slighty edges or situations and react.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Wts powerleveling NOT.

The wow community is often less forgiving to nubs. Its rare to get a straight and correct answer when u ask something in general chat and when it comes to trading many ppl try to take advantage of them.

The common enchantment scam where seller requests mats and a clicking fee, and then keeps the mats without enchanting, is almost exclusivly something that happens to new or casual players since they dont have the network hardcore players have or see the warning signs. Hardcore guilds have their own enchanters anyway who has recipes that is not avaliable if you dont raid.

But this time I start at the other end. Nubs asking for help. Often your minding your own business idleing around when someone whispers you asking for help. While I frown at people begging for gold or boosts I usually dont mind helping in other cases if its an honest call for help.

While sometimes its hard to tell you will normally notice from the request who you are dealing with. While I have no intention of going to Badlands with a warlock to summon someone there I dont mind walking there with someone who doesnt know the way.

Actually that was how I made it there the first time. I got a quest to go there and didnt know the way so a guildmate walked me and a friend there. I was lucky when I started playing that I always had someone higher level to ask.
Someone else might not have the same chance and need to ask unkown people.

Similar I often get asked for boosts, that is running some lower level through an instance, often the person who asks this is an alt which means he already has a level 60.

I helped people who got abandoned inside instance when people left, this doesnt apply just to lowbies ofc. Casual players often doesnt know enough ppl they can ask for help in such a situation and since they play less time its not always as easy for them to do it at a later time.

While most people asking for help, except beggars and boosters, simply asks because all their other ways of solving the problem has been exhausted there are a certain category of people who made it a habit of always asking higher levels for help.

These people not only misses alot of gameexperience, they also want me to miss alot of mine. I do actually enjoy helping people out but not at the expense of my own gameexperience. A few times I gave some help to people who come back and haunt you every day for new quests they need to have done.

Often they ask when Im raiding or inside instances when I cant leave even if I wanted to.

My advice to lowever levels who happen to meet someone friendly higher level, who doesnt mind giving a hand or answering questions:

Dont take their help for granted. While they are usually cool to continue lend a hand or sharing their wisdom they are players too. And the higher the level the longer time things take.

We are players to not powerlevelers.

People who know me are aware of my soft spot for lowbies, but dont bring it overboard!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Loatheb down

Perhaps fueld by the sad end yesterday, the combined Erratic and Non Phixon raid managed to down Loatheb today.


The walk of shame

"Tonight the erratic hunter [name removed by Wadi] managed to f**k up an Non phixion + Erratic loatheb raid. After spending close to an hour gathering World buffs we gather infront of loatheb, just as the final buffs are cast this genious decides to arcane shot Loatheb while he is standing in safety outside the gate. A whole evening of raiding ruined by this one person. This is a warning to any future guild he might want to apply to, stay clear of this idiot"

from Frostmane realmsforum 7/1-2007

You are going to make lots of misstakes in wow. And some of them, unless you are truly blessed by Elune, will hurt others. And wiping a whole 40 man raid with worldbuffs and flasks really hurt.

Altough I have every understanding for the feelings from the other who in the raid I think its wrong to go public like this.

There is no reason to believe other then it was indeed a misstake so Im sure the person responsible will be haunted by the "I wont do that ever again" thought for some time to come. Actually w

Most people in those guilds participating, Erratic and Non Phixon, will be hearing about this and discussing it. In fact you can safely bet that many people within horde faction, and lots of alliance too will be hearing it :)

Still you couldnt expect such many to know about it as when someone goes public with it.

The reason I frown against this public shameing is that in this case its not the public that should administer the punishment.

In this case its clearly the own guild that has the authority since while raiding you are responsible to your guild, while obviously you have certain rights too.

Once the guild has decided exactly what the punishment will be, - dkp, raidban, guildkick etc, its over with. The cause and effect has been resolved.

Its not supposed to be a public shame for the rest of your (wow)life. I feel that once a person has done something, and has kind of recieved, and been done with his sentance then it should be over. While sometimes it would err on the border to public shame, ie ninjalooting, such is clearly not the case here.

I do understand this post was probably someone just letting his frustration lose. But its also only one step ahead of those meaningless flamewars that keeps happening, which in my opinion are wows versions of those torchbearing mobs with pitchforks centuries ago.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

In the name of Uther pew pew!

Yesterday Erratic and some friends did AB and mostly destroyed whoever we faced. Often winning in 7-8 mins, with a personal record of 6 mins, or 15 mins if we met a good premade that didnt let us capture the last node. I think in the whole day, making about 10.000 honor each, we lost only two games.

It was during dinnertime, when people went afk to eat that, when we switched to wsg, as Uthers legacy came as a reminder. Sadly I was in Epl then helping a friend, as I had afked to eat and was now waiting for AB again, but great stories have already been told.

From the other side we suddenly faced a wsg team of 10 paladins.

Some of course thought it would be a easy fight. Obviously they were ignorant of the power of paladins.

As it turned most paladins were protection spec. Upon intercepting flagpickers they threw their shields and the sky went dark with lightning shields flung from the noble army of paladins... or something nvm.... The wave of shields left a few dead and the rest dazed with some 20% of their hp left and they were dead too.

From there it went downhill as the paladin team quickly went down to business. With their shields of all kinds, their sheep resistance (blessing), the ability to dispell and a stun every now and then and imba blessings of freedom the paladins quickly owned and made Uther proud.

Stoping the enemy fc is kinda hard under those circumstances, when u cant stop his healers. The fact that he took mortal strike in his face averaging 280 dmg didnt make things better.

Uther was made proud.

We now have dps of both kinds

When testing new talents builds I compared a heavy protection build (10/41/0) and heavy retribution build (10/0/41). What I really wanted to test was the new spells Avenger shield and Crusader strike and ofcourse the overall surviability and dps of respective talentree.

My gear isnt any special at all. For weapons I would either use Cold Forged Hammer and Sacred Crusader or The Unstopable Force. My armor consist of 4 Lawbringer and the rest blue pvp armor. Its not a bad gear but far from the best either.

After a respec I decided to go to Scarlet Monestary to grind the cathedral. While certainly not a great challenge it would still show any difference in dps between the two builds. I first went to Light Hope Chapel to buy some Blessed Sunfruit juice. When leaving I got killed by the flightmaster, since I also play a horde char (and much more then I play on alliance) I am in the habit of clicking the wrong flightmaster so I attacked the horde evul bat guy :(

So while testing protection spec I simply ran inside and pulled 3-4 mobs at the same time. Under such circumstances reckoning proced very often and and I still hit fairly hard using SoR. Obviously I dont hit hard, per se, I hit like a paladin with a crappy 1h mace. Here it should also be noted that íts too slow for reckoning. Being over 2.0 in speed means it gives less then maximum attacks with reckoning. Nevertheless it still adds up fairly nice.

With just a single mob it was much slower with far between procs. Minimum number of mobs seem to be two for reckoning to proc a resonable amount of times but 3 or more mobs did make a noticable difference.

With SoR and judging seal of light and when needed using wisdom to replenish mana I hardly even ran out of life or mana. Often I would actually be close to maximum mana or hp since I would drop a seal whenever I would need to fill up.

Basically you never had any downtime .... at all. As long as there were more mobs to pull it was better to pull them rather then drink. This was at the rare events I was low, most of the time I wasnt.

And compared to sword and board before reckoning was changed, this it was a huge dps buff making this build viable for pve dps.

Next test was using Crusader Strike build at the same place. The damage output were alot higher, especially the burst damage from spamming crusader strike, but you also took more damage. Without a shield and with less use of the seals u litterary ran out of gas quickly since yu would spam crusader strike whenever u could.

This meant u had to sit down and drink between the pulls. Not every pull, but often enough for it to become a factor that slowed you down. With both hammer of justice and repentace you handled groups of mob quite well but, unlike with reckoning, where you want many mobs, you need to be more aware of runners. And they also pose a potentially higher threat.

Overall protection seems like the way to go in pve. If you count the downtime you were faster then with retribution especially if you would pull more mobs. With retribution you would burn up your mana very quickly (didnt you always) leaving you kind of stranded after a few mobs, when u just kept going with protection.

Another thing I thought of when comparing myself to other paladins I seen is that crusader strike is alot more gear dependant since you also rely on soc. You simply need a huge 2h to hit ppl with, Tuf is really on the bottom line, and lots of +spell dmg wouldnt hurt too. Fortunally I believe they add more such plate in Tbc.

In conclusion paladins finally have some dps, of both kinds. The huge burst dmg for pvp and the steady substained dps for pve. For paladins its slow and steady since we are still the lowest dps class compared, but it was a huge buff.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

More epics to the people

Just logged from the first day for AB weekend. Blizzards little reminder that we need to focus even more on pvp. We (Erratic) still raid Naxx but since I will switch to paladin in just 10 days I havent raided since before christmas. Other people need the loot better, and since we are raiding with Non Phixon to adjust to the classimbalances in both guilds, Im not needed either so I just slack or help friends and pvp ofc.

Pvp is something I only do with friends since Im only there to have fun (somehow that sounds wrong) so if I cant get on a team I rather not do it. Today I was in a team with friends and we litterary destroyed every AB team we faced, most games lasted 8-9 mins.

It was after that I joined another team with friends that I saw a longtime friend in 7/8 HW armor and going for wsg legs to finnish. Now this friend has been playing on and off but often on sprees preventing him from raiding. Besides he doesnt like raiding I suspect. But ever since pvp patch hes been in Bgs grinding and grinding and without a good premade these days it isnt that fun.

Howbout not fun at all?

But he obviously hanged in and got his gear. Everyone doesnt agree ofc but I was kinda happy the way it turned out. I think everyone that raids have friends that doesnt raid but that u would like to have on the epic gravy train but it hasnt happened for several reasons.

Its only for a few weeks now before tbc hits but why not let people get their epics without whining? Cause of the timeframe it cant really disrupt the balance in the game.

Loot is the single most important factor in the game. People that say otherwise are either lying or are fully decked in epics already. Often such people frown at the eagerness of getting epics that less experienced player sometimes show. I do believe they simply forgotten how it felt not to be part of a raiding guild most people never had the chance to belong.

The canyon between casuals and hardcore players must be both wide and deep but the imaginary walls between them shouldnt reach heaven. Because both raiding and honorfarming didnt really have with skills to do. For raiding you would have to have a good raidleader and a few people to assist him but for the single raider you only had to show up. Every day ofc but it still wasnt more demanding then doing a 5 man or at least it shouldnt be.

Pvp suffered from the same problem. I know several people who achieved rank 14 and they all say the same thing, that it was mindless farming. These people had plenty of skills and it didnt hurt them but in the end it didnt give them such advantage as their attendance gave.

The current situation never was about giving away epics it was a patch that had to come because certain gamemechanics had to be in place and fully working (meaning at least one quickfix) before Tbc.

The sideffect that let everyone feel like a high warlord for a few weeks was just something Santa came up with and as all things from Santa it fades in early january.

But until then we shouldnt frown. Cause when tbc hits and the grinding is as usal those who play 60 hours a week will still have an advantage over those who play 15-20 hours a week.

Two months later and everyone has thrown away their rank 14 weapons for a blue lvl 68 . The only thing remainng are memories of the imba pwn when u combined the epic with a barman shanker.

And memories from them who can display the title High Warlord at will.

Friday, January 5, 2007

The return of the trolls

Long time ago there was a trolling war going on at a forum. The outcome at the war remains to this day uncertain at best, even though several people had their postcount reset! A new forum can now be found.

Get there ppl, u know who u are!

Im a paladin not a blood knight!

The original paladins were all member of the order Knights of the Silver Hand led by Uther Lightbringer. After his untimely death the paladins scattered and many joined either Scarlet Crusade or the Argent Dawn. Frequent travelers can meet these groups at either Scaret Monastary or Light Hopes Chapel.

Others fled to Stormwind City where they rebuilt part of their order and they are now slacking at Cathedral of Light prefering to send out young and stupid adventurers. Soon the order accepted dwarves too and they can be found in Ironforge as well.

The name paladin refers to the class rather then the organisation (order) while blood knight is the name of the order made to counteract alliance paladins.

Hence it makes sense to call paladins for paladins no matter which faction.

Alot of controversy has been around the fact that blood elves litteray stole the light and twisted it to form a renegade paladin squad. While its obvious Blizzard had to balance factions for future content it also makes perfect sense lorewise.

In all times people have been looking at more successful enemies, and friends for that matter, and been trying to find out why they succeed and then copy it.

Warfare is not different, in fact its more competitive for obvious reasons.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

What makes a great pvp:er part 1

Why are there so many shadownubs?

If u pvp some u will meet them sooner or later. The ones who will watch u dying next to them without droping shadowform and flash heal you or even shielding you. I believe this is a large reason to why people frown at shadowpriests (and their cousins the retripaladins).

Pvp in the context of the battlegrounds is above all else about teamwork. Often a highly skilled team can overcome a better geared team thats acts without tactics or teamwork. In a team different people will have different roles but roughly they are either dps or healers.

Problem is that the wow community are more or less only acknowledging the dpsers. For example in the early days of Dragonmaw there were a elf warrior named Gust. During a few months, before he quit, he would wreak havoc with his arcanite reaper. First at Tarren Mills/Southshore standoff then at wsg. Whenever the history of pvp is discussed Gust is always mentioned in a nostalgic way as one of the first pvp greats.

Gust actually had his own team and would often be followed by a druid who had an essential role in the success. But today noone remembers his name and most seem to have forgotten that he ever was there. Yet its quite simple without healing you will die, hence why so many frown at shadownuubs.

Another thing is that teamwork is supposed to be working both ways.

Whenever your poor healer gets junped by a rogue you intercept but more often then not its a common frustration for healers that they heal and dont get protected. Often a rogue will sneak up on you, a hunter will fire on you over the people you protect or someone simply walks up to you and start hitting you with a big stick while the people you just heal happily continues slashing and hacking at someone else.

Yet another thing is duels. If your healing spec or doesnt own in duels for other reasons you wont ever be regarded as a great pvper. Often when discussing wsg games people will snap back "Lets duel 1v1!" arguing that dueling is in fact the highest standard of pvp.

In rl football everyone wants to be Wayne Rooney altough a team with 11 Rooneys wont get too far in Uefa. When discussing football its often a tie between Maradona and Pele about the greatness. Then in the next breath people will say "and then the greatest quarterback is" like they have a different standard for defensive players and healers.

This different standard in wow means that noone will ever call you dps nuub if you fail to protect your healer.

From a healers point of view: Who cares if someone is "dueling" inside wsg when their healers dies and then the rest of the team dies too because noone heals them. When your healer gets in trouble you protect him.

So part of the reason to why so many spec dps is that they often cant find a good team if they pug. Often they will be abandoned and left to fight alone and for a holy priest which is defenseless its not really a enjoyable situation.

Its more fun to melt faces and above all you dont have to rely on other people.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

As of today theres a new adress to this page. Easier to remember :D

Sweet memories

Here is my first Ragna kill ever with Ghost guild which I joined after Sol Legion. I always considered Sol Legion a good guild with prolly the best raidleadership I seen. Since that time when we fail at raiding I often think it wouldnt have happened with Sol. But when Vlad and Cenari, two friends from horde side, eventually showed up and joined Ghost I felt I had to join them.

A flying tauren I always wondered. First I think its corpse bug but he was clearly alive. I never got the chance of asking him and now I doubt he remembers as it been a year.

Cleaning up after Vlad. Im used to it. Vlad is now back at Dmaw but I still hope I can gank his alts left on Frostmane. Vlad I really miss u.

Relaxing with a good movie called "horde fails." They made it at rerun though. Back then this and Lord Kazzak were only outdoor raidbosses. And sitting here watching was much nicer then going to freaking Blasted lands. Wonder how we made it without paladins on hordeside?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Nuubs with epics

So the pvp patch came and suddenly u see lots of nuubs with epics. The hardworking community frowns at ppl mixing green gear with rank 14 weapons.

Actually the hardworking community fails (as often). Why shouldnt casual players be allowed to play the game?

The patch does have it faults. That it required too short time to gain rank 14 weaps, but they did hotfix it and further balancing might happen.

The thing is if ur casual and not part of a pvp team getting quick and easy epics just wont happen. Try urself to pvp 3-4 hours a day with only pugs! Thats what a normal "casual" player does.

I do feel sorry ofc for everyone who went through the hard work and got rank 14 before this patch. But still this situation is only for a short while until tbc goes live then there is another ballgame pvping at lvl 70. This patch was needed to reform the system.

U still need 140K honor to gain full rank 14 gear + a 2H weapon. For someone casual that wont be quick or painless thats for sure. If u dont have access to epic geared premades ur in for a bumpy raid.

I never thought this nuub bashing was any good. After all who tha hell would buy all the boe epics u put on AH if it wasnt for them?

This christmas me and some guildies made a ZG run for ppl with no epix. We invited 10 ppl and together with 10 of us experienced raiders we cleared whole dungeon except Jindo and Hakkar which simply wasnt doable with the raid setup. None of those we brought had seen much of ZG, I think noone been past 2nd boss. I dont see why epic geared ppl would frown at them doing some hard pvp work and get their only epics?

Nuubs with epics... whats the big deal.. I see them every day... I raid Naxx with them too....

Monday, January 1, 2007

On this very day a year ago

A brash young paladin named Wadi on Dragonmaw (EU) joined the ranks of Ghost guild. After suffering a diseased spine with the poor troll (male) priest. I had decided to see how things were at the other side.

Since I was used to healing I wanted to stick with such a class. When looking through the classforums I saw someone saying paladins were nothing but priests in platearmor. Altough the writer didnt consider that a positive remark it was for me.

Later I would be disapointed that they didnt hand out the plate at once but from the begining I was rather pleased. Hitting ppl with a big stick (u dont get much better at the start) and healing at the same time.

It was during this time I learned little by little the way of the light, which I soon hope to once again embark upon in Tbc.

After a break I came back and found out everyone had gone seperate ways to other realms at the same time it was announced tbc was only few months away so I returned to limpy troll again while waiting to buff the hordeside with kings.

As for once again joining a guild like Ghost Im afraid thats like asking to capture lightning in a bottle twice.