Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Spending New Years eve in wow causes a problem. What will u do? I mean wouldnt u rather do something other then idle with friends, questing, grinding, pvping or whining? A special day has special needs!

In other words "how will u celebrate New Year?" Fortunally I wasnt the only one with the same thoughts and merry man Duskhorn made a party! After the initial ganking which always seems to happen at these events thats for both fractions it turned out really fun.

We didnt actually do much. Just idle around, chatting and jumping up and down from a tree sometimes dieing. But these days are best spend with friends, new ones or old ones.

A few whiners joined just to flame poor host. Like "why u doing this, u fail rl etc" but imo those ppl are pathetic. Why bother to spend the New Years Eve in wow so u can flame those who spend the New Years Eve in wow?

Friday, December 29, 2006

One for all and all for me

Only few weeks to tbc so let me just elaborate of the years that been. Judgin from Naxx bosses the new tbc raids will be lot harder cause each individual is required to simply do more while he also can hurt the raid more.

Tbh few ppl slacking in MC or BWL doesnt hurt really nor does the occassional mess up. Ofc gettig bombed by baron isnt fun but assuming raid is spread out like it should be a single madman can bomb perhaps 2-3 ppl at max.

Enter Naxx boss Thadd and suddenly its not enough for raidleaders to do everything, allowing u to spam 1-3 buttons.

Looking back my old guild Ghost cleared MC first two months we ventured there, and MC was fairly new, but the ZG boss JinDo was more then we could handle at that time.

I expect tbc to be more like Thadd and JinDo. Each person must do various of tasks while risking to whipe whole raid if failure.

Then it finally means something to be in "a endgame guild" other then knowing the right ppl and showing up on raids.